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  1. Re: Should I sell Griezmann?` just giving my thread a bump.
  2. Other first team wingers: Young, Shaqiri, Muniain, Bale Youth wingers: Miyaichi, Bahebeck, Deulofeu, Joel Valencia, Oxlade-Chamberlain. I am mainly thinking to move him on as Shaqiri has just got a rise to 88
  3. Re: This games is a joke sometimes To a lesser extent I just got a match result, won 3-0 against strongest team in the league my average starting lineup is 88 theirs was 94. Ashley young 3 assists no cards or injuries in the match, gets a match rating of 4!
  4. Re: Lewis Holtby,Sidney Sam,Marco Reus I'd go for Reus.
  5. Re: Areas to improve? What sort of reserves and subs do you have for your team? (NOt including youth players)
  6. He is for my youth team. I know he is cheap but I don't want to spend 300k on him then not have that 300k for someone else (I'm on a tight budget atm, and want to buy youth as I'm at the end of a season before the new season when you get loads of managers joining for 3 games buy loads of players and leave ...) I already have a very strong youth team and just snapped up Paul Pogba. I hear really good things about his style of play, like a genuine potential world beater. But I also hear the total opposite on his personal life that could end up ruining him, like genuine potential inmate. So are there any Man Utd fans, or youth gurus that know some more about him?
  7. Re: Matt Hummels I would 100% hold on to him.
  8. Re: Nani, Muller or Silva. I'd go for Silva. Higher rated, on fire for city, although seems to be having trouble in the Spain squad and made a public slating of Del Bosque. If not then probably go for Nani, who is also on fire, but don't go for him on the basis he's younger, it's only about 9 months...
  9. Montoya just got called up for Spain and Kelly has had positive reviews by capello but no call-up. But, Kelly gets a lot more club game time. So who is the better future investment?
  10. Re: Who is surplus to requirements in my youth team? thanks for the help
  11. Ideally I'd like to sell some players, to raise funds for a move for a new striker. So who in my youth team could I sell for some cash? I don't mind selling a lot or none at all.. (I also don't mind waiting until the next rating changes for some) Loaned out; Mceachran, Casnos, Smalling, alcantar thiago and Shaqiri Youth team; ANDRADA, Esteban ROBINSON, Jack FLANAGAN JENKINSON, Carl COSIC, Uros BURN, Dan FRIMPONG, Emmanuel RAFINHA, Alcántara BARKLEY, Ross DRAXLER, Julian KOVACIC, Mateo MIYAICHI, Ryo BAHEBECK, Jean-Christophe DEULOFEU, Gerard VALENCIA, Joel OXLADE-CHAMBERLAIN, Alex ARAUJO, Sergio KANE, Harry JENNINGS, Dale ALCACER, Paco COULIBALY, Souleymane
  12. It's as back-up for Micah Rchards (who at 89 is one of my squads starters).So it's mainly who is the better prospect as they will only be playing occasional games where Richards is at 94%. Plus I'm in this team for the long haul. The manager I'm buying from has both of them and will sell only one of them, but for the same price either way and I need a second RB.
  13. Re: Does player age get taken in to consideration during your teams matches and seaso yeah draws have been frequent for me. Luckily I've drawn about 5 cup/shield games in the row and won on penalties each time , I've won the cup and still have the shield final. I think the leads beyond me now I'm 8 points behin in third with 8 games left and this other team have been on fir recently, plus I have Man Utd, Chelsea, Liverpool AND Arsenal left, plus I don't play them to make them drop points (Ipswich). seems we have similar experiences with our season run ins!
  14. I'm villa and would sell him to a liverpool who are probably at the same level as my squad. (I would get Kelly, with Mceachran going to Liverpool). The only reason I'm asking is because neither are/would be starters for me. So both players are for the long term. My mids; LÖWE, Chris SAHIN, Nuri CM WILSHERE, Jack GOTZE, Mario KAGAWA, Shinji ERIKSEN, Christian THIAGO, Alcántara YOUNG, Ashley GRIEZMANN, Antoine MUNIAIN, Iker SHAQIRI, Xherdan BURN, Dan MCEACHRAN, Josh RAFINHA, Alcántara FRIMPONG, Emmanuel BARKLEY, Ross DRAXLER, Julian KOVACIC, Mateo MIYAICHI, Ryo BAHEBECK, Jean-Christophe VALENCIA, Joel DEULOFEU, Gerard OXLADE-CHAMBERLAIN, Alex My Defenders; FABIO, Da Silva RICHARDS, Micah KOMPANY, Vincent LUIZ, David SAKHO, Mamadou SMALLING, Chris JONES, Phil ROBINSON, Jack FLANAGAN, John JENKINSON, Carl COSIC, Uros BURN, Dan
  15. Re: Does player age get taken in to consideration during your teams matches and seaso I frequently make posts, then realise i should have made a poll! I was about 12 points clear after a 10match run at my peak, then I drew a match and it started going downhill from there. I only recently started thinking the age was a factor. Even though it would negatively impact me personally, I think age should be a factor. But, it could just as easily be a run of bad form for no clear reason I guess. Any other opinions/ experiences with young or old teams..
  16. I'm just wondering because at the start of the season my team (average age 21) came storming out the blocks and were clear at the top. But, with 12 games to go onwards they've been drawing a lot, even losing to 19th place. In contrast a similar team (average age 27), have been consistently picking up about 7 out of 9 points, which is good in this league, all season. They're now top whilst I languish in third and with current form I will probably end up 5th. So is it because his squad are more experienced/ Or is it the simple matter of y tactics are going wrong, I don't us e the same ones though I change depending on who I'm playing....
  17. Here are my finances: TURN 29 TOTAL MONEY: £1,267,272 TURN 30: INCOME Season Ticket Receipts £0 Gate Receipts £1,370,688 TV Revenue £1,034,001 Sponsor £772,260 Merchandise £257,420 Cash Injection £0 Transfer Money In £0 Prize Money £3,500,000 Other Income £0 TOTAL INCOME £6,934,369 EXPENDITURE Player Wages £994,795 Ground Maintenance £170,504 Transfer Money Out £0 Other Outgoings £0 TOTAL EXPENDITURE: £1,165,299 WEEKLY INCOME: £5,769,070 So by my calculations I should have; £7,036,342 BUT it says I have; £5,180,719 So should I send in a ticket or am I missing a trick or just rubbish at maths???
  18. Re: Asmir BEGOVIC or Simon MIGNOLET I prefer Begovic (I ave him as a sub in two of my teams). I think he doesn't get the recognition he deserves, a really good 'keeper in my opinion. Plus I've never really rated Mignolet, but that's just my opinion.
  19. Re: welbeck Can't see how that is the end of his season. He has been a lot better than okay too. Even if Hernandez is a better player, Welbeck is still keeping a fit Berbatov out the team and is starting to get call ups to the England squad (who was top scorer last year), so will probably be a first choice sub when he is back to fitness at least, which at Man Utd in means he is worthy of a higher rating than 87, he is definitly a strong contender for an 88 rating at the next changes. I would buy him if you can get him for less than 12mill (depending on league competivness) or hold on to him if you have him.
  20. Re: Is Kroos or Ramsey a better long term prospect? I think I'll go for Kroos as I d have some extra funds on this team... Thanks for the help
  21. Re: Who to sell out of; Carroll, Welbeck and Casnos? Well opinions seem really divided, but that's probably to be expected with these sorts of thread. SO far I think it's between sellig; Carroll and Casnos. Thanks for the help so far, any other opions floating about?
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