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  1. Re: New Setup Only For Forumers: TNFA (Total Non-Stop Football Action) All your comments are making mew anxious! I'm heavily anticipating the club hand out and i have my fingers crossed. I'm off for a skiing lesson now,so please don't forget to assign me a good team ! nah, only joking i'll do my best with what i get...real madrid would be fine cheers lads.
  2. Re: New Setup Only For Forumers: TNFA (Total Non-Stop Football Action) sounds good! table looks good and it will be interesting to see which team prevails in the 3rd league!
  3. Re: New Setup Only For Forumers: TNFA (Total Non-Stop Football Action) Havoc the reason he said it is because he needs another free space to take them on (the 3rd is available at 75) not becuase that is the rep limit for the setup ! EDIT: Sorry for asking such a stupid question,i had already read the thread but it slipped my memory,cant wait,so how do we no which team we can have?
  4. Re: Real Madrid Ratings Hello Madrid fanatics,i was just wondering whether Robben would get an increase in the nearish future or will he stay the same? Thanks in advance for any help
  5. Re: New Setup Only For Forumers: TNFA (Total Non-Stop Football Action) I'll be in if it's ok,i have 1 free space:D
  6. Re: Ask the next person a question Good to see i didnt get any response but please somebody answer me... Im not being funny-or maybe i am. But really,are people actually doing it for 'post count'? because i don't see what they gain by doing this? It means nothing really to have loadzzzzzzz of posts...so i don't see why things like this must be stopped if they are genuinely fun. I (sadly) actually read through this thread, start to finish just to have a laugh at what people wrote.I don't mean to moan or anything but it seems everyone is a little spam conscious.Fair enough someone shouldn't come on and advertise their building company,but really a question thread. Carry on... End of comment You may now shoot me
  7. Re: Ask the next person a question 99 i was 9 and i'll never forget that! best moment of my life.
  8. Re: *new*custom*setup* I did think about as we near january,making a setup that keeps all players at their current clubs but then i realised it would be a complete bore for the whole season until transfer markets and even then it would be dead Ummmmmmm..this will not work but an interesting thought...all deals must be cash only?
  9. Re: Ask the next person a question Bergkamp...but im a united fan?!?!?! i have always admired the dutchmans technique and he was the striker i idolised since the 1998 world cup. happy retirement Dennis:) Irwin or Johnsen?
  10. Re: *new*custom*setup* How about some interesting rules like minimum of 3 players from that teams country have to play or 4 players under the age of 21 have to play or you must have more than 7 different player nationalities in ur starting 11?
  11. Re: Ask the next person a question celtic-although iv never bin there for a game,i have watched on the telly and on mute the crowdcan still be heard from upstairs:) adu or altidore?
  12. Re: *new*custom*setup* Ummmm...i enjoy the smaller leagues more as they fill up and more cash can be made quicker which keps the transfers lively.Maybe just 2 div's of 10 teams with mostly european clubs(high interest) to keep it managed. Im fairly idea-less but id love to join this setup as possibly Madrid. EDIT-assuming you'd be barca,if not...i wouldn't say no:D Guys come on lets come up with some ideas rather than just trying to reserve teams,lets try and come up withs omething completely original..................it's bl**dy hard,it seem's as if everything has been done:(
  13. Re: Ask the next person a question viduka Ameobi or chopra?
  14. Re: Ask the next person a question Premier league every time,EVERY TIME
  15. Re: Ask the next person a question school employer or employee
  16. Re: Ask the next person a question stupid right handed or left handed?
  17. Re: 2 young DM's 2 young DM's French right-back ???????????????????????????????????????????????? Is he a DM or a right back? Because i need a cover right back but this confused me ?! please explain
  18. Re: What if?--Offical thread United quiet in the transfer market United declare interest in a number of talents worldwide but they have so far failed to agree deals with the player's clubs however they maintain the fact they will be signing at least two big players before the season starts! Ruud ^ if you don't want to sell RVN then make him unavailable do not bite his head off
  19. Re: happy bithday Kamil Well done m8,2 years is a bl***********y long time concerning this forum,i have been on about half a year and it seems ages!!!! So top marks for staying with it !!!
  20. Re: What do you think of this deal? Shelbourne...Aimar's value is 19 on a new setup i have joined and he is externally managed...Check ya facts
  21. Re: What if?--Offical thread United sign Williams as Fergie successor Manchester united today released news that a new manager has signed after the shock exit of united legend Fergie. Williams said "I am extremely happy to have signed this deal and i believe i have the skills in my repertoire to be as succesful as my predecessor and i cannot wait to get stuck into the players...and just maybe we will se the best out of them this season" Transfer news from the red side of the city Upon questioning about transfer newly appointed Williams refused to comment on the matter,however Chief exec. David gill did make a statement about the potential sale of players. "No player is safe this season,obviously the fans would love to see all the big names remain at the club but the new manager is determined to put his stamp on the team as quickly as possible-therefore every player is 'available' but i must stres that players will only leave for the right price,i respect every manager and i only ask that they show the same to us. Manager dream team These are the players Williams said he would have in his squad if he could choose any in the world ------------------Cech-------------------- -----Ramos-----Ferdinand-----Toure------- ---Ronaldo---Diego------Essien---Simao--- ------------------sneijder----------------- -----------Rooney--------Tevez---------- Watch out,Williams is about! More news from the red side of the city soon...
  22. Re: Ones for the future You are wrong...about Easter He's a terrible player that got hype through wycombes run in the carling cup,as a season ticket holder,i watched him week in week out for wycombe and yes he scores...but he misses twice the amount he puts away. He is nowhere near good enough to start for wales,bellamy could play better thanhim blindfolded,and so could earnsahw-and that's saying something! Easter = NO-he is awful.
  23. Re: Which CM player would be better to buy? Well if the chairman lets you bid that ,then yh it should and probably will. however at the moment any deals i seem to have 2 players being offloaded in are getting blocked by my own chairman but hopefully ti will go through for ya .
  24. Re: Which CM player would be better to buy? if you are looknig to fill joe coles boots,i would go for van der vaart. For me he is a 94:cool:
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