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  1. Re: Who to sell out of; Carroll, Welbeck and Casnos? Yeah that's exactly what threw me on who to sell too. Especially seeing as I have three other strikers in Hernandez Lukaku and Sanchez, so can afford to wait for one or two to develop as opposed to needing them straight away.
  2. I desperatly need the money and I have one surplus striker I can move on, but which one? I know Welbeck is now injured but, I'm looking more long term than that so woul appreciate opinions based on talent and potential. Thanks in advance
  3. Re: Rio Ferdinand Who is available in your squad to replace him? Or who is on the transfer market?
  4. I've had a long term injury to a CM, so decided to buy one of these two guys to have on my subs bench for the injured players replacement, seeing as I had the money and I need the cover with 5 in my midfield normally (4-5-1). But tbh I'll probably keep whoever I buy long term anyway. So who do you think will be better in a few years?
  5. Re: Joe Hart Do you have names of who you are being offered? Although, Hart will be one of the best keepers on the game in a bit I reckon.
  6. Re: Urgent help needed I would definitely do that. Rooney is a consistent (and still fairly young) starter for the second best team in the world. Sanchez and Pedro are not rated as highly (admittedly play for Barce) but, from what I've read the two will be jostling with each other for a place in the squad. So either way you end up with a sub player from those two. (Correct me if I'm wrong on that one)
  7. Re: Need some real help to continue to develop my squad just bumping my thread
  8. Re: JHart or Mandanda? In my opinion Joe Hart. I just think he is better in goal. But if you need reasons; he is in a better league and what are now a better team, if you spent all that money you'd expect to be better than the French clubs. (plus they also have champions league now). also, he is the starting keeper for england but Mandanda is behind Lloris as far as I know.
  9. Re: When does cup prize money get paid out to you?
  10. I know it's cheeky to ask for an entire squad to be looked at (or a lot to ask at least) but any help even just on one player would be appreciated greatly... It took me ages to build my team like this (I purposely wanted to build a very young team), but now I don't know what else to do and am at a bit of a crossroads. I currently have 1.5mill in my budget. But I am in the cup final and shield semi final (which in turn have caused me to drop down the table a bit, but I've never had trophies with this team before and nor has any previous manager of them) so I should get some cash from them hopefully. First Team; HART, Joe SZCZESNY, Wojciech GIBBS, Kieran RICHARDS, Micah WALKER, Kyle KOMPANY, Vincent LUIZ, David SAKHO, Mamadou JONES, Phil SMALLING, Chris BALE, Gareth LÖWE, Chris SAHIN, Nuri WILSHERE, Jack RAMSEY, Aaron GOTZE, Mario KAGAWA, Shinji ERIKSEN, Christian YOUNG, Ashley MUNIAIN, Iker GRIEZMANN, Antoine SHAQIRI, Xherdan SANCHEZ, Alexis HERNANDEZ, Javier LUKAKU, Romelu CARROLL, Andy CASNOS, Luc Youth team; ANDRADA, Esteban ROBINSON, Jack FLANAGAN, John JENKINSON, Carl COSIC, Uros BURN, Dan MCEACHRAN, Josh FRIMPONG, Emmanuel RAFINHA, Alcántara DRAXLER, Julian KOVACIC, Mateo BARKLEY, Ross MIYAICHI, Ryo BAHEBECK, Jean-Christophe DEULOFEU, Gerard OXLADE-CHAMBERLAIN, Alex ARAUJO, Sergio KANE, Harry JENNINGS, Dale ALCACER, Paco COULIBALY, Souleymane I recently swapped De Gea for Ramsey + Szczesny, and I'm hoping the prize money fro the cups plus end of season money (ends; oct 11th) may fund a cheeky bid for Coentrao who was sold to an external club (TB till oct 5th) where he is valued at 12.1mill (but this may be a bit of a long shot as I probably won't be able to go much higher than the min value (if I can reach that at all), so there's a 90% chance I'll be outbid.
