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  1. Re: Umit Korkmaz - Austrian Wonderkid Have to agree LKK, Korkmaz had a really good impact on the game, showing some real potential and skill, must rise from 83 i'd think if he continues in same vein.
  2. Re: Which player(s) will shine at Euro 2008 and earn an increase? Neither Gelson or Inler did very much for me. They held their own defensively pretty much but were lacklustre going forwards, for me Hakan Yakin played well after he came on for Switzerland, as did Sverkos for Czech Republic. All in all the game was not of a particularly high quality. The Portugal-Turkey game was a better spectacle, with more talent on show. I thought Mehmet Aurelio played very well in a DM role (better than Inler or Gelson by far). Deco showed a few real quality touches and passes, Pepe played very well as a ball-playing centre half and Moutinho looked good too. But these players are already well-established.
  3. Re: New Players I would personally have it kept, as often I have scouted players, searched to find them not on DB, so therefore waited for them to appear on new players page, otherwise i would have to search for these players on a regular basis, until they got added. And I don't think the new players page encourages mine-sweeping, i think that this problem is more to do with advanced search (player <21, price <100k).
  4. Re: Carlitos Labrin You keep telling yourself that, sunshine.
  5. Right, I bought Cesar Azpilicueta back when he was a 10k Player. He plays for Osasuna, and he has now risen upto 87. I have personally never seen him play, and was wondering if anyone out there had, and if he is the real deal or just a stats-based riser? THanks in advance.
  6. Re: CB recommendation Diego Godin
  7. Khaleem Hyland, D.O.B. 5.6.1989 Trinidad and Tobago international. He's not on DB yet, but surely one to look out for in the future, had some real class touches in today's game (TTO vs England), leaving Gerrard for dead at one point with some beautiful footwork. He is at the moment a free agent, but he has been training with Portsmouth of late. He made his international debut in January, and his former club turned down an offer of 450k from Celtic for him. He played centre mid today but he is also a very versatile player, and has played in defence and upfront back at home. In my opinion, this lad has what it takes to succeed in the English game, and depending on his introductory rating, could be a real bargain for next season.
  8. Re: Which player(s) will shine at Euro 2008 and earn an increase? saw some of the game as well, Engelaar looked quality to me.
  9. Re: Who do you thibnk will come up from the championship next season? Southampton hahahahhahahahahahahahaha i would love it, but in all honesty would be delighted with a top half finish and anything else is a bonus.
  10. Re: Who Shall I Sell? Bafetimbi GOMIS, if you can get him.
  11. Re: Bestpay's Russian Ratings (17 players)
  12. Re: u19 international bargains 37. Paolo CARBONARO CF 19 71 Palermo 10k Available as a free agent in many set-ups, made his debut for Palermo against Siena. He is the italian 4th choice striker behind Forestieri, Okaka Chuka and Paloschi, possibly worth the 10k, though not a star buy.
  13. Re: Squad Limit? some excellent posts there. i think the essence of the question is whether squad sizes or a cap would limit people's enjoyment or enhance it. It seems to me as if there are two clear camps, and reconciliation will be very hard. Perhaps when bidding for young players they should go to the club where they believe they have a better chance of playing, so say Saivet, who was added recently, might go to the Porto in my set-up who have a youth squad of about 10, as opposed to my team with over 200 in its youth squad. I think SM should consider other alternatives to imposing a cap, to improve the game's realism in these aspects.
  14. Re: Marko MARIN - Borussia Mönchengladbach i know forums are about debate, but this is ... there have been threads previously, but LM has added some nice detail and a personal opinion. where it goes is not really that important. and, he is a good player, his value no doubt willl go through the roof if he makes an impact at euro 2008.
  15. Re: Great World Money Making Risers I agree on Youssouf, thought i was alone http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=23865 I think Feghouli could also be in for a good rise next season.
  16. im pretty confident that Daniel Carvalho will go down from 90 to 89/88, due to only making three sub appearances this season. As AM in a 3-4-1-2 he is a pretty key man and has had an excellent season thusfar, so he is of high squad value to me. Should i look to sell him, or is there a good chance he will rise again in the near future?
  17. Re: ScOuT'S Top 100 Hot Prospects! there's no pleasing some people, i just made a quick list on spec of a few good risers under 21, on DB, rated 80 or below, and it would have been daft to leave said player out, especially as he is probably the best of the lot.
  18. Re: ScOuT'S Top 100 Hot Prospects! ok then scout, of the players on DB, here are some of the best players on the DB under 21, rated 80 or below, in no order 1. Barnola IGNACIO CAMACHO 2. Emilio NSUE 3. Daniel PAREJO 4. Pintos DANI AQUINO 5. Omar Fernando TOBIO 6. Patricio RODRIGUEZ 7. Victor MOSES 8. John BOSTOCK 9. Carlos ZAMBRANO 10. Macauley CHRISTANTUS 11. Mark BEEVERS 12. Krystian PEARCE 13. Freddie SEARS 14. James TOMKINS 15. Ched EVANS 16. Djamel BAKAR 17. Henri SAIVET 18. Manuel FISCHER 19. Mathias Zanka JORGENSEN 20. Anthony ANNAN 21. Sadick ADAMS 22. Ransford OSEI 23. Daniel OPARE 24. Levan KENIA 25. Anton PUTILO 26. Havard NORDTVEIT 27. Kevin PEZZONI 28. Carlos LABRIN 29. Felicio Marquis JI-PARANA 30. Joe LEWIS 31. Lucas TRECARICHI 32. Yigaal GAI ASSULIN 33. Artem KRAVETS 34. Aleksei IONOV 35. Silva Santos HELDER 36. Dos Santos RENAN 37. Henri LANSBURY 38. Malaury MARTIN 39. Adam LALLANA 40. Ideye BROWN 41. Pereira RAFAEL CARIOCA 42. Albin EKDAL 43. Leroy FER 44. James MCCARTHY 45. Abel HERNANDEZ 46. Abdulkadir KAYALI 47. Santos ALEX TEIXERA 48. Matija SMREKAR 49. Goran JOZINOVIC 50. Rudy GESTEDE All of these have by and large been mentioned on the forums many times, but i hope this helps your list.
  19. Re: TomOwen's Russian Rating Changes good stuff, but the majority of players keep the same rating normally, but you have it as the least used rating change.
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