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  1. I have the opportunity to either get Modric or Nasri, I know Nasri is a higher rating at 93 while Modric is only 92. Nasri is worth 11 million more than Modric, but I feel that Modric is a better player and has more promise of going up in rating in the future. Does anyone have any thoughts on who would be the better buy??
  2. Re: Hugo Lloris for Julio Cesar? Well i do have De Gea as my back up
  3. Cesar is rated higher but Lloris is young and full of potential. I can't see Lloris getting a rise while playing in France??
  4. Re: Badstuber for De Gea? sounds like a good deal, just did it there. Cheers!
  5. This is really my only option to get De Gea, he will def rise but not sure about Badstuber?
  6. Dani Alves is one of the best Right-Backs in the game but I have received a bit for 30million. With this money i could sign De Gea, a future big star, and replace Alves with a decent young RB- Van der Wiel. Would this be a good deal? Cheers
  7. Re: Falcao, suarez , rossi,balotelli,hernandez Rossi and Hernandez. Both will rise and are playing well
  8. Re: Cambiasso for Eto'o? Hopefully it will all work out. Just accepted the Cambiasso bid, think I just needed a second opinion on the whole thing. Thanks!
  9. I currently have Cambiasso in my squad and can sell him for 30m. With this money i was going to buy Eto'o. If i get him i plan on selling D.Milito as Eto'o is better rated..possibilty of buying Di Maria with that money! Would these be good moves? I'm not sure how these players will rate in the near future though? Cheers
  10. I have been offered 20m for De Gea. Very tempting but I know he is a definite riser, I have Lloris as my No.1 though. Any advice please??
  11. Just wondering what people's thoughts are on Rossi, will he rise?
  12. Re: Wilshere for Sahin? Thanks a lot! Both are promising young players, Wilshere just won the PFA young player of the year as well so i think i will just try have both buy Sahin when i get the money. Cheers
  13. I currently have Wilshere in my squad and was thinking of swapping him for Sahin, any advice please?
  14. I have Jack Wilshere in my squad but thinking of swapping him for Sahin, any advice??
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