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  1. Re: Chairman deals...ridiculous I apologise for reading it wrongly, great deal for you then..but i can see why it didnt go through m8 .
  2. Re: English, French, German, Spanish, Portugese and Italian Players. I think you'll get more of a response if you're more precise with your criteria as asking for western european players really isnt something you should need to do.You have not stated what rating you would like or wether you would like people expecting a rise etc. so people are not going to reply to you telling you playe rnames who to buy because the results could be so vast. So if you are looking for the western european players just try searching the forum or the database, cheers:D
  3. Re: standard setups full...but with no people? hmmmm seems a bit weird now they were made along time ago yet still no advance. Any possibility this could be an error/bug?
  4. Re: Chairman deals...ridiculous I have to agree with bestpay,these are very bad deals and i dont see why you'd do them at all,its a blessing in disquise for you in my opinion m8.
  5. Re: wat should i do??? i can fully understand why you have asked about this one as it is a lucrative offer but ronaldo is one of the best on the game at this point in time,however sneijder is a top quality player aswell and he could well be Madrids answer to the retirement of zidane.Could you negotiate and get another good player off that team then i think it will be a good deal.
  6. Re: SM Chat Report Thread Ill second that:D Disgusting language and then the coward ran off. 1 word:IDIOT!
  7. Re: standard setups full...but with no people? okie dokie will keep a look out then ! cheers mate:)
  8. Re: SM International Predict -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Saturday 13th October 2007 Hungary 3-1 Malta Italy 2-0 Georgia Belgium 2-1 Finland Romania 1-3 Holland (ESB) Ireland 1-2 Germany Belarus 1-0 Luxembourg Wednesday 17th October 2007 Russia 0-1 England Finland 0-2 Spain Austria 0-1 Ivory Coast Turkey 2-0 Greece Croatia 2-0 Slovakia Mexico 2-0 Guatemala
  9. Re: players not match fit Get onto some managers via pm and try and loan good enough players to play for you and then tell send them back afterwards...or keep if still needed.
  10. Re: standard setups full...but with no people? Some keyboard slowcoach! Sparky does that mean it will still be opened on the hour?!
  11. Re: standard setups full...but with no people? Ok mate cheers for the reply,i did think of that at first but i remember seeing that they are usualy on the hour so i slyly waited until 4 to try and get a good team and it didnt open ! lol ah well
  12. 1 2 3 4 5 Next Page ยป Setup Name Clubs Taken/Total - Status English Championship 496 0/0 - Setup Full English Championship 495 35/80 - Public English Championship 494 32/80 - Public English Championship 493 41/80 - Public English Championship 492 45/80 - Public English Championship 491 33/80 - Public English Championship 490 34/80 - Public English Championship 489 40/80 - Public English Championship 488 33/80 - Public English Championship 487 41/80 - Public English Championship 486 30/80 - Public English Championship 485 32/80 - Public Why is this so? There is also one setup like this on WC's aswell?! Thanks
  13. 123willo123


    Re: Noob! Hello mate welcome to the forum,have fun,enjoy...and good luck!
  14. Re: fabregas deal do it as it is 1. Because i hate deco 2. I don't think he'll be playing much longer at this level or that rating 3.Fabregas is destined to be a top top player therfore rated very highly 4.Gudjonsen is easily replaceable-bojan or dos santos go for it m8
  15. Re: Teams Rivals - Lets help SM out Ipswich-Norwich Wycombe wanderers-Oxford united Oxford united-Swindon town Celtic-Rangers Birmingham-Aston villa Ajax-Feyenoord Benfica-Porto America-Guadalajara Barcelona-Real madrid Real-Atletico Boca juniors-River plate Think these are all correct,good idea!
  16. Re: 3 Teams Available In Existing League Leigh if you still want to get rid then i will have them,the account is back and i have my slot back,they will be in good hands.Just keep me posted on them and if you still want to let them go ill be waiting to fill your boots:D
  17. Re: English Championship 1 Yeah,me and you rising storming through the divisions with our grandads playing for us,lol.Who are you?! We can have a bit of a challenge agaisnt eachother.
  18. Re: English Championship 1 Thanks mate,the squad needs a serious reshuffle,when im out of the 'red' im going to buy some young players that ive never even heard of just to form a platform so that i can release my old players. I hate old players! Why do people buy them !?!?!(dont answer that-we all know it but arghhhhh:mad: Prepare for the luton revolution-see you in Div 1 soon ...maybe
  19. Re: English Championship 1 I got it! lol .Can't do alot at the moment as im 1.4 million in debt but i will be keeping them for a long time so get used to me:D Any loanees available? im happy to have them.
  20. Re: English Championship 1 Ok cheers,Im just waiting for my account password to be reset then i will check them,sorry to look lazy but couldnt currently check. Thanks for the help. Will they go quickly?!
  21. Re: 3 Teams Available In Existing League :( :( I'm too late !! lol no worries mate,good luck:D
  22. Re: Little tag under forum username ^ the above comment is spam.Please refrain from writing needless comments just to boost yor post count.Cheers:D
  23. Re: 3 Teams Available In Existing League Alrite havoc sounds like a good league i am interested in lyon but atm my account which has a fre space has had the pasword setting mucked up and i am currently waitingfor sm to change it back and reset it,but when i have the account back count me in !...if they are still available.
  24. Re: KaKa 80mil bid accept or reject? Im pretty confident that 80 mil would go through the other day i had a 70 mil bid for lampard go thruogh! haha some mug he must have been! ^ great advice above listen to it all and think hard about selling kaka,he is probably going to rise to 98 in the near future so maybe wait until then and get two really good players in exchange and maybe cash aswell ! hope this helps
  25. Re: 19mil deal for Defour blocked -- too high or too low? i think too high m8,you can get him for bout 5 mil less EDIT: Sorry mate wsnt concentrating! but yeh i think its too much tbh! so try a little less or just keep him
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