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  1. Re: roger guerreiro!!!! Try searching a bit more in depth before doing this. 1. Try typing Roger into the search criteria rather than last name. 2. Or alternatively check his real life club screen to see if you can spot him. 3.If not come to the forum and ask-as you have done. And i will tell you to follow step 1 of my guide. Then play a game called spot the pole amongst the brazillians. Hope this helps:)
  2. Re: Custom setup LOL. Are you joking? Would you like your team to win every match? Imagine Abramovich complaining to the fa that he has spent loads of money and has great players but they didnt win the champions league. I doubt this is anything technical just your team hitting bad form.
  3. Re: Wimbeldon 2008 - Mens I was just about to post infroming you of your huge mistake of missing my tip... djokovic but then i realised he had his little shout out however with no name mentioned ! Might want to add it in mate:) I feel he and nadal have a great chance this year of really breaking the cycle we are all so used to. Nadal is my favourite player on tour because we share a couple of attributes (both left handed and both got bulging biceps ) however i feel djokovic had him at the artois championships but after losing the first set after a great start Nadal took his oppurtunity to damage djokovic mentally.Djokovic would have beaten Nadal on the day had he not dropped his head because it was obvious to all Nadal wasn't at his clay court best and he was vulnerable but his persistence paid off and stopped djokovic functioning like the great player he is. Go Nadal Go Djokovic Despite my thoughts im still gonna have a cheeky punt on federer then its a win win situation Nice post.
  4. Re: Amy Winehouse has Lung Disease ! Im glad shes had this scare because now hopefully she will stop creating such awful music. And stop damaging her body with drugs and the like that would tip her over the edge. Personally i don't think she will kick the habit and it will be a sad end! I really don't want this to happen though.....because think fo the airtime she woould get with her songs being played in her memory !
  5. Re: Valuation of players-Plz Help! What is your chairmans valuation ? 18 mil?
  6. Re: Arshavin a 93!!! I don't think it's a case of him being given that role i just think all of their attacking players have the freedom to do pretty much as they please. If you watch the russians attacking movements closely you'll also find that pavlyuchenko too, runs about like a headless chicken and is on the left one minute the right the next.They all shuffle around and arsahvin the one with the most effect.Pavlyuchenko doesn't carry this out effectively as he is the spearhead fo the attack so when he goes roaming they have no clumsy giraffe in the middle to konck the ball in.It was when he correctly decided to try his hand at just staying in the centre of the park that they were most effective (Holland game). I don't think United should go for arshavin because we would be overloaded with top quality players and Alex may be forced into accomodating for his best players rather than his best team-just as avram did for the CL final...and we all saw how that paid off:p . We do need a striker and also a replacement for the guy who has decided he is bigger than United themselves.I think anything above 25 million for arshavin is too much because we could snap up some younger talent with that money,i feel his age should be considered when totting up the price for him.Huntelaar for me is the player i sooo badly wish to see at old trafford because he is a different mould than Rooney,Tevez,Berbatov etc. He will give us some height and his poaching ability to revive the attacking prowess we desperately need to regain since Ruud's departure.
  7. 123willo123

    Monday Blues!!

    Re: Monday Blues!! Also judging by your signature you won't be too impressed with the article either? True though.
  8. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Ok, When did Naldo become a 92?!?!?!?!?!
  9. Re: Roman Pavlyuchenko He isn't clinical enough to get into madrid or barca however he does put a good shfit into ever game he plays. Not quite sure about the comment 'if he comes to europe' because as far as im concerned Russia is actually in europe And celtic wouldn't be a good move for me because i believe his rating would be pretty much stalled on 91 forever more-or lower because of the low standard of football and i have him in a few of my lower rate sm teams. Wouldnt mind him going to tottenham should berbatov depart or possibly even everton to give them a target man figure up top with the Yak.
  10. 123willo123

    I'm back!

