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  1. A Shakhtar team have recently become unmanaged in one of my setups and they have a few decent young players and i am willing to invest some cash for some of these guys signatures. One problem...the only idea i have,of how talented they are is from looking at sm ratings. Do i buy: SANCHEZ, Alexis F 18 87 or JAVI MART├ŹNEZ, Aguinaga CM/AM 19 87 or PIATTI, Pablo W/F 18 86 or maybe... Vermeer(GK) or Taarabt???? Bear in mind that i am looking for future talents not jus tiny profit because my cash is currently very high so im not looking to gain half a mil on a little riser,i'm looking for advice on any of them possibly being 90+ in the future. Thoughts please Thanks, Adam Please r eply,even if it's a 10 word answer:(
  2. Re: BlackJack Hello,after trying out the game i was impressed and obviously it needs improving. I would be interested in joining this league. One thing i woulsd say,is when i had 2 cards that equal 20 the computer quite often pulls a blackjack out of the hat-maybe more frequently than in real life.This may be just coincidence but it seemed quite frequent. good game !
  3. Re: Do i purchase Mertesacker,Van der Vaart or Klose? Cheers for the comments lad! much appreciated. I have van der vaart,and tonight am purchasing garay. I missed out on klose and mertesacker but mertesacker is at a m8's team and he mite quit soon. As for the wingers..the manager has all 3 of the ones i stated,hence my interest as he may be willing to let one go,i don't need one too much because i have robben, navas and cardozo(89 now-this is why i need another).So a short term replacement not looking to go down. Also should i keep cardozo or cut my losses to a minimum and get rid sharpish?
  4. Re: George's Invitational match reports/transfer news Williams applies to take over Roma at the helm He awaits a response and hopes to be accepted into the role.He was earlier chucked out of a setup(liverpool) which he had spent time working on.He is already past the depression of the setup owner taking his team :eek: and has moved on to pastures new and the healthy bank balance did attract Williams to the job. Hello george,hope i get accepted as the manager.Sorry i have'nt contacted you in regards to applying just thought i'd get on with it.Hope that's alright with you.Thanks Adam:cool:
  5. Re: Do i purchase Mertesacker,Van der Vaart or Klose? I got Van der vaart in the end,missed out on all others.Tonight im selling ashley cole for 23 mil cash,who should i attempt to sign with it..... Simao or Vicente/joaquin?
  6. Re: This proves how stupid this man is.. Schuldiner-I agree with you 99% apart from silvestre. Mr Sansom-I disagree with you 98% apart from silvestre and tevez/rooney comments. btw...gd thread.
  7. Re: How Long Should I Wait? Unless the price agreed is drastically higher than the computer bid i wouldn't hang about,infact i would sell to the computer because then you are not helping your competition. So unless he bids in the very near future,get some bids on the table from the computer and accept the highest mate. Hope you get a good price
  8. Re: Help Me Find A Good Winger Shelbourne stop spamming
  9. Re: Help Me Find A Good Winger Rated what? How old? Long hair or short? Try and give more information mate as this is really unhelpful for people trying to help,lol. Try C.Ronaldo
  10. Re: This proves how stupid this man is.. I disagree with Brown and O'shea,although they are as you stated subs,i believe that they can fill in adequately for the first team.Brown has really shone these past two seasons and with his playing time gradually increasing i feel he is a top class defender and he has been performing as well as many this season.John O'shea is a slightly different story as he doesn't play as often however when he does,you always know what you're gonna get-a hard working,determined performance from a player that doesn't have too many chances to impress.Very much the same with fletcher,and as for Foster i think he wil replace Edwin when he hangs up his boots and he will fill them well...if he gets over his injuries. With the british United team stated above i really do feel that we could match every premiership team - with their foreign stars,on our day. You would be surprised if these were the only resourceswe had to deal with i think.
  11. Re: Thoughts on an offer No. In my opinion its a nice offer with two highly rated strikers to fill his boots in your squad,but to be honest i think you can get more for him. Beign one of the top streikers on the game and not yet at his footballing peak(debateable) and you can get huge amounts for him.However i do believe it a good decision to sel up on etoooo because although i haven't watched barca alot this season,i don't think he has scored bucket loads-or for that matter even played alot.So try and find someone that doesn't know about etoo's lack of apppearances/form and someone that see's his rating only,and try and get a cash player excahnge for an upcoming striker like torres or tevez and use the cash to build else where.
