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  1. Re: New World Championship What is the setup called m8 ?
  2. Re: New Custom Setup ive applied m8 phew lol cheers agen
  3. Re: New Custom Setup cheers dan m8! if i find a free inter side ill happily reserve them for ya m8 ! is this etup open ?!?!?!?!
  4. Re: New Custom Setup ill have bayern munich m8 iv got a free club slot and wouldnt mind a german club that'd b my first on the roster...ever!
  5. Re: help with bayern in euro champ 4 How much Money have you got m8 ? or r u just after tactic help? i Reackon u need to bolster ur attack with 1 big signing some1 with a bit of experience,high rated but not overly expensive(28 years old),i no this sounds like stating the obvious (buy a striker..blah blah blah) but i think that if you're losing a fresh new goalscorer on the scene could shake things up, Do not buy midfielders,you have a fab midfield you've done well to get moutinho and modric well played! shame you cnt win tho ey !
  6. Re: My torres deal that was...but then wasnt! shame rly! iv just sold sheva n drogba too ! im officially strikerless!
  7. To my disarray on saturday night the technical problems cost me a player-my main transfer target Fernando Torres! Friday evening i put a bid in to an unmanaged athletico of 29mil cash for the striker and to my delight saturday morning the bid was accepted.ecstatic. it goes downhill from here... the problems started affecting SM but i had no doubt the transfer would eventually be complete..how rong i was! sunday:SM is back open and as i check to c if the torres deal has gone through im disappointed to see that it didnt,as of course they went back to saturday am and my bid then was obviously not accepted however my bid was still tabled 29 mil cash I left the bid as it was and hoped that it got accepted sunday evening there were other bids but of lower amounts so i need not worry:so i thought Monday morning and i find out that FcPorto hav had an accepted bid for Torres of 19Mil I was unhappy that torres was no longer mine. What did i do wrong? i understand that there is not alot i cn do but i take it all in good humour as its a m8s custom setup and Porto are managed by a friend of mine. i was just wondering if anyone else experienced this ? and wether i should have known my bid was not legitimate anymore.
  8. Re: Transfer Question im not 100% but i think you are overbidding, because in one of my valencia teams david villa got purchased for 14 million!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! which not only left me with no strikers after joining them but it has also led me to believe you are overbidding, keep trying but i wouldnt go much higher than that ! seems pretty steep!
  9. Re: Transfer Question You would think that at first glance,but realistically if a club came in for one of your players and offered a player of the same ability however different position,ur not necessarily going to accept it just for the reason that they r same ability.It's a fairly hard concept to explain but im trying to say that they had no intentions of getting rid of him in the first place so they may be a rm short if he goes therefore money would be needed to cover the loss. What have you upped your offer too now?
  10. Re: South American Young Talents hello,im new to the forum but have bin reading this thread for a couple of days now and now i have been lured in to asking......will jose sosa become an argentinian first team player in the future...was he at the copa america? apologies if he is already an established international but i have jus purchased him for my chelsea team as merely a backup. so long term how does he look ?
  11. Re: cup tied helo m8,im new to the forum so first of all hello! im afraid im a rather less experienced member however i have found myself in the same situation as you are currently in and i too , am wondering what should happen in these circumstances? i have loaned jon obi mikel and im hoping that he cn play tommorow. any help would be grateful.
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