    Re: I'm back! I'm back too. How'd your exams go? Got my last maths module retake tomoz then all finished )))))))) Long summer awaits!!!
  11. Re: SM Select XI - The best IN GAME team Swap Diego in for Fabregas ^ above and i'd agree with those that perform well:) especially sneijder
  12. Re: castro or richards? Not entirely sure what you base the opinion of Brown being a donkey on? Champions league and premier league double playing right backf ro the large majority of games. I'd say that name calling was a tad past its time for old wesley because i feel he's really come of age in the past couple of seasons.
  13. Re: SM Select XI - The best IN GAME team I have looked at this over time in every setup i have participated in and the player that stands out most for me personally is adrian Mutu. Although now he is amongst some top quality players ratings wise he still outscores most of his counterparts:cool:
  14. Re: Save Al Bangura Petition Guys he has an appeal and will be allowed to stay until the work permit has been appealed for.That was released this morning so i don't know what you've been doing all day
  15. Re: Niks Teams Giveaway I'v got a shakthar donetsk wc 506 i think.A Chelsea in a mates custom and a southend.
  16. Re: Niks Teams Giveaway Hi mate could i have the madrid please,they sound like a team i could take forward and do some deals with.I have been after a newish madrid for quite a while and this would fill my final slot nicely.
  17. Re: What is the Point? Definitely wasn't the person whose team they were playing?
  18. Re: Is this an indication a sad person? Cheers Adam. Will take all of that into consideration.Good luck to you an' all. Shels,i don't reallly understand any of your posts i never no wether you aee being blunt or not.You confuzzle me. So Goodbye and i hope you enjoyed my last thread:)
  19. Re: Most Overated Player All i will say is that J.Cole should be a 93. Therefor he is under-rated at this present moment in time I am right
  20. Re: Is this an indication a sad person? Both of your posts are also 100% correct and thank you guys for your feedback because i also wanted to get some views and advice and to my amazement i get two greatly respected forumers commenting on one of my posts!Best response i've had since being here! Thank you again. Is Uni worth it? because i've been contemplating whether to or not.I'm interested in setting up my own business and have been looking into it for ages and while i finish off with school and whilst in 6th form i will just browse for any gaps in the market/ideas to start off with. But before i pursue my business dream would you recommend Uni just to get myself a backup qualification if all else fails?
  21. Re: Is this an indication a sad person? Nice to know you do something to help mate! Sounds like you do a fantastic job. And yeh,what you say about moderation is 100% correct however i have such an addictive personality along with a love for managerial games so i end up on here at every given oppurtunity. I have never been a mega-poster but i read just about every thread that is made and i am ever presently online. I have just sat my mock GCSE's and with my predictions of A's and A*'s i need to knuckle down in and outside of the classroom to get them as i am currently only really gettin b/a's. Of course i will be keeping my mighty United and hopefully i can clinch the title with them,it would be nice because with most of my teams they start realy well and fade off towards the end of seasons. I am keeping 3 of my teams so should be able to cut the time down a lot. And i'll be back before your gone,temptation will haul me back long before then. See you later,and good luck with your animals mate!
  22. Re: X factor - ****ing disgrace Sorry to hear bout your Gran mate! To Greig's NAN GET WELL SOON AND MERRY CHRISTMAS Hope shes ok greig,see ya mate.
  23. Does this game-or maybe more the forum bring us into the category of being sad people? I, and many of you spend alot of time on this forum and the game for enjoyment.However i've been thinking,despite having a good time on here I am sat for hours infront of a computer screen wasting valuable hours of my life. Why do you continuously sit here debating what needn't be debated if you get out there and do something about it! I am on here a fair bit but others i know are on here a **** sight more than i am...and i have a question to you Q. Do you have a life? A. (reply) I have been here for half a year-ish,no doubt someone will now come out with a statement saying 'No actually, you have only been here for abour 5 months' SO WHAT? You all care a little too much about this game. I'm off Thanks for some good reads and some information. The only really great forumers are the two main scouts (Bestpay & insider-Good luck with the op) You are the ones that i enjoy most because i get to gain something from your post(young talents), and for the time you must put into it, Thanks:). To all people here that are currently studying for an important qualification from GCSE's to a university degree,Do not waste too much of your time on this game!Come back and play it when you are old and wise but not before! I suggest you come on for 5 months or so and then leave because it really is time consuming. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL x I'll be back in 50 years or so See you all, Have a Good,Active life! Willo x
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