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  1. On 11/27/2019 at 9:48 AM, zsp2 said:

    I am not so well informed like you about N.Pepe, but I can tell that Dani Olmo is great, I saw his game of yesterday, not a good performance but was possible see how talented he his

    Meret should have +1, not a good season for Napoli, lots of problems inside the society, furthermore also Ospina does some games, he should be 89 for the end of the year

    Soyuncu I'm not an expert like the english guys, but I guess he has more possibility of +1 because he is already 88, maybe 90 more at the end of the year

    Abraham more +1 because he got a +1 this month, but he continues to performe well also +2 

    IMO Meret is the third italian goalkeeper, the ones with the best performances is Salvatore Sirigu, even if from outside could seems strange trust me. But of course, not a SM kind of players

    Then I would rate Donnarumma, he has almost the performances of Meret and he is younger, furthermore he plays more

    I red a really interesting article about all the italian goalkeepers in Serie A and they showed what I have just said: 

    Sirigu the best

    Donnarumma and Meret are almost at the same level each with his peculiarities




    Lautaro 90 for sure

    Zaniolo depends, he is playing well, but I don't know if is enough. Maybe more at the end of the year.


    I wouldn't do it, Donnarumma and Meret right now are at the same level, but the first has more talent, I think he won't renew his contract for AC Milan, and Juventus is interested in him.

    Meret could stay for long time in Napoli, a good team, but not so well rated like other big clubs.

    So, I would sell Lafont and keep Meret. Lafont at the moment is not at their level

    Agree but the most talented of the two is meret. (The article confirms this by defining meret as the best goalkeeper of the past season as well as being stronger among the posts. Donnarumma has the advantage of being younger and playing in a more important club. If meret played in Milan and donnarumma in Napoli I believe that roles were exchanged, obviously I would not give donnarumma for meret in optics sm. But sm is not real life

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