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  1. Re: Players from the Balkans both Krsticic and Zivkovic are u19 internationals already, which is very impressive, especially as Krsticic is only 17.
  2. Re: 10K PLAYER ALERT!!! Oliver Toledo 20 AM/LM 70 Audax Italiano, should make 77 in the Chilean rating changes http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?p=309124#post309124 Krystian Pearce 17 CB 70 Birmingham City Daniel Parejo 18 CM 70 Real Madrid Castilla Aron Gunnarson 18 AM 71 AZ Alkmaar http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=22013
  3. Re: Players from the Balkans great thread. do you know what will happen to Mario MALOCA Tomislav HAVOJIC Goran JOZINOVIC Danijel ALEKSIC cheers.
  4. Re: Spanish Ratings Spanish rating changes guys...leave lampard etc. out - these players have been debated endlessly.
  5. Re: Mark Beavers I'd agree. He seems set for bigger things than Sheffield Wednesday, unless they can get their act together.
  6. Re: Future peruvian superstar?? Manco is one of many Peruvians to look out for at the moment for the future. I would also buy Carlos ZAMBRANO, an 18 year old LB who has already played for the national team. Damian ISMODES, ask insider as to why.. Bryan SALAZAR, a 10k player who was one of the stars of the Peruvian U-17 team at the world cup.
  7. Re: Talents Just a bit on Lallana, as a Southampton fan. Although he has not played much of late, his few appearances were highly promising. Southampton are looking very much like getting relegated , which would lead to a firesale in the summer, and the probability that he will get much more gametime next year.
  8. Re: Championship Thread pleased to see my team Southampton are making a desperate bid for relegation. mid-table was kinda boring for us, and its been a while since we made a last day escape.. although watching the current team is about as enjoyable as watching big brother live at 6 o'clock in the morning when they're all asleep.
  9. Re: Who will increase to the 90s? Not everybody reads every thread. Benzema is in my opinion guaranteed to rise above 90, with his performance against Rangers testament to this with two goals and an assist.
  10. Re: 10K PLAYER ALERT!!! Some might call that lucky guesswork on my part
  11. Ricardo ANDREZINHO RB 26 77 BRA Vitoria Guimaraes 892k On the old side, but ideal for smaller clubs Has started 10/11 games for 4th place Guimaraes this season Average rating of starting line up is low-mid 80s, which should go up due to the side's form. Should --->84, then worth 3.5M!
  12. Re: 10K PLAYER ALERT!!! teb - sorry if my stats are wrong, they may well be, as the majority come from the notoriously unreliable wikipedia, in any case i bow down to your knowledge, which is no doubt better than my info, which is mainly me analysing optimistically sources... good to see the accuracy is so scrupulously checked, and that no one feels conned out of 10k on these recommendations. keep up the good work.
  13. Re: 10K PLAYER ALERT!!! A few more young cheap players who should rise. DANIEL PAREJO CM 18 70 Real Madrid Castilla. should rise to 73/74 Scored the winning goal in Spain's U17 triumph a few years back, starts fairly regularly for Castilla, will go up in the future if not now. Rest of RMC have ratings in higher 70's, so 73/74 is reasonable for now. ALEXIS MACHUCA CB 17 70 Newells Old Boys. should rise to 75 This player has potentially a great future ahead of him. Captained the Argentinian U17 squad, and was a defensive rock at the back for them, also scoring a goal in the process. JAN VL
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