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  1. Re: Multi-quoting Ok thanks for the reply mate.
  2. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Hi guys im back for more. I have been offered 35 million for joe cole. I negotiated as that is a useless offer, i negotiated adebayor robben plus 8 mil. If he accepts shall i got through with it ? i have ribery mancini and nani and navas as other wingers and lots of decent cm/am's so he would be missed by 1 point on the wing but im thinking robben could be a 93 later this season and adebayor if he does well and arsenal do too there top striker should be above 92?
  3. Re: Multi-quoting Can somebody answer the above question? Is it useable? i really want to know if there is a hassle free way ? Thanks.
  4. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... What so he has just 11 players? i think not... or just a tad poorly explained.Middlesborough have minimum 18 player sso guti could be rested fo as long as needed. Anyway let us know if you get him for that price or not.
  5. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... That's if the other manager has a mental illness
  6. Re: 95+ I'm sat now hoping and praying that all of these happen. I have a barca team with like all of these but 3 ! so it would be a mega squad if they go ahead ! :)
  7. Re: Kevche1963 -league for forumers- Manchester chronicle Reds fans have welcomed new manager Adam Williams to the theatre of dreams this week and in an interview following his arrival Williams announced in an interview that he was hoping to have a squad reshuffle. "The previous manager has obviously made some controversial decisions redarding players at the club and his incomings and outgoings have left the club in somewhat of a muddle with the squad looking much like the chelsea squad at this present moment...severely aged. I have a fair bit of cash and i am interested to hear from any other managers on players available so if you would like to speak to me regarding my players or yours feel free to phone my agent and he will get on to me. All players will be available for transfer but not listed as so. NOTE:this does not mean i will sell anyone you offer for but i will listen to the offer. Williams also said he is looking to add a couple of centre backs and a CM to his squad. "It will be a slow rebuilding process" stated williams. Thats all for now from Manchester.
  8. Re: Transfer Thread - Summer 2008 >> UPDATED Don't you feel that if he is on offer for 6 million thought that they will happily pay that becuase he can replace the likes of guti and Raul who are both coming to the end of thei decent playing days. Im quite disappointed United havn't bid for him!
  9. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Not familiar with Aquilani but i will put my neck on the line and say i genuinely believe Diaby will be 90+ by the end of this season. I think he has potential in abundance and will get a chance to show it this season.Rosicky has also tipped him for big things in an interview on sky sports and saying he is the reason for signing no replacement for flamini.
  10. Re: What do you want to do ? Great thread idea From a young age i have been fairly obsessed with money.I love the way the world works and the way money changes hands...and i aspire to be near the top of the chain where money is concerned. At 16, just finished my GCSE's and i know before the results are published that i have underachieved due to not trying hard enough.But i will get the grades to go into sixth form to study Business studies,German , english language and my fourth i have yet to decide (possibly gov pol or maths or P.E.).I'm really hoping to knuckle down for a-levels and balance my work and play better, because i have a great bunch of mates that all like to have a great time and we are an intelligent bunch but if we put our minds to it could hit new heights. I am predicted all a's and 1 b for my gcse's for median targets and the B being in ICT however i have taken a grade off of all of them and possibly looking to scrape my A in P.E. to prepare myself for the reality check. I am very interested in the world of business and would really really love to own my company in years to come but i have no idea as to what field that may be in.I like property, I like retail but that requires alot of capital to start up so i have looked at e-commerce (internet selling) as a cheaper option to bring in some money. Aside from that football is my passion and i am a good player however political reasons mean i have no team to play for at this moment in time because the managers a **** (blanked by myself- i didn't swear) so i am currently taking my FA level 1 coaching course so i can get a part time job coaching.And i have thought about my own coaching company as a posibility because i know that i would be enjoying it too.but there is less money in that. So yeh, You are looking at the next tycoon on the horizon.
