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  1. Re: Philipp Lahm To Barca Surely that will not get past the SMFA?!?!?! lol:p Bargain!
  2. Re: Mladen Petric Yeh it does,fancy a friendly? guarantee we win
  3. Re: Mladen Petric Looks like we'll just have to sit back and watch scotland then...oh,wait a minute.....they're not going either ! ha Unlucky scotland at least this is the first one we have missed in ages .
  4. 123willo123


    Re: Snow! The drainage must be 2nd to none;)
  5. Re: England - The final blow Lol,made me chuckle and to tell you the truth i think you've got a point!!!! Mclaren OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Re: Scotland vs Italy To be honest i think you should forget about narrowly missing out this time around and get your mind on qualifying for the next international competition. Did you expect to qualify before the campaign started? I'd hope not. So in retrospect you've done extremely well in giving the world cup finalists' a run for their money. BE HAPPY,sitback and enjoy seeing how to qualify for the european championships on wednesday night! ...oh and don't forget to take notes for next time! This comment will be edited should england fail to qualify.Fingers crossed
  7. Re: 88+ Risers?? Luke, do you reckon Lennon deserves an increase mate?! I haven't really seen him alot this season and it's all gone a bit quiet on the lennon hype-partially because of Micah and also his injury. What makes you think he'll rise?
  8. Re: Rodrigo Alex a.k.a Alex Alex recently got an increase to 92.Up 1 from 91. I believe that this rise was because of his brilliant performances during the copa america.The lad is a physical specimen,tall, broad and surprisingly pacy for a man of his size. Despite the rise to 92 i think you're right-if he continues to play for chelsea this season,they do well in the league and his performances are up to his standards then a 93 is definitely not out of the question. Maybe even a 94 if chelsea win the Champions league and Premiership,with Alex as their most consistent defender.
  9. Re: Cancelling a setup before it has been made If you have already submitte dwhat you'd like it to be ,then i don't think you can cancel it and change:( but im not 100%. Could i have a team in your setup?! Hope you get some helpful info.
  10. Re: Scotland vs Italy My prediction: Italy 4-1 Scotland Come on Scotland!!!!!!!
  11. Re: What if?--Offical thread Glory,Glory, Man United Williams refuses to comment despite his teams great start Manchester united are currently sitting pretty on top of the table however Manager Williams rejected our interview offer becuase he didn't want to come across as 'just another' cocky biggot-*cough* Mourinho*cough*. Although Willo did make a small statement about his squad he was adamant not to comment about results."I still have a bit of cash to throw about and the clubs financial muscle is as good as any in the league.I am looking to add a couple of new signings in the near future but i must stress,rushing into the market is not something i do.I will wait for the right player to come along and i will apprroach the manager with an offer." Who is top of the league? say who is top of the league?
  12. Re: Bayern Munchen Will Jose Sosa be a big star in the future? becuase i bought him when he was 89 and i am looking to get some more cash to put in an offer for rooney. Should i sell him?
  13. Re: Corinthians to be relegated ? Not so much worried about lulinha because it's not exactly a huge investment/loss.But i do hope he moves.
  14. Re: The Official Off Topic Fun Thread... Geography is incomplete. However...I have almost finished my business studies coursework,my restaurant is nearly ready for the opening day
  15. Re: The Captain's Daily Caption *little squeaky voice* "can i come out now?!"
  16. Re: The Official Off Topic Fun Thread... hahaha, nice excuse...however im afraid the person with the short temper-well that's me,so i'd probably end up in a fight thanks to you!
  17. Re: The Official Off Topic Fun Thread... Can't wait ! lol I'm quite lucky though,because despite my footballing commitments i have an excuse. A couple of years back i had salmonella poisoning and ever since i have had a weak immune system(not really lucky) and because of this i have a bit of time off school through illness,so my teacher is a tad more lenient than with other students+the fact that she happens to be my tutor. so hopefully...i can get out of the class alive. lol
  18. Re: The Official Off Topic Fun Thread... If only the deadline wasn't tommorow:( But i don't have time to do it tonight coz iv got a 6-a-side game!!! wooo
  19. Re: The Official Off Topic Fun Thread... Is geography coursework cool?
  20. Re: SM BlackJack League I'm out. Went big to try and catch him and failed...miserably. highest i got was about 66 mil. Bang...and then it's gone
  21. Re: SM BlackJack League sitting pretty at the top with 44 mil. I can resist the temptation to aim higher for the minute and i will see how far you guys all get then join back in again Cheers Neller! Poker would be great!
  22. Re: Prospect Team (11 players), minimum 73, all will rise by 5+ What a brilliant post. I'm going to pick up a english championship team now in a lower division with a bit of cash and buy the team you stated above. Then i will cash in and hopefully i can further improve the squad with the profit. Oh...and by that time you will have another lot for me to buy Cheers for your great info!
  23. Re: TACTICS, do you agree with the new? I can see how it could annoy certain users however i love it. It allows people to test and experiment more witht he formations and squad players. There's only one more thing that i really want on the tactics page and that is to have the option of wether youth players shwo up on it or not,or a tab to make them disappear until needed.I say this because i have accumulated some large youth squads-mostly consisting of players that i do'nt really need to see when picking my team-the pjanics and lulinhas. This means it's hard to find my players in botht he old and new systems. It's a thumbs up from me !!!!
  24. Re: A Few Risers Cheers Teb, i snapped up Granat when you first posted and i was wondering when he was due to rise...and here it is, 86! Thanks alot mate,4 million in the bag-infact,that's why i'm here. Should i keep Granat or sell him on? Thanks again. Adz...
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