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  1. Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread Just want to say many thanks to everyone on here, to those who've helped me out with transfers and those who've just been there to offer me players. It's been incredibly helpful. Hope everyone achieves their aim for this season.
  2. Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread Jad: We Won't Finish Bottom Again Chesterfield manager Jad El-Houssami has said that his players should not feel pressured by expectation upon his players.The Spireites' chairman said earlier in the week that not finishing bottom would be considered a success and in his final public appearance before tomorrow's clash at home to Northampton, Jad has challenged his players to prevent the fans from enduring a third straight season at the bottom of the league table. "Even though we've brought in some quality players it will still be incredibly tough to be competitive in this league." Jad admitted. "The managers in this division have a wealth of experience so it will be the job of me and the players to put in a lot of hard work this season to stay competitive." And having seen his side win two friendlies against well-reknowned Sheffield Unied and Mancester City, Jad has not set his sights on simply staying away from the bottom of the table. "We want to finish as high as we can. I have belief in the players that they can produce good results and we saw that in the friendlies. We managed to beat two division 1 sides and, although they were friendlies and we didn't do so well against Bolton and Watford, [Of division 3 and 4 respectively] they were good performances that the players should use as motivation." Jad has also been active in the transfer market since the turn of the new season, signing centre back Cédric Kante, left back André Marques, winger Diego Valeri and young striker José Valencia. Luiz Gustavo, William Kvist and Pablo Piatti have also joined on loan. Of these transfers, Jad said: "Every player I have brought in is one I believe can succeed at this club, provided they are prepared to work hard." Players have also left the club, with Fabrizio Paghera, Moritz Stoppelkamp, Serge Deble and James Constable moving to other clubs. Piatti has been brought on loan from division 1 side Darlington Match Preview: Chesterfield vs Northampton Chesterfield They have not won a league match since November 23rd, or 44 days. During this run they have played nine matches and lost eight. They have not kept a single clean sheet in any league match since the 5th of October, or 93 days. In this time they have conceded 60 goals, at an average of 2.73 goals per game. Northampton Have failed to win their last three opening day fixtures (lost 2, drawn 1) Have not drawn a league match since the 26th of October. Chesterfield Line up Sergio (GK) Cherundulo (RB) Gustavo (CB) Bolivar (CB) C.Kante (LB) Piatti (RM) Kvist (CM) Guti (CM) Eliseu (LM) Pellisier (CF) H.Postiga (CF)
  3. Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread Drew 2-2 vs Sean's Watford although somehow, Samir Handanovic managed to score for Sean's side Either way I was smashed in all departments. He managed 33 shots and 65% possession so 2-2 was fortunate for me to say the least.
  4. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I have been offered the following deal in a gameworld that I am in: Borges Romulo = Pinto Gabriel + Juan Cala I would be getting the players on the right hand side. Forgetting depth which is not important, which is the better side of the deal? Thanks in advance.
  5. Re: Premiership 2011/2012 Discussion Just watched it again and you're probably right. Think it was Leon Best ahead of Lindegaard who might have got there.
  6. Re: Premiership 2011/2012 Discussion Just seen the Jones OG, poor awareness from the CB. Lindegaard would have collected it if Jones had left it.
  7. Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread Won the world cup by thrashing the mighty Scots 4-0. Not really sure why I took Spain over because the GM on that account runs out in 60 days and I don't intend on renewing it. And I lost 2-0 to Bolton. One more friendly tomorrow vs Sean's Watford where I'll play my strongest (current) side for the first time. Be afraid Sean.
  8. Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread Managed to fill two of the three positions that I want to fill. I signed Cedric Kante from Rotherham for £6million. What's also good about that is that he can play at LB too. Then I signed Diego Valeri for £6.5million from Barnsley. Up front I don't think I'll get anyone who'll jump straight into the first team but there is someone I'm after who's one for the future. Plus Piatti can play up front if needs be. I was tempted to sign Gaston Diaz but I'm going to risk holding out for an RB who's transfer banned for a few weeks. Robbie Blake can leave for CV if anyone needs a winger. He and others I don't want are leaving just to relieve the strain on my wage budget and to raise some cash for when I want to sign some risers.
  9. Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread Added Luiz Gustavo and Pablo Piatti to William Kvist coming in on loan. That means my loans for this season are sorted. Still looking for a CB and maybe a CF/Fwd and winger (although Piatti can play in the latter two positions and Gustavo can cover any defensive position). Contact me if you have anyone in CB, wing and CF/Fwd that you want to offload for cash. I know I keep repeating it but messages get lost on here with a lot of people posting everyday. Will also make a newspaper article in the game world.
  10. Re: Player wages = Disgrace!! It's all good and well saying that players playing in less well known leagues earn less but then if we work on that structure and apply it to this game then, if player x moves from a team in (for example) San Marino to a PL side in real life, even if he never plays he'll automatically want a higher wage which will destroy smaller sides who aspire to compete with sides with larger stadia. In terms of lower wages being lowered further and higher wages being risen I don't agree. I reckon the best thing to do is a wage should depend on a person's wage and what division they play in in the game world. But that'd complicate the system too much so I don't think it'll work.
  11. Re: The Official Npower Championship Thread As it stands we're level with Southampton but behind on goal difference. A six goal swing will see us go top! Four goals atm (Southampton 3-0 and we're 1-0 up). If it stays this way in terms of who is and isn't winning it'd be a brilliant day.
  12. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... You're getting a good deal there. Gonalons isn't too far off a 90 (although it'll be difficult in France) but he's younger than Arteta and arguably better.
  13. Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread Looks like I'm in the same boat as Juggernut and Dudeskin: That's optimism... Anyhoo signed Andre Marques from Chris' Forest for £5million yesterday. Decent LB who should be useful as I don't have many players in that position. Looking for a few loans, I wrote my criteria in my last post but for those who missed it: - def or lb/rb (at least 87) (I am trying for Luiz Gustavo atm and am waiting for the manager's response) - winger (at least 87) And if I don't get Kvist on loan from yapple then - cm (at least 87) Also looking for a CB, CF and winger to buy for cash. I might be interested in Elmohamady Will but we might have to negotiate a selling fee.
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