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  1. Re: Dionatan Nascimento - DEF - MSK Kosice Thank You!
  2. Re: Triplesteal I would like a new challenge. add me on the list please.
  3. Re: Bruno Gomes-Brazil Talent i havent been able to find him on database. is he on it yet?
  4. Re: Dionatan Nascimento - DEF - MSK Kosice i still cant find him. Any changes on the name? does he go by a nickname or what?
  5. Re: Bernardo Silva I cannot find Bernardo Silva on Gold Championship 1. Help me out guys!
  6. Re: Donis Avdijaj - 16 year old Schalke Prospect! I dont see him in the database. Anyone else found him? Thanks.
  7. Re: Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help) maybe this has been aske before but i couldnt go through all 100pages of discussions to find out. If lets say i make subtiturtions anywhere from 45-60-75 minuntes in a game and put in a player whos has concern after the 45th minunte will it count toward his games need it? or by subbing it just makes things worse? Do both players the one who is subbed out and the one who is subbed in will have one game completed? please help.
  8. Re: Who should i sell, or keep? thats a stacked squad. how many of them have concerns? Anyways sell Puyol.Buffon.Mertersacker.Etoo.Walcott.Pedro.
  9. Re: Dzeko deal in a gold championshi how about Sakho and KIESSLING, Stefan? with no cash.
  10. ok so i have Dzeko in gold championshi 8. I dont have a great squad my best player is Dzeko but i was offered Mohammed Sakho+Piatti+4mill. Should i take it? please help i was thinking on accepting the deal because Sakho had been doing really good lately but i dont know about Piatti, will he start at valencia? This is my squad: ROMERO, Sergio Gk 24 88 TATARUSANU, Ciprian Gk 25 85 MATHIEU, Jérémy LB/LM 27 89 AYOZE, Díaz LB 29 87 CARLINHOS, Andrade LB/LM 24 86 LATOVLEVICI, Iasmin LB 25 83 SAPUNARU, Cristian RB 27 88 KUZMIN, Oleg RB/LB 30 87 PAREJA, Nicolás CB 27 89 SPAHIC, Emir CB 30 88 FERNANDEZ, Leandro CB 28 88 GAMAN, Valerica CB 22 84 PINTO, André CB 21 83 MATEOS, David CB/DM 24 82 GONZALEZ, Mark LM/Wing 27 88 ROMAN, Mihai RM/Wing 26 85 PREPELITA, Andrei RM/AM 25 84 RADOI, Mirel DM/CB 30 87 CHEYROU, Benoît CM 30 90 CHANTOME, Clément CM/DM 23 89 COLSA, Gonzalo CM/DM 32 88 BICFALVI, Eric CM 23 82 EDERSON, Honorato AM/Wing 25 89 RADUT, Mihai AM 21 82 REYNA, Ángel Wing/AM 26 86 TANASE, Cristian Wing/AM 24 85 TATU, Leandro Wing/Fwd 29 83 MUTU, Adrian Fwd/AM 32 89 JOVANOVIC, Milan Fwd/Wing 30 88 STANCU, Bogdan Fwd/AM 24 86 MONNET-PAQUET, Kévin Fwd/Wing 22 86 GANEA, Liviu Fwd/Wing 23 84 COSTEA, Mihai Fwd/Wing 23 82 MAICON, Oliveira Fwd/Wing 23 80 DZEKO, Edin
  11. Re: GOTZE, Mario or WILSHERE, Jack or neymar Thanks everyone!!!
  12. Hi i manage i very big squad and im looking to manage this squad for a long time but i need all the advice i can get about my current and future possible players. Please help about which of the following players i should keep or sell. I watch closely many of these players but not all so any advice would be appreciated. Can someone tell me how i can make it easier to post the full list with my players to make it easier to see all of them i have no idea how to list them all? how can i insert my whole squad at ones in like a pic or something? Thanks in advance!
  13. Im a manager at a low rated squad. and i have the option to buy any of these players. now which of these will rise the highest in the upcoming seasons? I havent watched Gotze much but i watched donzens of games of Wilshere and neymar and im undecieded who to get. Helpp and thanks,
  14. okay i got him where other players with his positions are: Pareja, Sergio Ramos, Chygrynsky, Chivu, Pepe, Fazio. Is he worth keeping or sell?
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