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  1. Re: Hummels=Borja Valero+Moussa Sissoko? So was Reo-Coker...
  2. I would be getting Benzema is it a good deal?
  3. Re: Is Abate a good player? Thanks, that's pretty useful.
  4. Does he start for the national team and is he a good player for Milan? I hear rumours he is a weak link in both teams but I am a complete novice on all levels of Italian football so feel free to state things that may be blindingly obvious! (I am looking for a new right back and the Milan boss is willing to do a deal, with Abate included in a deal for Subotic - I'd be getting abate and someone else we haven't talked about that yet as I need to find more on Abate.)
  5. Re: Gotze for Hart + 15Mill? Thanks Guys, repped. At least I don't need to ask anymore gotze questions again!
  6. Re: Gotze for Hart + 15Mill? New dortmund team. So Bender, Kagawa, Kehl, Gundogan and Perisic in the middle mainly. the Weidenfeller in goal.
  7. I'm the one selling Gotze. Do it???
  8. Re: Lloris vs Hart On soccer manager Hart everyday of the week I had the choice between the two a while back and made that decision. Personally I prefer Lloris in real life though.
  9. I have puyol, should I accept a straight swap for Lahm?
  10. Re: Can you report a manager due to private messages they send? If so how? I would love to accept his offer as I need the money and Modric is welcome in any team, but tbh it just the point
  11. I can't find a way to report a manager I think should be reported could someone give me a morons guide? Basically he shortlisted david villa so I sent him a message asking for 35mill for him and he said he would offer me 40mill + modric. I asked him why and he said he wanted to abandon the team because he hates them. Literally took over Tottenham today and is making these sorts of offers. How can I send the SM team a copy of the conversationa s I don't want him ruining the gameworld and making it less competitive and fun.
  12. I know I have asked a lot of questions like this but I am just getting to grips. I accepted this offer to sell my ronaldo. Am I right in doing so?
  13. Re: Ozil + Diarra for Sneijder Ha wow. DIdn't think it was so straightforward. At least I'm learning with these part exchanges
  14. I would be getting Xavi. It's in a euro championship so the seasons aren't too long which plays in the favour of Xavi's age. The Game world isn't yet open. I told him I would do the deal but want to wait till the GW opens to see what other offers I get.
  15. Re: Who is the better buy; Alderweireld or Vertonghen? wow, wasn't expecting to settle this that quickly thanks a lot. This will help me get in my bid before he is bought by someone else.
  16. My other CB; Kompany, Sakho and Jones. So basically I need an extra sub with Jones because of fatigue and these are the best two choices available. Who is better/ more promising out of the two in real life terms i.e. not just by ratings?
  17. Re: Van der Wiel or Richards? Exactlty my thoughts on the matter, can't understand how he isn't walking into the sqaud to be honest. I figured with VDW moving to valencia and being in the dutch squad in SM terms he might be the better player to keep.
  18. I have both of them for Atletico Madrid but want to buy Marcelo off the Real Madrid Manager as I only have Alba at left back (I have Kyle Walker as a youth RB for back-up). He has accepted a deal of eriksen plus cash and either van der wiel or richards. To be honest I think this is a very good deal for me as I still have; gotze, modric, silva and wilshere in CM. Who would you sell out of van der wiel and richards?
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