  11. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Cheers for the reassurance.That is going through tonight. The saem manager has ibrahimov so i am trying to negotiate a deal for him but im cash strapped at the moment so cannot make a huge offer. He has offered ibra and rosicky plus a bit of cash for rooney and as mourinho may take inter to new heights and rooney may be going down i may accept this because i like rosicky and upfront cover i have mutu and kalou but also van der vaart and i only play 1 out and out striker now.
  12. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I have a deal accepted for de rossi of 4.5 mil and Drogba. I AM going to do it because i need his position more and i think thats a steal, any thoughts or attempts to turn me against the deal? Just to clarify im getting De rossi. Also just purchased Mancini for Forlan + lulinha. Was this a bad deal for me ?
  13. Re: VIUDEZ, Tabaré***MILAN's New PATO!! LOL a new Pato before the real one has actually done anything in his career. Cheers for the tip off though will check him out and lets hope hes going places.
  14. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I agree with the other replies evra does deserve a 93 and i believe WILL get it this season so it is a 93 for a 93 effectively plus a future 91. The only reason i wouldn't do this deal though mate would be if you were desperate for an AM and already have good players and cover for the positions of the players offered. hope you make the right decision:)
  15. Re: General Knowledge Quiz- Harder than ever. Come and have a go! Anelka is the most expensive i think 86 mil. I'v read the question and think its worded differently to the answer given previously.
  16. Re: New Gold Champ Now! I beg to differ about the statement in bold.If you had a life you'd get on with it rather than ranting about ONE setup you missed out in. Get over it mate.
  17. Re: New Gold Champ Now! I'm not currently a Gold member but after reading this i am being swung to paying for membership.If this method of opening GC's remains how they did the one this morning then i may consider becoming a GM.This is a great way for people to bag a good team in a GC.To the people not liking it: You are all just greedy and expect a good team in every GC just because you know how and are equipped to do so.So you've had your turn now leave it to the luck.So what if you did come on in the evening? Hard luck you missed this one so wait for the next or pick up a smaller team. GREAT IDEA SM
  18. Re: Who To Choose For You Free Kick Taker Typical football fan with the blinkers on. 1-3 spectactular goals per season from free kicks so suddenly he's the perfect free kick taker. Wake up. Nice list, disagree with a few but respect your opinion. I think Pirlo should be a bit higher as i regard him as being amongst the top 3.Any thoughts on that? Also a little wildcard i'd like to throw in that strikers a ball very consistently...Jimmy Bullard? Definitely worth a couple of stars possibly even more if your in a good mood
  19. Re: is this worth if for ronaldo? Sorry to venure off topic slightly but these deals you may have 'seen' but you will no longer 'see' them because the idiotic mangers that previously may have considered giving the worlds best player plus more for some overated winger that flops in big games ... will no longer let messi go. I am willing to say that less than 1 percent of managers in this game would give messi and another 90+ player for ronaldo anymore, Messi's talent was widely broadcasted when he outshone ronaldo in the CL semi final and people now recognise his ability. So Robinho and Ramos plus cash IMO is a mega deal. I'm with Adamski on this one because Ramos is exceptional and Robinho could hit similar heights to ronaldo however robinho does require alot more work and effort in his game and on his game to close the gap between the two further. I would jump at the deal.
  20. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Personally i wouldnt take the deal if i was getting ronaldo because i'm the kind of person that would rather have 2 95's than 1 player rated a little higher than that. If you have an elite squad of consistent 94+ with depth then i would take it but otherwise not for me.
  21. Re: Should I Sell C. RONALDO? No Carragher is nothing compared to mascherano. This is a bad deal now. You have vidic and Ferdinand none of which are going to decrease to lower than carraghers rating in the next few years. So no from me. Toure is a good buy tho!
  22. Re: Funny SM Private Messages You can have barca in my league if you get him to let me come too! Words cannot explain the idiocy of that message.
  23. Re: Player Co-Ownership Yeh agree with the post above forgot to mention that in my first post! Hope somebody checks this out then because it should be easy to implement and i can't see many opposers of this ruling as long as its cheat proof.
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