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  1. Blackett + 1.5mil for mitchel Weiser?
  2. Re: English Championship 28697 Discussion Thread DRMIC CAN GO FOR 13MIL!!!!! INLER CAN GO FOR 18MIL!!!! HOWEVER, ANY OFFERS, INCLUDING P/e, ARE ACCEPTED!!! (should probably rephrase that-i meant considered instead of accepted)
  3. Re: English Championship 28697 Discussion Thread Inler can go for player exchange Would prefer 2 players for Inler
  4. Re: English Championship 28697 Discussion Thread Wijnaldum +1 to 89
  5. Re: FIFA 15 Official Thread Should i make? seems waste to have muriel at CAM...
  6. Re: English Championship 28697 Discussion Thread Santiago Arias can go for 5mil!! Great little riser
  7. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... It really depends... I dont think I have ever had 53.4mil on SM in the gameworlds i play in. For me and my gameworlds that could buy anything as 53.4mil could get you a couple of good 90+'s. However, such a large fee next to nasri suggests its worth like nothing.... However, if it was nasri plus even varane (surley u can get for 50mil.......) then i would do it. Try and arrange a deal for the cash in advance of you accepting this offer for fabregas so you dont end up just sitting on if no one is able to be purchased. See who you can get and then come back and ask. The second one nah. just dont do it. If its the same gw as the fabregas one then 20mil is really not much
  8. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread Rafa Silva, everyone knows hes good, but can he get a +2 to 88? Just asking as he is high rated on Fifa (i know-bite me)
  9. Re: The Fluffy Ligue 1 Thread P.Soaure +1 to 88? Had a great last season and seems to be doing well this year aswell..
  10. Re: Serie A Rating Predictions S. Widmer +3? First teamer for Udinese and rated only 83...
  11. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions Riyad Mahrez of Leicester +2? Looks amazing! And good at football too...
  12. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Easily the two
  13. Re: English Championship 28697 Discussion Thread Transfer Update - Adding Depth Leicester winger Riyad Mahrez, having had an especially good start to the Premier League season, has joined Northampton's ranks for a fee rumoured to be around £4million pounds. The 23 year old will surely rise exponentially if his current form continues and should provide valued depth down the wings. Udinese's Swiss first team RB has joined Northampton for around £4.3million pounds after they won a three way bidding war between them, Preston & Reading. With the current Udinese first team being rated around the 88 mark; this 21 year old 83 rated player will hopefully rise quickly; further strengthening Northampton's already solid defence. Both of these players joined with money to spare from the sale of Wellington Nem; a player who hasn't started for Shaktar all season. In such a hard market place I believe we have secured two great youth players who can be rotated with first teamers as of now; but will hopefully develop into first teamers in time.
  14. Re: Bundesliga Ratings Discussion Stefan Bell to 87?????
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