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  1. Re: Need a cheap young right back - but got no ideas. Vrsaljko has been recently purchased by the Liverpool manager so has a TB. Thanks it does help, I like my players to be younger as they rise well which helps me keep my money in the green. I'll do some research on them via google (which is pretty much my scouting system paired with this ) Just managed to get a deal for Fabio and Alba at LB so was hoping to strengthen my right back spot too which is the main reason for this, because I finally gain promotion to division 2 with 3 games left if I win tonight.
  2. Re: Need a cheap young right back - but got no ideas. Both already at managers who will price them out of my range, I started as Bristol Rovers in the lowest division with a stadium of 11,000. I constantly lose money so buy and sell to stay afloat. Martin Montoya is available at Barca still though...
  3. I just sold Flannagan, and bought Nathaniel Clyne as back-up to Serge Aurier. (I also have Jenkinson). But I'm thinking of selling Aurier and replacing him, who would be a good buy?
  4. Re: De Gea for Joe Hart Go for Hart, people may quote me on this and call me thick, but in my opinion De Gea just sin't good enough for Man Utd, he was bought to young to be a starter for such a team. He seems to do simple things badly and make mistakes. I really hope he doesn't get 90 next changes just for being at Man Utd, because in my opinion he doesn't deserve it.
  5. So I would be selling; Benik Afobe, Joel obi and John Flannagan to buy Kyle Walker. My other right backs are; Richards, Kelly and Jenkinson.
  6. Re: ROMEU, Oriol or tom cleverley I think Cleverly could be a top player, he has the attributes. But, watching Romeu I'd personally find this a very easy decision to make and definitely buy Romeu, with all due respect to Cleverly. He just seems better and more comfortable in his position at the moment than Cleverly did, even when he wasn't injured and was playing well. That being said, both are god options. I'm a Villa fan so not being biased in any way if that helps.
  7. i.e. not on next ratings changes or the one after, the better long term option.
  8. Re: benzema or van persie or ageuro I'd go for Aguero first, then Van Persie personally. I would 100% without a shadow of a doubt keep Ronaldo, and I wouldn't regret it even if Robben and Ribery both rose in ratings, which they won't.
  9. Hulk is the last really top striker available in an external club. But, the only way I can afford him is using p/e of another striker. My Strikers; Chicharito, Balotelli, Lukaku, Sturridge, Welbeck Youth; Coulibaly, Scapuzzi, Afobe, Morata, Alcacer, Jennings, Araujo, Kane , Cuenca
  10. Re: Can a player I loaned out play against me? gutted, thanks for the help.
  11. I'm Villa in div 1 and I loaned out Welbeck at the start of the season to a div 2 Leicester. Leicester are top of their division and Welbeck is top scorer 13 in 15 with average performance 8.68. I just got drawn against them in the cup and as I'm doing badly in the league (no chance of winning it now) and am defending shield and cup champion I want to win it or really go for it anyway. But an inform div 2 side may have a chance as my team have only just got back on track. So Welbeck would be a big threat if he played, can he or because I loaned him is he ineligible against me? I've already had Stephen Ireland and Agbonlahor score against me after I sold them knocking me out the SMFA cup, so don't want a recurrence with a loaned player...
  12. Re: Hummels or Badstuber? Marcelo or Coentrao 100% agree with this, saved me writing it
  13. Re: Top Centre Backs Why are you selling vidic?
  14. Re: Lucas+ labyad+10=Bale A lot of people on these forums think Bale is overhyped I've found I don't think there's much in the Barce rumours about Bale, but I would do the deal personally.
  15. Re: Who on my youth team has the least potential? Out of those listed I'd say Deulofeu, Oxlade-chamberlain and Pogba are the top 3 for under 2mill. Also, Joel Obi plays for inter so should get a very good rise and Cuenca has played a good amount for Barcelona, considering the competition and his age (I say competition I think he is being played for experience atm, he isn't really good enough right now to be considered genuine competition for the starting 11, but he looks very promising), so both of them would be good buys too.
  16. Re: Marcelo for 35mill or Coentrao for 14mill? Cheers, i think I'll do the deal for Marcelo then. Thanks for the help.
  17. Re: Marcelo for 35mill or Coentrao for 14mill? Will he though? Isn't he currently behind Marcelo for the LB slot. I'm thinking if I were to buy him the only benefit is that he is a lot cheaper but still fairly high rated even if he doesn't rise.
  18. Re: Marcelo for 35mill or Coentrao for 14mill? Money left over would be used to keep me solvent as I lose money each week but am unwilling to weaken my squad as I can't really compete at the top otherwise. Occasionally I sell the odd youth player for funds, which the extra money may keep me from doing. Left back is my final problem area though. EDIT: I may also buy walker to complete my English trio of Richards, Walker and Kelly in my right back slot, if I go for coentrao.
  19. So I can get Marcelo from a manager if I pay him 35mill, or Coentrao from an external Real Madrid if I ay 14mill. I have 40mill. Which would you suggest I do?
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