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  1. Re: Chairman's Valuations on CUSTOM game worlds. is the maximum limit the same for all the teams????
  2. Re: i have a 4 games losing streak.....i need help!! thnx mate!
  3. Re: i have a 4 games losing streak.....i need help!! is anybody there who can help??
  4. i dont know what to do??? this is my squad can any body help?? CECH, Petr Gk 29 94 VARGAS, Tobías Gk 21 82 GUERCI, Paolo Gk 18 70 COLE, Ashley LB 30 94 ROBINSON, Jack LB/LM 17 77 IVANOVIC, Branislav RB/CB 27 92 DE VRIJ, Stefan RB/CB 19 83 CHIELLINI, Giorgio CB/LB 26 94 HUMMELS, Mats CB/DM 22 91 EKIZA, Borja CB 23 86 JONATHAN, Cícero RB/RM 25 88 VERTONGHEN, Jan Def/DM 24 90 AMALFITANO, Morgan RM/CM 26 89 FABREGAS, Cesc CM/AM 24 95 TOURE, Yayá CM/DM 28 92 HERNANES, Anderson CM/AM 26 90 CANTEROS, Héctor CM/DM 22 80 OSCAR, Emboaba AM/Wing 19 78 KOVACIC, Mateo AM 17 75 TURAN, Arda Wing/AM 24 90 TOSIC, Zoran Wing/AM 24 88 ROONEY, Wayne Fwd/AM 25 95 BENZEMA, Karim Fwd/Wing 23 93 SUAREZ, Luis Fwd/AM 24 91 RUBEN, Marco CF 24 87 LASOGGA, Pierre-Michel CF 19 83 COULIBALY, Souleymane CF 16 75
  5. Re: Brazil Série A Rating Predictions hi! a friend told me WALLYSON, Monteiro will rise from 83 to 86 is that true??
  6. Re: Brazillian League review. All teams predictions!!!! will Alan Patric rise???
  7. Re: if 3 teams are offering the same amount of money what team will the player choose can anyone help pls?
  8. i need to a wining streak longer than 2!! this is my squad: CECH, Petr GK 94 VARGAS, Tobías GK 75 GUERCI, Paolo GK 70 COLE, Ashley LB 94 ROBINSON, Jack LB 77 IVANOVIC, Branislav RB/CB 92 DE VRIJ, Stefan RB/CB 83 CHIELLINI, Giorgio CB/LB 94 HUMMELS, Mats CB/DM 91 EKIZA, Borja CB 86 NASTASIC, Matija CB 75 VERTONGHEN, Jan Def/DM 90 FABREGAS, Cesc CM/AM 95 TOURE, Yayá CM/DM 92 HERNANES, Anderson CM/AM 90 NESS, Jamie CM 78 CANTEROS, Héctor CM 75 TURAN, Arda Wing/AM 90 KOVACIC, Mateo AM 75 TOSIC, Zoran Wing/AM 88 ROONEY, Wayne Fwd/AM 95 BENZEMA, Karim Fwd/Wing 93 SUAREZ, Luis Fwd/AM 91 AMALFITANO, Morgan RM/CM 89 LEANDRO, Moura Fwd/AM 75 RUBEN, Marco CF 87 LASOGGA, Pierre-Michel CF 83
  9. Re: ; Fercasti AVATAR Requests/Portfolio! Hello mate! can u make me a Alex Del Piero avatar whith his tongue out ...and if u can write on the pic "IL CAPITANO"?? (and show me how to put it on my profile cause im new to the forum)thnx in advance!!
  10. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... i want to trade Giovani DOS SANTOS for one of this :Issiar DIA, Enzo PEREZ, Mario MANDZUKIC, Hatem BEN ARFA, Alan KASAEV, Aleksandr RYAZANTSEV, Jakub BLASZCZYKOWSKI and Diego BUONANOTTE! who should i get....or you can add a name that is not on the list? pls HELP!!!!!
  11. Re: any forward 85-88 that is going to rise?? i need a 88 forward or wing 5 - 6.5 ml that is going to be a 89! i'v selected some : Enzo Perez, MANDZUKIC, Mario, BLASZCZYKOWSKI, Jakub, BEN ARFA, Hatem, DIA, Issiar, BUONANOTTE, Diego, KASAEV, Alan and RYAZANTSEV, Aleksandr! who of thes is going to rise??
  12. Re: Argentina Clausura 'Low Rated' Risers any chance Enzo Perez can rise to 89???
  13. Re: any forward 85-88 that is going to rise?? thnx very useful!
  14. not one from the leagues that have just finished reviewing!!!
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