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  1. Pulisic or richarlison? I need a wing
  2. Szoboszlai and martinelli or odegaard and why?
  3. Repost Eredivise update when? Odoi +2 %? Neves +1 %? Lisandro martinez +2 %?
  4. Eredivise when? Odoi +2 %? Neves +1 %? Thank s
  5. Agree but the most talented of the two is meret. (The article confirms this by defining meret as the best goalkeeper of the past season as well as being stronger among the posts. Donnarumma has the advantage of being younger and playing in a more important club. If meret played in Milan and donnarumma in Napoli I believe that roles were exchanged, obviously I would not give donnarumma for meret in optics sm. But sm is not real life
  6. Meret 89 easy for me. He is the best gk in Italy currently. Zaniolo and lautaro 90?
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