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  1. Re: West Ham Football club Ratings http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=51708
  2. I'm pretty sure i had a crack at this last time and did a pretty decent job, so il have another crack this time, hopefully with similar success. Given West Ham's poor start to the season, this could be a tricky one though. GOALKEEPERS GREEN, Robert 89---->89 - Green is a world class keeper, and although his selection for the england team has not been without criticism, his performances both for england and west ham have been generally very solid. KURUCZ, Peter 75 --->75 Young goalkeeper from hungary, is yet to make an appearance in the first team, so will not move rating wise. DEFENDERS ILUNGA, Hérita 88--->88 Although Ilunga has been injured for the first part of the season, he was a revelation for the hammers last year, and him signing permanently was our best signing of the off season. DAPRELA, Fabio 82 ---->81 Although Daprela is young, he seems to be more of a long term option at left back, as even with ilunga out, both spector and gabbidon had chances before him, probably doesnt deserve his 82 rating if he is only a reserves player at West Ham. UPSON, Matthew 89----> 90 I made this exact same prediction last time with upson to no avail. I still believe he is the third best centre back in the country, and makes any partner he is paired with look better than they are. Rock solid, deserves 90. GABBIDON, Danny 86 ---> 86 Has made his comeback now, and when playing, doesnt look like he has lost too much. Probably hasnt played enough yet to warrant a rise, and with Tomkins looking like he will keep getting the nod to partner Upson, Gabbidon will have to bide his time it seems. DA COSTA, Manuel 85 ---->85/84 Signed from fiorentina late in the transfer window and had his first run out in west ham's 3-1 loss in the cup to bolton. Didnt look much IMO, will struggle for time on the pitch, and may even drop if he doesnt play at all in the next month. DAVENPORT, Callum 84---->82 Not sure how SM will look upon his situation, hasnt played, and wont play for a long time, if ever... i guess he needs to fall at some stage. ]TOMKINS, James [/b] 82 --->85/86 Continues to make solid performances for West Ham along side upson, as well as England at junior levels. Playing ahead of higher rated players such as gabbidon, da costa, davenport and spector. EYJOLFSSON, Hólmar Örn 75 ---> 75 Wont play this season you wouldnt think. SPECTOR, Jonathan 85 ---> 85/84 When he has played, he has been pretty terrible, if everyone is fit, he wont get gametime at all. Injuries have allowed him to play early in the season so will perhaps keep his rating this time. MIDFIELDERS BOA MORTE, Luis 86 --->85 Struck down with long term injury in the pre-season and wont play til the new year by all reports, may well keep his rating. BEHRAMI, Valon 88 ----> 88 Has been injured until just recently, and has made an instant impact upon his return. This guy is class. FAUBERT, Julien 87 ----->87/88 Despite not being one of my favourites, has been pretty good at Rb this season, and actually won the Hammer of the Month award first up. Will probably stay though, because of our poor table position. DYER, Kieron 86 ----->86 Again, has been in and out with injuries, hasnt been anything special when he has played. PARKER, Scott 89 ----->89 As he has been for the last couple of years, the rock of the midfield. Rarely plays a bad game, efforts are unquestionable. NOBLE, Mark 88 ---->87 Has been going through the motions a bit for mine, although his talent is obvious, he fades in and out of games too much for my liking. COLLISON, Jack 85 --->87 Once again, Jack has been a massive contributor to the west ham midfield. He adds an element of excitement which is sometimes lacking in parker, noble, kovac etc.. will definitely rise. KOVAC, Radoslav 88 ---->87 Is solid when he comes on, but is only cover for Parker at the base of the midfield. Has brain fades at times. PAYNE, Josh 73 ---->74 Not sure when payne was added, but has made a couple of cup sub appearances, so may get a small rise. JIMENEZ, Luis 88 ---->88/87 Has been a bit of an excitement machine