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  1. Re: Is James Milner worth holding on to? At the moment I have 6 CMs. Milner, Rodwell, Gotze, Kagawa, Adam and Makoun. I am going to sell makoun as I'm a Villa fan and watching him he seems okay at best. But he is transfer banned until June 1st. So I was contemplating also getting rid of Milner to buy one of my striker targets quickly as Rossi has just been bought beneath my nose. Leaving Cavani, Hulk and Suarez my other targets. (I also have; Delph, Bannan, Eriksen, Mceachren, Herd and Assulin in my youth squad at CM)
  2. Re: Balotelli for Rossi Completely agree you should do it because of the attitude thing. He is constantly linked with moves from his club because of his attitude. He may end up reaching 91 because he is a good player (not for a while though) and not until his attitude improves which seems like along way away. Plus Rossi is on fire and hardly old at 24. Plus Villareal could make champions league which would help him.
  3. I have him in a Villa team and was wondering if now is the best time to sell him. If he does get a rating change I'm guessing it would be down to 89. It would also free up some funds for me to buy my fourth striker. So what are your opinions?
  4. Re: Rodwell or M'Vila I had the same choice as you and I went for Rodwell. Mainly because I felt it was a better investment int terms of the ratio of price to what the player can achieve. I think as he is only rated 87 I managed to get Rodwell for 6-7mill as opposed to 16mill for m'vila.
  5. Re: Who is deadwood in my team, and should buy anyone else?
  6. First Team (it's villa in an english championship by the way) Hart De Gea Assou-Ekotto Kolarov Rafael Micah Richards Eri Lichaj David Luiz Ranocchia Gary Cahill Jonny Evans Ciaran Clark Downing Albrighton Rodwell Milner Charlie Adam Kagawa Gotze Ashley Young Holtby Adam Johnson Darren Bent Lukaku Andy Carroll Suarez Youth Team Fiorillo Nathan Baker Shane Lowry Chris Herd Delph Mceacheran Gai Assulin Mateo Kovacic Oxlade-Chamberlain Bannan Christian Eriksen Delfoueseo
  7. Re: Suarez, Cavani or Hulk? I've written off cavani now and am more leaning towards Hulk because of the price. But, what about Giuseppe Rossi???
  8. Re: Does it matter which order positions are shown for a player with 2 different ones Thanks everyone. The main reason is when Sanchez changed from wing/fwd to fwd/wing I wasn't sure if it mattered. I think I'll keep playing him as a winger anyway though.
  9. I have the money to buy 1 striker and am currently stuck between these 3. Should I save money and buy Hulk for 5mill less and hope his skill increase or is the extra 5 mill on the other two worth it? If so out of Suarez and Cavani who is better/ more likely to increase in skill???
  10. e.g wing/fwd as opposed to fwd/wing. So does wing/fwd mean the player will play better at wing but still good at fwd if wing is written first?
  11. Re: I need massive help on a major conundrum!!! Thanks a lot guys. Seems everyone thinks to go for Suarez.I'm just torn between Suarez and Cavani now as they are the same on skill price age and even nationality! But I'll try and decide that one on my own
  12. Re: Buying with 30M Completely agree with this^^^ You could also look at; Ranocchia, Szczesney (or however it's spelled ), Cahill, Kagawa, Holtby, albrighton. In my opinion those are all likely to rise soon and they are fairly young. Oh also oxlade-chamberlain. He is only valued at 10k, even though he is rubbish now. He will definitely be rising by a massive amount, so well worth it for a youth team member / investment.
  13. I have De Gea in goal and no real sub keeper! But only 3 strikers (Bent, Carroll and Lukaku) in my Villa squad. Should I buy suarez for 14mill or Hart for 13.9mill? Either way I will have enough left for a cheap sub. So If I went for Hart I'd get a cheap young striker and vice versa. Or maybe you have a better idea??? Opinions???? I don't have a link to my squad, but if someone shows me how to post it I will
  14. Yep, I just took over my first division 4 side (Bristol Rovers) as a bit of a challenge and a change from division 1. I have about 4-6 players in each position so far with bids accepted. They are mainly free agents as I only have 40mill for an entire team! Got some gems though somehow no one bought oxlade-chamberlain even as a free agent. I would like another couple of future prospects on the wing though that are max 2mill. So if anyone has any advice for players I could look at I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance!
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