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  1. Re: Whats your favourite cereal? When are the cereal rating changes? i'd say weetabix deserve an increase to about 98 there on a par with Dinho,corn flakes are the liverpool of the cereal world,there always there or there abouts but they always fail to deliver unless with tons of sugar(torres)
  2. Re: Player Changes Today why were u expecting him to go down?in my opinion that is spot on,he is a consistent performer for blackburn,with his pace powerful strike and a precious eye for goal he deserves this 91,he is also being watched by many big clubs but none have yet to come in for him with any conviction
  3. Re: What an offer Listen to aBRaNcHi mate,hes pretty much irreplaceable and real dont have lots of wide options,which team tabled the bid ? i would renegotiate for either more money (40) or 20 mil and a decent player to replace him with,
  4. Re: LuckyDip League UK ill join if u need numbers~!
  5. Re: English Ratings my best deal were Schmeical for peanuts and i sold ashley cole for vidic+hargreaves
  6. Re: Momo Sissoko...Decrease??!! disappointed,however now i can buy him cheap as i believe he may leave liverpool and being a dabulous player he will soon get the rating back up again! so snap him up !
  7. Re: nani i think by the end of the season danny you'll have to revisit this thread to say 91/92 if he carries on but your right.At the present moment in time he has played well..for a few games,if he keeps this standard up he will be certain for an increase at the next changes. agreed danny?
  8. Re: A tricky question.... Looks like your question is answered mate! I'm a MUFC fan and i don't no how id feel i may jus not support either but it looks like the majority would stick with the lcub i would look at why they have all moved etc
  9. Re: Olano Xabi ALONSO! - Overrated! Last time i checked he was...i watch la-liga at every oppurtunity on sky sports and i cant remember throughout all of last season andres iniesta making himself known to me,if he was playing he certainly didnt stand out:D
  10. Re: james or ricardo ??? ok,keep david james,has shown no indication of retiring yet..but i havent deeply researched that fact,he is/was in world class form last season and has won a place back in the england squad ahead of Paul robinson(92? ) and is a real top keeper,so put the other keeper in a p/e with a deal with a lesser keeper ands the deal will look attractive despite his age. i got yaya toure for 6 mil david james and another mid 80's player
  11. Re: Olano Xabi ALONSO! - Overrated! hate to change the subject lads but Xavi? he does what exactly? recently i mean ? iniesta 94 ? im a big fan of iniesta really i am but how can he be just one notch below alonso?........bite my head off if you wis:cool: h:D
  12. Re: WC 841 anyone for sale gunner?
  13. Re: My tottenaham side needs new defenders... kl how much money u got? and how much the guy u jus put on ?
  14. Re: My tottenaham side needs new defenders... put him on transfer list n let the computer buy him accept all offers
  15. Re: Select All Messages Wooooooooooooooo!!!!!!! thank you soccermanager !
  16. Re: Gattuso bids!!!!!!! i would have taken the chelsea offer a 95 24 yr old who is established in the premier league and he is one of the top midfielders in the world as for iniesta i believe he is overrated on this game he is not a regular first teamer and alex is also a grt defender bound to get an increase
  17. Re: °NEW SETUP°: HURRY LEAVE YOUR NAME!!! (PLEASE) I Really wanna join mate my name on sm is 123willo123,however i leave on holiday tonight! i may be bale to get internet access in spain but im not 100 percent sure ,how is evryone getting their teams? is it going to application and you accept the correct person? if so draw me a team and i will pick them up wen i can!make sure i get a good team! p.s i believe for a better league that valencia should be in the first division and i think that the third division could be beefed up a bit with maybe some more english clubs then people may stay with the teams and it seems a bi of a big gap between div 2 and div 3 but on the whole ...top method!
  18. Re: e Mail 1.your email address is only what you use to sign in right? so even if it got deleted you would still be able to sign on? or am i wrong? 2. I believe you can change your email address in the acount settings/edit details section of the homepage. hope this helps mate and hope you dont lose your teams!!!!
  19. Re: EC374!!! ok thats a gd price i only have 21 mil atm but wen the money gets flowing i will look to capture the signature of the exciting left midfielder to add to my fairly average squad.I will look out if anyone offers though.
  20. Re: EC374!!! Im tottenham,how much for joe cole gooner? Newly appointed spurs manager is relishing the challenge of breaking into the elite top four teams in the premier league,he has submitted a statement which said he is open to offers on all players inlcuding fan favourites Berbatov and Lennon,this will put other clubs on high alert as they seek to catch the signature of the players.Williams will however only sell at the RIGHT price
  21. Re: Help needed guys.. They are not currently on the database but i am led to believe they currently ply their trade with fluminense(speliing?!).I dont think you should be too amazed at saha as he doesn't warrant a 92 rating and he could well see a decrease in the near future,it's not a bad deal for moutinho but i believe you could have got more for him-he is one of,if not the best young player on the game,behind the likes of rooney ronaldo and messi.Make sure you are consistent with your tactics and don't tinker with your starting 11 too much as my teams that i do this with are less succesful! hope this helps and good luck!
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