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  1. How come a great Mainz talent Benedikt Saller is not on database? Has played this season in 10 Bundesliga games and has scored once...
  2. ... that are not on the database? Regards, PL
  3. Hi! Please check all those great teams available on World Championship 2404. A new season (# 10) is about to start in a week. Get a team, get great players. Welcome to join the party!!!
  4. Re: Player concerns - "Concerned about his lack of games "
  5. Hi! Just wondering: 1. I took over a team in which there are several players that are "Concerned about his lack of games". What can I do? I tried to play them, but they're getting more concerned... 2. If I buy a player that is seriously "Concerned about his lack of games", is it going to be a waste of money? (If I can't help him, not even by playing him...) Mille grazie about explaining this...
  6. Now that De Gea is officially a ManU guy, quoted as the best goalie for them on a long run. Or as Sir Alex said it: "He's an outstanding replacement for Edwin van der Sar." My question is: How soon will De Gea get a rise to a new level in this game?
  7. Re: Javier "Javi" Martínez - #1 Spanish Talent
  8. Re: Javier "Javi" Martínez - #1 Spanish Talent
  9. Re: Dominico Criscito Well, the Russians have something special - money. It's the same with some minor sports, like ice-hockey. They'll pay whatever to get what they want.
  10. Ha Javi Martínez hit his hights at this game? He's staying in Athletic Club, so he is not 'in a big team', which is a disadvantage. In real life he is fantastic - I saw live three Spain games at recent U21. He was dynamite and fantastic team captain! But as far as I have learned from this game, he can't get now any 'higher', can he?
  11. How do you see the future of CB/DM Daniel Carriço? He played so well this season that ManC and Juve have discussed with Sporting mgmt. (He has also been previously a regular at Portugal U21). A 'soon-to-be 90er'?
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