since arriving at upton park. Shows flashes of brilliance, but still finding his feet in the faster premier league. FORWARDS DIAMANTI, Alessandro 85 ---->86/87 Arrived late in the transfer window, and is an exciting type, has looked good in parts and will probably rise if he keeps getting game time, due to the leap in standard from serie B to premier league STANISLAS, Junior 78 ---->84 Yet another academy product that has just about found his feet at Premier League standard. As with noble, still comes in and out of matches, but when he is in form, can be very dangerous. A very likeable player. HINES, Zavon 74 ---->78/79 Has started to get more and more game time now, and has actually impressed me a little bit, if he continues to play, will get quite a nice rise. COLE, Carlton 88 ---->88/89 The yardstick for west ham. If Cole plays well, West Ham play well. Had his best year last season, and has started this season quite well also. An outside chance for a rise. GUILLE FRANCO, Luis 88 ---->86 A poor season at Villereal last year, and although hasn't had a chance at the Hammers yet, i cant see him impressing too much. ASHTON, Dean 87 ---->85 Still injured...... and im still waiting. DIXON, Terry 74 ---->74 Still gaining fitness, this fella could be a bit of a wildcard in the second half of the season. Let me know what you think guys Cheers
  3. Re: Spanish Ratings hi guys, what does everyone think will happen to the ratings of these three atletico madrid players. Raul Garcia Simao Maxi Rodriguez i am keen to find out especially about raul garcia and maxi as i have been offered 5 million + Maxi rodriguez for raul garcia. thanks
  4. This is my first crack at predicting risers in bulk, so yeah, could be a little biased but hey.. il give it my best. GOALKEEPERS GREEN, Robert GGk Right 89 29 --stay at 89. Has been so consistent this season, apart from a couple of howlers against bolton early on. Has gained caps in friendlies for Capello's squad. LASTUVKA, Jan GGk Right 86 26 --Drop to 84, has played only one cup match all season.... not playin enough for an 86 rating DEFENDERS ILUNGA, Hérita LBLB Left 88 27 --Stay at 88, has been a great pickup for West Ham, although his defence is questionable at times. Needs to keep his hands down! WALTER LOPEZ, Alberto LB-LMLB/LM Left 80 23 --Stay at 80, with recent injuries has made a few substitute appearances and looked solid, also played in the Carling cup early on NEILL, Lucas RB-CBRB/CB Right 89 31 --Stay at 89/drop to 88.. Neill always looks like he is on the fringe of giving away a penalty, he has lacked pace this season... but been solid enough to keep his rating i believe, also played well for the Socceroos. UPSON, Matthew CBCB Left 89 29 --Rise to 90....Upson has been a rock for West Ham this season, making every central defending partner he has had look just as solid... 3rd choice CB for his country, which isnt a bad place to be after Rio and Terry GABBIDON, Danny CBCB Right 86 29 --Drop to 84...still injured COLLINS, James CBCB Right 85 25 -- Rise to 87, in between injuries this year, was back to his best.. forming a rock solid partnership with matty upson TOMKINS, James CBCB Right 78 20 --Rise to 82...In the absence of Collins, has proved himself beautifully, as well as having a very successful loan spell at Derby county EYJOLFSSON , Holmar Orn CB-DMCB/DM Right 75 18 Stay at 75... hasnt debuted. SPECTOR, Jonathan D-DMDef/DM Right 86 23 --Drop to 85... although he had been injured for an extended period, has not figured much at all since his return. MIDFIELDERS BOA MORTE, Luis LM-AMLM/AM Left 87 31 ---- Drop to 86... has been constantly used as a substitute this season, and battled recently with injury. form wasnt great even when he was constantly starting BEHRAMI, Valon RM-RBRM/RB Right 88 23 --Rise to 89... works tirelessly on and off the ball, as well as being so versatile.. one of west hams most important players this season, although his year ended early with a knee injury DYER, Kieron RM-CMRM/CM Right 86 30 --Stay, just finding his way back from yet another injury, another drop i would find a little harsh PARKER, Scott CM-DMCM/DM Right 88 28 -- Rise to 90..Scott Parker has been arguably the best and