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  1. DZAGOEV, Alan SCHENNIKOV, Georgi KOMPANY, Vincent HERNANDEZ, Pablo AQUILANI, Alberto MIKEL, John Obi WILSHERE, Jack PEREIRA, Álvaro J.VERTONGHEN G.PAZZINI MUSACCHIO, Mateo who should i buy from this list? please tell me the first and second choise.i'm interesed who has the most chance for a rise
  2. Re: Must buy players from the upcoming ratings!
  3. Re: Keep or sells? and other advice MANDANA, Steve good gk,solid 91 in the near future WEIDENFELLER, Roman 90 for him in the next chances BEGOVIC, Asmir you can sell him SCHMELZER, Marcel 90 for him in the next ch ABATE, Ignazio 90--------------- RAMI, Adil keep M'BIA, Stéphane sell ALEXIS, Ruano sell RANOCCHIA, Andrea 90 in the next ch MUSACCHIO, Mateo 89 in the next ch BOTIA, Alberto +1 for him.good prospect.keep him CASTRO, Gonzalo keep VERTONGHEN, Jan keep KELLY, Martin good prospect,but long term injury.no rise.can sell JANSEN, Marcell sell LEON, Pedro sell for sure SAHIN, Nuri CM keep! MONTOLIVO, Riccardo keep HERNANES, Anderson keep DENISOV, Igor sell LUCAS, Leiva strong chance for a 90 in the next ch ALABA, David +1.good prospect SPEARING, Jay +4/5 for him.keep ANDERSON, Luis keep MCEACHRAN, Josh good prospect.only +1 this time JADSON, Rodrigues sell AFELLAY, Ibrahim keep ELIA, Eljero Wing/Fwd sell PEROTTI, Diego keep GERVINHO, Yao Kouass 75/25 for 90 DEFEDERICO, Matías keep WELLITON, Morais keep BRIAND, Jimmy keep STURRIDGE, Daniel good prospect.keep CARDOZO, Óscar sell DERDIYOK, Eren 50/50 chances for +1 get ekiza and amat.they can get 86 in the next chance.good players,and in 2 chances they can get 88
  4. any opinions on lucas leiva of liverpool and ramires of chelsea?any chance of any of them to rise?because i can sell m'villa with 20mil and with that money i can buy ramires and l.leiva.it's a nice deal?any opinions on this?
  5. Re: Alvaro Dominguez/ Mikel San Jose/ Musacchio - who should i buy? musacchio all day.+1 for him 100% in the next change
  6. Re: REINARTZ, Stefan he is having the chance of +1 in the next change.but i'm not 100% sure.something like 65/35
  7. Re: Need a RIGHT BACK try abate of milan.champion of italy,and a starter for italy.many chances of 90 in the next changes and he is having the potential of reaching zambrota
  8. Re: Keep or Sell this are the best players in my opinion
  9. Re: Cavani to rise? true Cavani,Falcao,Hulk and G.Rossi-92 all of them.fantastic season for all of them
  10. Re: Totti in the next he has chances of keeping his rating.but after that he will drop
  11. Re: Cavani to rise? good chance of 92 for him.but i'm looking in the near past and see what rating was given to carole and de vrji...
  12. Re: 15m WHO TO BUY? do you want 1 player?or more players that will rise?
  13. Re: Need one RB or CB/RB That Will Rise to 90+ +1 for the moment
  14. Stefan REINARTZ i'm having this guy in my defense.but i'm asking if there is a 86/87/88 that will get 89/90 any sugestions?a better player that Stefan REINARTZ?
  15. Re: Need one RB or CB/RB That Will Rise to 90+ abate is the best choise of all roman ah
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