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  1. Anyone else care to share their thoughts? I'm thinking Guedes, Suarez, James Rodriguez, Alli, Martial & Piatek. I'm thinking to sell 4 players at least.
  2. Which 90 rated midfielders and forwards should I sell below? I have too many players with concerns
  3. Who out of the 90 rated players below should I get rid of? I have too many players with concerns
  4. Extremely competitive, it's Gold Championship 500. Difficult to even find 86 rated players in unmanaged clubs. I manage QPR so both players are starters for me and would be replaced with the other two.
  5. Brahimi + Smolov or my Fred (Shakhtar) + Kravets. Really in a pickle with this one!
  6. Which two would you keep out of these left backs (or please rank if poss). Danny Rose Faouzi Ghoulam Raphael Guerreiro
  7. First and foremost, thanks for all the help. I should have said more about my squad to give a better idea. I'm well covered in CM, I play three which are Thiago (Bayern), Rakitic and Koke. I play Coutinho on the left but he can come in and I have Rabiot, Ramsey and Pastore as back up. So not sure if I need Kovacic unless he can rise. Striker wise, my main man is Cavani. I have Insigne and Immobile as back up. So Kane/Morata would be a good second choice.
  8. I've received two offers for Asensio. One is a straight swap for Harry Kane. The other is Morata + Kovacic. Should I accept either or keep Asensio?
  9. gAv Gav


    Hi not sure where to go with this, but I noticed in news feed you put a player name using @ so you're able to click on the name and it shows their profile. Do you have any idea how you do this on mac? As @ doesn't seem to work. Would really appreciate it!
  10. I'm in a pickle :-S which CB should I sign out of Laporte, Murillo, Koulibaly, De Vrij, Rudiger and Rugani? Thanks in advance!
  11. Got sent twice by mistake, have no clue how to delete a post lol
  12. I have been offered Messi for £36m + Ozil + Varane. I play three at the back and my other centre backs are Pique, Hummels, Koscielny, Stones, Kimmich, Bailly. I can also get Laporte if I raise some funds. Should I accept?
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