most important hammer this season. He dominates games with his hard tackling and harder running, should be playing for england NOBLE, Mark CMCM Right 88 21 -- Stay at 88... has been a solid season for noble without being spectacular COLLISON, Jack CMCM Right 74 20 --RISE TO 83.. Collison has been a revelation this year. His ability to read the play as well as putting in defence splitting passes and even scoring a couple of goals himself has left himself being regarded as one of the best youngsters in the Premier League. KOVAC, Radoslav DM-CBDM/CB Right 89 29 --Drop to 88... solid start to his west ham career, but has not done enough to keep his rating NSEREKO, Savio WWing Both 78 19 -- Rise to 81... the record signing has made some good appearances off the bench, as well as sercuring his first start for the club. looks to be one for the future STANISLAS, Junior WWing Right 74 19 Stay at 74.... looking good in his progress as a footballer STRIKERS DI MICHELE, David F-AMFwd/AM Both 89 33 --Drop to 88/87... while Di Michele has been good since the departure of bellamy, he has not done enough to keep such a high rating for a west ham player SEARS, Freddie FFwd Right 78 19 --Rise to 80-- After his goal on debut last season, Freddie Sears was touted as being the next big thing, he has only made minor progression towards that this season with a handful of starts and a few substitute appearances HINES, Zavon FFwd Right 74 20 --Stay at 74 ASHTON, Dean CFCF Right 88 25 -- Drop to 87.. another horror year with an ankle injury COLE, Carlton CFCF Right 87 25 -- Rise to 88/89.. has excelled in Dean Ashton's absence scoring 10 goals in all competitions.... Vital for West Ham's setup DIEGO TRISTAN, Herrera CFCF Right 85 33 --Drop to 83... only one start and a few sub appearances.. too old, too slow
  5. These two french strikers are currently leading the goal-scoring race in the ligue 1 with 13 goals a piece, Gignac plays for 6th place Toulouse while Hoarau plays for 3rd place PSG, both are currently rated 87. I am predicting a rise to 89 for each of these players.
  6. Re: Will Marcelo rise or not should i do the deal Marcelo+Bordon to get Abidal?
  7. Re: Carlton Cole has been one of the most in form english strikers this season. granted he hasnt scored much in his past, but he has severely bettered his goals to chances ratio this season, and there is no reason why he shouldnt keep that up in the future.
  8. Re: Darshan's English Changes. Yes, another one of these, only this one is the best. this has definitely turned into one of the worst threads on the forum
  9. Re: Carlton Cole wont happen
  10. Re: Darshan's English Changes. Yes, another one of these, only this one is the best. what do we all think young Jack Collison's rating will rise too? Has in my opinion been west hams second best midfielder at times this season behind parker, has regularly outshone both behrami and noble. probably still a little incosistent. 74---->85 i think
  11. Re: Darshan's English Changes. Yes, another one of these, only this one is the best. what do we all think young Jack Collison's rating will rise too? Has in my opinion been west hams second best midfielder at times this season behind parker, has regularly outshone both behrami and noble. probably still a little incosistent. 74---->85 i think
  12. Taking a quick look at the goal scorers leaderboard at the half way mark of the season sees West Ham striker Carlton Cole with 7 goals to his name, none of which are penalties. This puts him on par with ronaldo, van persie, adebayor and michael owen, as far as free play goals are concerned. Granted he has had a bit of a hot streak of late, but if he can continue this to finish the season with 12-15 goals, i predict a rating of around 90, in 2 rating changes time. Carlton Cole 87>89 (this time)>90 next time if form continues.
  13. Re: Frederic nimani noticed his goalscoring ways have somewhat dried up with 1 goal in his last 8 games. should i sell up now? as he is out of transfer ban.
  14. Re: Nicolas N'KOULOU has started monaco's last 10 games in ligue 1 this is more than the likes of Adriano ( rated 87) and diego perez (88).
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