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  1. Re: Tom Mills (Forum)'s New Set-Up im holding on for inter:D fingers crossed,if more people see this and order a team the setup should be gd
  2. Re: setup - being created in the morning of 02/09/07 ill have the chelsea what team they got ?!
  3. Re: Contract Renewal! < PLEASE! HELP! > lol Does seem fairly drastic, but how do they do it at the moment? i assumed it was done like that anyway?
  4. Re: Contract Renewal! < PLEASE! HELP! > Thanks very much for the information,i now understand and believe that to be the best way of doing it,could you tell me more about the financial part of the extensions? if i sign a player up for 5 years on 20 k a week will it stay like that weather his rating increases or not ? or am i barking up trhe wrong tree?
  5. Re: The Dreamer's Dream- New Setup! next wednesday i believe mate,all teams to be in and decided by tuesday evening.
  6. Re: South American Young Talents thanks, sorry i should have tried that before.
  7. Re: South American Young Talents Whats borges full name,im gonna buy him.
  8. Re: Dan Payne's Team Giveaway Keep the application for your friend because no one else has declared interest in the milan team,and as he lost out before it seems as important as any other reason i can think up.
  9. Re: Arsenal Gossip yeah,although i believe gilberto to be more sincere than Thierry he could still be prized by the wage increase.I also think that its not the player that wants rid its the arsenal board/manager,as we all know arsenal like to take the youth route and thats why i think they are looking to offload the brazilian and its not exactly cheap either! they are tlking big money,and yes a big player but arsenal have the players to replce him...in 3 years time anyway:D
  10. Re: Dan Payne's Team Giveaway
  11. Re: Arsenal Gossip So did henry? perhaps Gilberto being overlooked for the captaincy was maybe a sign of his departure? what do you reckon? I think it would be a good addition although i haven't seen much of the guy,but he has some great reviews.
  12. Re: BATRACER F1, Racers Needed! my mistake but anyway have you got the answer to my question?if you miss a race what happens?
  13. Re: BATRACER F1, Racers Needed! Im interested in joining Williams as i too share that surname! but im worried that i wouldnt be around for every race. in this case what happens?
  14. Re: Xavier Vilson, Vasco De Gama, Brazil (72 rating will rise to 80)
  15. Re: why did roy makaay's rating go down? Maybe because he has gone down a league standard? Sorry for my apparent neglegence but what is his current rating? I dont really look at old players anymore:D
  16. Re: Contract Renewal! < PLEASE! HELP! > How long has the season been finished mate and has the new one started?! I ask because for one of my teams i had messi and essien both withou a contract renewal done,the league finished but thankfully i had a chance to offer after the final game of the season wich was a huge relief for me.There are probably people that have experienced players leaving after contracts are up that will reply aswell so they can tell you more. It's not a huge deal anyway though as you can release players for free during the season or an even more beneficial alternative you could selll them to the computer if they are that unwanted. Hope this helps and good luck.
  17. Re: The Spitalish Division (Spanish, Italian & English) ***NEW*** who are available mate?
  18. 123willo123


    Re: HOMEWORK THREAD not too sure, i think you have to do that one in your own spare time, oh and start by cutting off the tail!
  19. Re: Xavier Vilson, Vasco De Gama, Brazil (72 rating will rise to 80) CERTAIN? im gonna gamble on him,seems you have high expectations from this guy,in regards to long term future do you think he could go past 85 and onto bigger things?
  20. 123willo123


    Re: HOMEWORK THREAD reg,im guessing your homework is/was always late as he posted yesterday that his homework was in for today,and unless he goes to nightschool that would mean the deadline has passed ! detention for reg!
  21. Re: Barca in New Setup Available! can i have them ?!?! :D jokes! lol
  22. Re: Transfer Advice I'm gonna use that money to try and purchase 1/2 wide players with decent ratings and ages,and thenwith any money left over i will try and build some squad depth up good post m8 cheers
  23. Re: Dan Payne's Team Giveaway Just to re-inforce my claim for barcelona,i would love to have them as my club and i will keep them for years to come(literally) as they are so rare to come by,i would make sure the average age gets decreased by p/e'ing players that are fairly old and i would bring in fresh young talents that have potential in abundance and then once i have finished sorting my team and tinkering witht he squad i would settle them down and get them into winning habits hopefully achieving very highly in all competitions. Are they a hihgflying barca team or have they yet to taste success? just wondering what their previous record is like ? if you havnt been their long dw jus tryna get soem info:D im practically begging for the barca,i no it's sad but i'd be over the moon! cheers
  24. Re: Transfer Advice OMG! yh it helped alot,however i just accidentally cancelled the deal arghh! i will try and agree the deal again, in midfield and attack i hav iniesta xavi essien etoo messi mascherano carrick and ronaldinho my defence is sorted aswell with the orginal cb's plus alves and lahm:D but apart rom that my squad is bare,i have 70m at the moment but reluctant sellers the other end of all my bids,which is why i am trying to get a rly good deal for 'dinho' preferably with two players coming my way, totally agree with your way of thinking about the two players for one! 1 last thing,i sold gattuso for 30 mil plus carrick yesterday i am kind of regretting it ,what you think ? be honest:D
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