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  1. Another one on Le Normand sorry I don't know how good he is/can be. Le Normand or Maitland Niles?
  2. Sorry for the long post but I really need help with updated concerns pending in the next day or two. Which 90s and over should I sell as I'm overstocked: Loanees (ignore 89s):
  3. Zaniolo out till Christmas, what a shame
  4. If I had to sell either Lacazette or Cavani who should it be? I have Haaland as my back up and can shift Mertens there if there's injuries.
  5. I did chuck £60 on him staying, hopefully the bookies start paying out now but I doubt it!
  6. Is he really a 92 though? I know some Chelsea fans that wouldn't think he should be 92. Can't say I've seen a lot of him but what is he, a holding mid or box to box? As I don't think he has done enough in the final third in my opinion (stats wise).
  7. T.Hernandez is the better player but in SM I would go for Chilwell.
  8. Speaking of Rice, him or Pavard (long-term)
  9. As a LB - Alex Sandro or Romagnoli ? I have Kimpembe as my other LB.
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