  11. is it at the end of the season or right after the final or right after the game your knocked out in? I'm in the cup final and shield semi-final and any money would really help fund a move for coentrao as I only have Gibbs at LB. So I just want to know how long I'll have to wait...
  12. Re: Should I sell all my youths to fund a move for Hummels?
  13. I know it's extreme and it will break my heart , But, he is one of few top class CB's left and top players are not sold by managed clubs too often in my GW (he is at an external club and if someone else snaps him up I doubt I'll get him at all, at least not for ages by which time he may be too pricey anyway - plus I'm otherwise pretty skint as this is my only real option for the adequate funds.) Also, my Cb's are pretty weak. SO; would he be worth it? I'm in my team for the long haul btw so that's a factor with selling my youth - then again my first team average age is 21, as I was a div 3 team so decided to buy cheap young prospects at the start. Current CB; P.Jones, Varane, Bruma, Savic Current Youth;Josh Mceachran, John Flanagan, Ryo Miyaichi, Connor Wickham, Jack Robinson, Jean-Christophe Bahebeck, Harry Kane, Mateo Kovacic Plus oxlade-chamberlain but at 10k I wouldn't bother selling him.
  14. Re: Perfect Team? ---------------Heskey-------------- Heskey---Heskey---Heskey---Heskey ---------------Heskey-------------- Heskey----------------------Heskey ---------------Heskey-------------- ----Heskey---TITUS BRAMBLE-------
  15. i can sell ranocchia to fund a move for Howedes, should I?
  16. Re: Dortmund Youth I've read that Lowe has been playing really well whilst schmelzer has been injured. I've bought him in all 4 of my teams as someone who is cheap and I think will rise soon so I can make a decent profit on him.
  17. Re: Should I swap De Gea for Sczcesney plus Ramsey? Brilliant, I thought it was good but wasn't sure about having 86 and 87 for an 89. But I'll accept before he changes his mind!
  18. I have De Gea and was offered this, my other 'keeper is Hart. *Szczesny
  19. Re: Help with team who 3-5-2 has stopped working for. Tbh it was getting a bit boring as all I ever had to do was swap out players without changing tactics. Now I'be been trying different tactics recently but none are working, makes it more interesting but I'be gone from first to 8 points behind in 3rd... EDIT: just checked and I have already used 4-3-2-1 which resulted in only draws...
  20. I used to use 3-5-2 and won 90% of my games, but recently have drawn my last few and slipped down the table. Does anybody have any advice for freshening my style of play up? My squad: HART, Joe DE GEA, David COENTRAO, Fabio GIBBS, Kieran RICHARDS, Micah WALKER, Kyle KOMPANY, Vincent LUIZ, David SAKHO, Mamadou JONES, Phil SMALLING, Chris BALE, Gareth LÖWE, Chris SAHIN, Nuri WILSHERE, Jack GOTZE, Mario KAGAWA, Shinji ERIKSEN, Christian YOUNG, Ashley GRIEZMANN, Antoine MUNIAIN, Iker SHAQIRI, Xherdran SANCHEZ, Alexis HERNANDEZ, Javier LUKAKU, Romelu CARROLL, Andy CASNOS, Luc Plus 18 youth ranging from 75 to 82 I used: normal tackling, defensive, mixed passing and attacking, own half pressing, counter attack use play maker. Forward arrows on right and left wingers and backwards to the left arrow on the right cm. Thanks to anyone taking the time to read this and/or helping
  21. I only have Gibbs at LB but I have Hart and De Gea in goal. Alternatively I could wait 9 days until Fabio Da Silvas's transfer ban is up at Bayern Munich (external club), and try and get him for 3.9 mill.
  22. I can buy one. I know they are both young and Sahin has a better rating, but will he play enough at Madrid?
  23. Re: If I already have Hart and De Gea, should I sell De Gea? Right, loan him out it is then. Thanks everyone.
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