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  1. Ferran Torres, dani olmo, thuram or nkunku? Rate 1-4 please
  2. Ruiz, barella, brozovic, pellegrini or Brandt? Rate 1-5 please
  3. Hi there, any CB or CM that are due for a rise like Pau Torres got? also Matuidi safe at 92?
  4. Any gk’s expected to get big rises in any of the upcoming reviews? Looking low value players
  5. Criscito safe at 88? 33 yr old but has featured consistently this year.
  6. Lodi’s value has jumped from 12 to 16m today without rising in rating. Why is this? Will his value go up if he gets to 89?
  7. £12m to spend and need a LB for long term. Any recommendations?
  8. Pavard or akjanji? Both 16m and rated 90? Who has the better potential?
  9. I have ndombele who has concerns. Now Bentancur and Bennacer has become available. who gets your pick and why?
  10. Just been offered 30m and joao Felix for my Arthur melo? i know injuries have hampered Melos season but is this a good deal? competitive league and I have a large sum already in the bank.
  11. Carvajal or cancelo? I have cancelo but Carvajal is free?
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