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  1. Re: Transfer Advice why? i hav a really small swuad and ronaldinho will be on his way down soon i reckon? any more opinions?
  2. Re: Tom Mills (Forum)'s New Set-Up my rep power isnt currently 2 however i would love to join if theres a team going spare,will keep checkin, cheers
  3. Re: Transfer Advice Should I sell Ronaldinho for 20 mil plus alonso and kuyt? its accepted quick replies needed?!?!?! cheers
  4. Re: Striker Help vagner love,hes is a quality player and will get an increase in the future i watched him at copa america and he was not being outhsone by any others,get him!
  5. Re: Dan Payne's Team Giveaway I left a post regarding the milan team however i didnt see that someone else wanted them so to save any disappointment i will steer my interest in the direction of the Barcelona WC 520 team as they have a good team but it is ageing a little,id check whos available and sign young blood to get the team stable because if the players are allowed to grow old at barca the team will rot,also a healthy balance would be extremely handy in aquiring young talents. So these are my main target now,i would be on a week long natural high if i were to get a barca! fingers crossed.good thread m8..although i couldnt part with all these quality side:cool: and when are the team 'winners' decided? cheers
  6. Re: Dan Payne's Team Giveaway i too would like the challenge of managing the milan team, i always try to manage different clubs and i have never had a milan...in fact ive never had an italian side,i have a chelsea,shakhtar and dortmund at the moment and would like to get another team to keep me occupied and 1 that i could spend some time on-which begs the question is the setup an active one ?! how are the team doing at the moment? i will keep up to date with this thread as it seems you give away alot of good teams and ill look forward to hearing the result. I'd be very grateful! cheers anyway.
  7. Re: Nedum Onuoha I dont think hes the fastest,i think romedahl has done it quciker than that but have no evidence or sources to note down for you.sorry m8
  8. Re: The Dreamer's Dream- New Setup! i was first on the reserve list then got put in and asked for inter after someone pulled out,i got put on the list with inter but now i have been removed and 2 other later reserve listers are in ?!?!?! im upset:(
  9. Re: New prospects in defence sorry m8 you dint say cheap! and well micah richards is young! but im afraid im gonna have to pass on that one,im fairly clueless.
  10. Re: New prospects in defence micah richards steven taylor wheater gareth bale
  11. Re: The Dreamer's Dream- New Setup! inter still available?
  12. Re: The Dreamer's Dream- New Setup! can i have chelsea please m8
  13. Re: Transfer Advice I,personally at this moment would say torres would be the better buy for the long term investment.You should be able to purchase him at a lower price than rooney but if torres carries on his form throughout the season he will be contending for another increase.
  14. Re: The Dreamer's Dream- New Setup! ill be on the reserve list mate if thats ok?! if not no worries EDIT: thanks m8
  15. Re: SM Apology Leigh i believe you were 3 minutes too late,should have written less:D lol Well done for realising the thread and acting swiftly on it,shame the situation arose but i think it can be forgotten and I too would be happy for the dev to resume as normal and contributing to the forum if he wishes
  16. Re: SM - Customer Interaction Nice going lads! got the reply and response we all wanted! Now all you gotta do is get him back on the forum! top marks!
  17. Re: Rooney - Accept or reject rooney could be a 98 yeh ...but 20 milliion plus agger plus torres-who could also be a 98 the way hes going so even torres for rooney would be a good deal in a copule of seasons as they may be equally rated so money and another potential star is a great deal
  18. Re: Rooney - Accept or reject The thing with selling the best young player on the game is you need to define wether that team is one of your favoured team.eg. i have 3 teams that i do alot with and follow everything in the setup and i have a team that i dont really care a lot about i manage them do transfers and take chances with players,with this team i would sell rooney but if its one of your serious long term teams keep him...actually no long term as long as torres is in the deal sell him but more money tell the manager you have to think about it as rooney is a top player so say you cant afford to let him go for less than 26 mil torres and agger,i wouldnt go for the inter deal, adriano is goin down,ibrahimovic is good but not going anywhere
  19. Re: Antonio Puerta it may not be what you interpret as a mark of respect but if he is purchased by a team that keeps him at their club until he leaves the game and maybe even plays him,i would see this as a satisfactory way to leave the game. I may snap him up for my main team and play him the game before he leaves sm,i feel that would be a fitting tribute to the lad that was such a promising talent. keep on playing in heaven,rest in peace
  20. Re: Transfer problem im led to believe its at least 75% of the free agents value. as it syas when you click on the player i may add
  21. Re: Official Red Devils thread i agree with that arsenal are not my biggest fear at the present moment in time however i do consider them a threat. What does everyone think about anderson and at what age/if any do you think he will be an established first team player and with what team around him?
  22. Re: What an offer why WILL he beinjured?
  23. Re: Official Red Devils thread yeh summer is more likely,i just fear the Fergie may have to make an emergenty signing because we're lacking goals...hopefully nani will keep banging in screamers and if tevez gets 1 he'll get 20 n then weve got super roo to come back! have you seen he wanted to play at the weekend and have the painkilling injection? must have been a tiny break!
  24. Re: Official Red Devils thread berbatov-technically gifted,physically gifted,love to see him at united anelka-lazy,greedy,disloyal,would hate to see him,he plays when he wants to martins-what a powerhouse this lad is,shame we have two carbon copies of him in tevez and rooney they are all similar-short, fast ,good shot power huntelaar-i hold my hands up and say i have only seen him play twice but he looked sharp and more of a finisher than our 3 he looked like he plays to score which is what we lack(saha?) adriano-not the player we need however i wouldnt begrudge him coming to the premiership so we can see what hes made of but atm its a no Verdict:klass jan huntelaar signs for manchester united on new years day for a fee of.......... (how much is he worth)???
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