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  1. Re: Reality Check

    Hamsik is the Valencia's new star!

    After a fast negociation, Valencia's manager, Rodrigo Fagundes, announced that Hamsik will join Valdes, Nasri and Falcão in the Valencia squad. For him, the spanish team sent Baines and Umtiti to Arsenal.

  2. Re: .:10000 bc:.

    3 new signs for Bayern Munich!

    Federico Peluso, Miguel Custódio and Jadson Rodrigues will join Diego Cavalieri, Varane, Samuel, Marko Basa, Joey Barton, Steve Sidwell and Di Natale as new Bayern Munich players. I believe it will give me some depth to play the cups and, of course, some quality for my first team. I'm very happy with my performance in this transfer window :D.

  3. Re: .:10000 bc:.

    Man City will like to confirm the following signings

    Eduardo Da Silva (89)

    Kris Commons (86)

    Mike Hanke (87)

    Milan Bisevac (88)

    Eliseu (88)

    Diamanti (89)

    Peluso (88)

    Estrada (88)

    * 37 + mil of Talent

    Other Likely signings

    Robinho (pending RVP)

    Daniele De Rossi

    Unlikely signings

    Robin Van Persie (depends on Malaga and Barcelona withdrawing)

    Dante (barca ahead as well)

    Tevez (barca ahead as well)

    Franck Ribery will NOT be signing for Man city

    Personally i don't think its worth it for RVP so Malaga and Barca should seriously consider withdrawing B)

    Sorry man, but Peluso is mine :rolleyes:. Sebástian worths more than 10 million in Atalanta's chairman opinion...

  4. Re: .:10000 bc:.

    That raises an interesting thought I just had...

    Because of the relative dominance by big clubs who earn more money each week... To balance the odds' date=' should we impose some sort of limit to the number of players they can sign per season? And should we have compulsory bidding on players on the transfer list of the smaller teams, so i.e. Barce/Man U/City/Real Madrid/Dortmund/Bayern + any others must buy some players on the TL for the lesser teams?

    Let me know your thoughts


    Maybe a limit in the number of players we can sign per season would be a good idea...

  5. Re: .:10000 bc:.

    No it's not' date=' but if everybody thinks like that, it will be.

    Gods sake, I'm not on for one 20 hours and this happens.

    Santos punishment = Must sell Isco to external once TB ends

    PSG punishment = open for discussion.[/quote']

    No, the GW is not ruined, it's the best GW that I play. PSG's punishment must be harsh! Something like sell Lewandowski and not be able to buy anyone for 1 or 2 seasons :mad:

  6. Re: Reality Check

    Schurrle says that all the last news are fake. In fact, he wants to leave Real Madrid, but not for a german team. He said that he wants to have division 1 experience in Valencia. The transfer will be defined in the next few hous. :P

  7. Re: Reality Check

    Defoe is the new Valencia's player!

    Jermain Defoe has signed a deal with Valencia, for a 19,7 million fee. The press interpretate this sign as an evidence that Falcão or Soldado will be sold in the next season by the Valencia's board. However, is a fact that the manager Rodrigo Fagundes will only accept really good offers for his players.

  8. Re: .:10000 bc:.

    Does bidding start in 40 minutes? I have no hope with the big names' date=' but I hope to pick up someone here and there at 87/88. PSV do not make much money.

    And Hyina, I said I had not much money mate. :P[/quote']

    I think the bid war starts just at 08/02

  9. Re: .:10000 bc:.

    Antonio Di Natale presented as a Bayern star


    In this monday morning, the italian legend Di Natale started his trajectory in Bayern Munich. He was presented in a press conference, where were Uli Hoeness and Rodrigo Fagundes.

    Firstly, Rodrigo Fagundes made the opening speech:

    "We, from Bayern Munich, are glad to announce the purchase of Antonio Di Natale, that is known as a class player and will help us a lot in this season. He was pretty unhappy in Udinese and we couldn't ignore this opportunity to buy him. He comes for a 10,5 million fee and with a 20 million release clause. I asked Uli Hoeness to buy this amazing player because we need to improve our team for the Division 1 challenge and I'm sure he can help a lot in this mission. My idea is use him along with Milito as a forward. Luis Fabiano, for now, will be an option in the bench."

    After it, Uli Hoeness spoke a few words:

    "Well, all I can say is that I'm very happy to have Di Natale in my team. He is just class and will help the team to win the first division. Fagundes asked me to buy him and I decided to invest this 10,5 million. It was a bargain!"

    The Di Natale said his first words as a Bayern player:

    "I was unhappy with Udinese's manager, because he likes to play in thw 4-5-1 and I was alone in the front sector of the team. When I asked him to use the 3-5-2 he said that he is the boss and wouldn't change his tactics. Then I called Fagundes, that is an awesome manager, and he said that would talk with Bayern's chairman to ask him to buy me. Now I'm here, ready to help the team to win the Division 1. I'm proud to use the number 9 here in Bayern Munich."
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