  12. Re: New Setup Only For Forumers: TNFA (Total Non-Stop Football Action) Directly ...no But if you actually think about it before trying to challenge me yes it does,because i guarantee you he will not view all 3 pieces at the same time, inevitably he will see 1 first.Meaning a quicker response than writing one and that one being the one he would have viewed last.Thanks x
  13. Re: New Setup Only For Forumers: TNFA (Total Non-Stop Football Action) I'v done all 3 mate and i was planning to delete all posts after a response ,i just wanted a quick one.
  14. Re: New Setup Only For Forumers: TNFA (Total Non-Stop Football Action) Explain why it is ?
  15. Re: New Setup Only For Forumers: TNFA (Total Non-Stop Football Action) What a silly post ^^^ read the thread and you will see that the setup is created,and being a new signing i doubt you will get a half decent team in the setup let alone the best!! i get annoyed when people come on the forum to try and get decent teams. But try the 'new homes for teams' or team swap' threads for better response mate if u would like a good/new team:D
  16. Re: New Setup Only For Forumers: TNFA (Total Non-Stop Football Action) I have finally got a free slot but it apppears the team i was assigned have been taken?! Any team i could have ? thanks
  17. Re: Kenwyne Jones Yeah Jones does appear to have awesome aerial ability and awareness/anticipation,but 12 mil is just way way way way way way way tooooooooooooooooo much.And to think they got morientes for what? 6 mil? BARGAIN!! Buy him back and give him another shot i would!
  18. Re: This proves how stupid this man is.. Slight memory loss in his old age. A bitter old man disappointed by his teams late slip up.-No im a united fan:) I reckon he has actually got a point,despite the ambiguouty of his comments and the appearance of self contradiction...he has british footballing interests at heart but got a tad mixed up.
  19. Re: Kenwyne Jones I strongly disagree with the comment in bold,it's total rubbish,Crouch is nowhere near one of the best headers in the premiership. And on a potential heading ability- actual heading ability ratio,then,well...he is one of the worst. Kenwyne Jones-12 mil!...ouch, good profit for sunderland but honestly a couple of games could just be a fluke ^^^^ and sound like they are. It's a risky business!
  20. Re: Rate My Team Thread Lol ,Don't worry about being nasty ,i won't be offended say what you like:p I know what you mean,but im the kinda person that prefers 2 24 year old 93's than 1 29 yr old 96,and i think my team will grow aswell,but yeh at the moment its not AMAZING. Cheers for the comments, night
  21. Re: Rate My Team Thread Nah i reckon more than a 7 with that depth,more of an 8 maybe even a 9 with the youth team i have. I haven't made a huge amount of transfers with them as of yet because the managers in the setup are quite slow.But with rooney and a couple of the centre backs stated a near perfect squad.
  22. Re: European Championship's He never actually stated he wanted a "good" team in one' date='so why pay? He just said he wanted a team. [b']tight arse[/b]
  23. Re: Rate My Team Thread My Team,Subs and Unwanteds -----------------Valdes------------------ Replacements: Studer ---------Alex-----Puyol-----Marquez----- Ibanez, Metzelder Ribery----Iniesta----Sneijder---Cambiasso Arteta, Bilyaletdinov, Raul Garcia -----------Ronaldinho---Ronaldo--------- ------------------ Owen---------------- Berbatov, Milito, Aguero I have 96 million in the bank,who should i attempt to sign? A few players i am interested in are...Kolo Toure,Sergio ramos,Fabregas,Essien and Quaresma-all of which are proving to be hard to aquire. The Reserves Along with this amazing squad i also have many backup players and some that just do not fit into the formation i wish to play. Here they are: Defenders-Lahm,Angel,Richards,Castro, Felipe Midfielders-Luis Garcia,Babel,Affellay Forwards-Huntelaar, Boyd I am hoping to offload lahm in a player exchange deal adn i will use my other fulbacks in p/e deals to try and get more useful young talents,E.g. Catro for Nani. Any comments welcome...oh RATE MY TEAM
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    Re: HOMEWORK THREAD Ross i think what he is saying with the __________ ------------------------------------V It's the square root sign
  25. Re: New Setup Only For Forumers: TNFA (Total Non-Stop Football Action)
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