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  1. Re: Home and Away Tables Some are not in the list of improvements but get implemented anyway Nice idea... You get the OPTION to view home & away
  2. Re: I feel a sharp pain in my hand Best thing mate is to see a doctor
  3. Re: wesley sneijder When SM think it's the right time:D But there is aleady a thread on this Can the creator please use search next time.. thanks
  4. bigz786

    Rep points???

    Re: Rep points??? Well, your rep drops to zero after minus 10 reps.... and if you have something like 50 posts or over then it doesnt matter If you have Zero then it stays that way. Basically you'd be just gaining 1 pt wouldnt you? So im guessing it stays the same
  5. Re: Arsenal Gossip Hope you guys dont mind, my first post on this thread..... Any predictions? Arsenal 3-1 Sunderland
  6. aaron lennon aaron lennon has been a consistent performer for tottenham for a long time and he also played fantastic against portugal in the world cup, i think 90 or 91 will do justoce, he has quick feet like ronaldo.c and can cross the ball fantastically! wat do u think?
  7. wat about man u v arsenal barca v real madrid chelsea v barca!!!!! man u v chelsea wat about liverpool? hmmm.......
  8. well 2 be honest, i really havnt seen alves play except for the match agenst barca... and yeh he played extremely well. but that was the first time ive seen him play, if he has been playing like this thru many games or even seasons then yeh, mayb he deserves an increase. but u be the boss of that as ive never seen him play!!!!!!
  9. i agree the 9mill offer is fare 4 a striker hu has had a poor season with udinise, he even had his 92 rating decreased!!
  10. i think ull find thers more man u fans!!
  11. well thats ok then but i was just saying that an attcking mid can also go in cm but a cm in an attcking midfielders position... never!!
  12. explain this, i manage barca in wc 120, and played fehnerbace for wcup mach. i end up losing 2-0!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! plaus rooney got sent off and ronaldinho yellow card!! this match engine is very random ni my eyes
  13. yeh got that right, not 2 many chelsea fans in this forum eh?
  14. i heard hes after adriano. imagine that!! rooney and adriano!!!! i saw it on bbc football gossib column
  15. hes lucky he has a strong defence infront of him. dear oh dear, just think what wudve happened if he had the chelsea defenders in front of him... I KNOW ITS HORRIBLE!!
  16. yes but wat im trying to say is that, it wont hurt them playing in centre mid. its like asking cristiano ronaldo to play at LEFT midfield!!
  17. yeh but 1 thing i dnt like is that, a cheATER is banned, then hell go make a new account and cheat agen!! how p**s taking is that!!??
  18. bigz786

    SMS Free Credits

    lol, i wudve entered straight away m8 and bribed sm to pick me!! (dnt know how tho!!)
  19. the ratings is based on real life perfomances. i have never heard of them but if they play good constantly in real life then mayb u shud mail support about this or ask perry or dexter about it
  20. i think the match engine is a bit random. it shud mostly be strongest team that wins and mayb a few tyms the weak ones. but in this it goes anywhere!!
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