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  1. Re: Playmaker!!! use a playmaker when you have a player who won't be in too much of a direct battle with the an opposition player, so if you play an attack mid and the opposition doesn't play a defence mid then use the AM as playmaker because he will have alot more space than most on the team
  2. Re: Defensive Vs Attacking I manage 6 teams and very very rarely if ever play a defensive style, I was promoted with 3 of those teams and haven't lost a game with any of the 6 for about a month. It just depends how you choose tactics, I change formation each game to exploit the opposition weaknesses and make my attacking mentality work for me.
  3. Re: Playing best players or splitting team? Play the best team you can and then when you have players that are below 90% fitness swap them out, this will avoid injuries and ensure you have the best players available for the bigger matches and must win games such as the cup. On the subject of the cup, if you are in a group stage and you have already qualified, use the opportunity to rest all your players as you don't need to win the game.
  4. Re: Tactics Help PLEASE!! against the lower league teams try changing to an attacking mentality so that you control the game more, perhaps put your wingers and full backs with an arrow forwards since you have good full backs. if you are playing a team that plays 3 at the back then attack down the flanks and if you are playing a team that plays more than 2 in midfield then don't use a playmaker who is a center mid as they might be outnumbered and this could have a negative affect. other than that if you are winning at the moment then leave it as is but when you start losing look to see if you
  5. Re: Tactics Help PLEASE!! What tactics have you been using and what has the problem been in the matches you have lost? Too little possession? Too few shots?
  6. Re: best tactic ever well of course your going to win if you play against all goalkeepers?
  7. Re: Counter formation for 3-4-1-2 they have a strong midfield there is nothing you can do about that, so don't waste men trying to beat them in midfield, use a 442 diamond with the wingers going forward. tactics set to counter attack, direct passing, down both flanks. this should mean that when you get the ball you won't lose it in the midfield battle as you will play it directly down the wings and cause a huge amount of problems for their 3 man defence. having 2 strikers, 2 wingers and 1 attack mid against their 3 man defence should mean that while you may lose the possession battle you will
  8. Re: Recommendation for formation & playstyle If you have the time to dedicate to it I recommend basing your tactics on the upcoming opposition. If they play 3 at the back and pack the midfield then play wingers and 2 or 3 upfront and set attacking style to down both flanks, counter attack on, passing style direct.This will hopefully bypass their packed midfield and play direct through balls down the flanks, stretching their 3 man defence and leaving your strikers with acres of space in the box. If they are considerably higher ratings than you then do the same but with 1 striker, perhaps
  9. Re: Job Offers by far one of the best updates for a long time, up there with play-offs. excelent idea and an exciting new dimension to the game, work hard and you could get that big job that you were after. if you are in say, medeteranian league in gold setup, can you be ofered a job in a different league or just within your own?
  10. Re: Sm International Stadium i love Assembly lol its ace. cant better it though o for tht one lol
  11. Re: Advice needed on shevchenko accept, to be honest the deal pobably wont go through because its too high a price for sheva and with get blocked by SMFA. but if you can get it then try!
  12. Re: hi again guys think ill stick around Bobo, havent lost clubs still going strong in the game just not been on the forum for a while. cheers for the kind remarks boys! and glad to see that Bobo got overaken on the post count, thought you might run outa c**p to talk about mate lol. looks like i go some catching up to do though. good news though! i can get on the chat room now. shame i couldnt when i got offered the chatroom mod spot ah well ill just sweet talk you mods for a bit lol :D:D -- Ben --
  13. B£nWonder

    hi again guys

    just thought i would pop in to say hi, havent been on here for a long while. i assume all the old favourites like bobo, alan, teb etc. are still active hehe anyway hi all.
  14. i wan to play but as yet have found no prmo bottles!
  15. the calculator is a simple spreadsheet with formulae to work it out. i know i wrote it . unless SM made a hash of some coding the prize money shouldn't be messed up. maybe its a bug they can fix, email them again at the support address or as a last resort PM Stegore on the forums.
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