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  1. Re: Increase Stadium I think the limits are wrong,for there are no limits in real life,so a club if achieving success should be able to decide wether they will enlarge their stadium so that they could compete with the other capacities in the higher league. If they have gone form division 4 to division 1 then let them have as large a stadium as the other clubs because otherwise there isnt really a way to succeed in the long term as eventually you will run out of funds.
  2. Re: Inter Milan thread !!!!! sign some decent younger wide players to improve depth and then ease them into the first team,experience isnt that much of a problem for inter as they have a few ageing players that have played for years in champions league so its not inexperience.
  3. Re: Youth Squad Shortlist its not a particularly bad idea m8,i mean it's another feature that will make sm easier and more user friendly.The lack of response you have i believe is due to people thinking its a feature that is only a minor change-almost pointless.so i guess its could be done however sm have bigger and better additions/improvements to enforce at this time
  4. Re: SMFA Blocking transfer its simply not a big enough offer.try the manager to put in 1 mil or 1.2 that will probably go through
  5. Re: What's next?! im all for poetry but you didnt say that the 9 yr olds didnt turn into stars you questioned uniteds ability to create future stars:D can you please state a club the has produced better/more homegrown stars than united in recent times.....
  6. Re: Manager that don't reply offer Just put the threshold at a huge amount this way they can only bid if its an approved price,time consuming to do it fro all players but worth it !
  7. Re: Alessandro Nesta Retires Great player,Great achievments,Great end,World cup winner. He could have done it after the final tho
  8. Re: ***City agree Bojinov deal*** i dnt mean to be so utterly blunt...but please. SAMARAS! i actually believe he's the worst player the club currently have on their books. Ship him off sumwhere ,the premiership needs him not.
  9. Re: youth squad ok hutch,who are they going to play? or r they just going to amuse themselves by setting their formations for no fixtures coz as you no not everyone has a youth squad as large as 15 and if it has anothermanager theneffectively they are no longer your youth squad,there are millions of flaws to this suggestion and about the same number of threads about this topic...search! lol
  10. Re: Priority Processing I am not yet a gold member but am getting more and more sucked into gaining memebership,more-so after i can see that all these changes are coming in to benefit gold members.I believe that this is a good idea and a good incentive for gold members and as you are paying why shouldnt you get priority,to be honest i didnt realise this arrangement wasnt already in place. I cant see anyone having any objections really...but ya no...theres always one.
  11. Re: Change Bid option This maybe slightly off the point but it is linked. As has been mentioned everytime you withdraw a bid , a message arrives in the team inbox informing them of what they have just done,i was wondering what everyone would think on some kind of checklist of messages you wish to receive for example:if i only wnt my transfer messages i cn untick all of the other boxes so i only receive transfers message,or the ability to only receive messages about bids for shortlisted players,i understand that some messages are vital and rly need to be read/viewed by the manager but i believe that some messages arnt needed,or arnt desired by the club manager. Apologies for wandering off the point. adam
  12. Re: Transfer problem 3 transfers form one club to another in a season,regardless of managerial status-that what i go by
  13. Re: Improvement option for Custom Set up.. don't see why not really,your setup ur choice-thats my view on custom sewtups the more options the better
  14. Re: loan players !!!!!!! what would you like everyone to say? lol i sympathize with you ?
  15. Re: yaya toure - to buy or not to buy i disagree,despite havin less/little attacking flair toure provide the team with reliability in the centre of the park and also strength and presence,deco i beleive is a lazy,overrated has bin,he's past it,in fact he never was 'it' maybe for one game,and also what has iniesta done to deserve high sm rating? not alot in my opinion is he rly better than diarra or emerson for real? so toure should have a decent fight for his place but in my eyes he should come out on top
  16. Re: yaya toure - to buy or not to buy i have purchased him on all but 2 of my 6 teams,all for around 16 million,im just hoping for a slight increase over the years as ive seen this lad play and hes got potential despite already being 24
  17. Re: My Squad isnt too great, Need Tactical help please Your team fits perfectly into the formation+tactics just mentioned,shevchenko would be a good addition to a youngish attack sawp morientes and money for a younger forward maybe someone like vagner love or podolski or huntelaar,
  18. Re: Timid and Soft tackling styles?! Good point,i myself use hard or aggressive tackling as i too fail too see when the timid option would advantage however if you play aggressively then you may suffer from frequent player dismissals wich lead to suspensions which could mean you lose key players for big games,also if you instruct players not to go in to hard they will have a lesser chance of injury again something that will keep your players out of games. So maybe in the build up to big games set your tactics to softer tackling tactics to preserve them to ensure they can play to their maximum in the big games. hope this helped
  19. Re: Fixture problems. I agree with the above 2,you'll have to make a decision on what you believe to be the most important to your team-the league & promotion IMO.So put your 'lesser' players out in the cups and if you win its a bonus if not then thats 1 less game a week to play.Can't have it all;)
  20. Re: Ronaldinho- Sell him or not Listen to mondy-lower the cash involved and ask for another player that has potentialor another player that can be utilised in your team,this way you have an insurance policy if henry fails to make the cut at barca, however if you are in need of money i would accept this offer to see if it does go through:cool:
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