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  1. I have ndombele who has concerns. Now Bentancur and Bennacer has become available. who gets your pick and why?
  2. Just been offered 30m and joao Felix for my Arthur melo? i know injuries have hampered Melos season but is this a good deal? competitive league and I have a large sum already in the bank.
  3. Carvajal or cancelo? I have cancelo but Carvajal is free?
  4. Umtiti (93)time to sell? I currently have skriniar (92) akanji (90) hernandez (91)
  5. Anybody see Everton soares performances for Brazil in the cops? Arguably been Brazil’s best player so far. Any South American experts take on him for Gremio and how far he can go?
  6. Musa Barrow has he gone off the boil? Also, Paco Alcacer or Kai Havertz? I currently have Alcacer but have the chance to trade in for Havertz. cheers
  7. Rate 1,2,3,4 out of these CM's please: - Kroos (95) - Koke (94) -Verratti (94) - Pogba (93) -Pjanic (93) Long term I have Ndom and Melo Arthur Cheers.
  8. Beat 5-2 by a weaker side using these tactics so I wouldn’t recommend
  9. Who would you trade kluivert or bailey?
  10. Valencia (91) + Kluivert/Bailey for Cancelo? Which deal is better?
  11. Andre silva lautro martinez Paco Alcacer Suso which striker? Rate 1,2,3,4 please
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