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  1. I thought it was too good to be true, when the offer came in for my Jesus this morning. It was Messi + De Gea. I didn't mention De Gea as that wouldn't be the reason I would accept lol
  2. Congrats, albeit I think it was confirmed a long time ago 😂 Not sure how I bluffed my way to 2nd but I'll take it
  3. I can sell Cardoso Tete to get Aouchiche and Tiago Tomas
  4. Berisha Partey Kulu right now - Vinicius has the ability to explode at some point but Kulu is a safer bet.
  5. Yes they do count in Gold Setups (believe I know lol). But also bear in mind that fitness also counts in these games and players can get injured. If you want to reduce a player's concern best to start them in both games (league and Europe). Hook them off at half-time in both so not to effect their fitness as much I saved Lewa once from level 4 this way!
  6. No (unless it's a gold setup in which it does)
  7. De Ligt or Koulibaly? And who to sell out of Leroy Sane, Sancho or Gnabry?
  8. Icardi or Jesus? And is there a lot between them? Which two youngsters would you sign out of: Thielmann, Goes Sandry, M. Muldur, L. Netz, R. Gravenberch, K. De la fuente, S. Koita, M. Beier
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