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  1. Re: EC Anno Domini - the invaded‏ Congrats to all teams, especially Deportivo for defeating us in finals, that's how we squandered excellent season
  2. Re: EC Anno Domini - the invaded‏ I might go for him if I lose in playoff finals Birmingham and Zigic await
  3. Re: The Official Financial Fair Play Gameworld Thread First of all, I'm not trying to plead for much bigger budget, this is simply about inner logic of the GW and I think that PSG is being punished for some reason. Don't get me wrong, I'll play even if the budget is minus 30m (that's why I applied for Barca), but some balance is needed. I know how tough is too write this things every season, so it's not personal attack - I'm trying to get a double check on something that might be a mistake or an oversight. For example, base budgets in D1 are, if I recall correct: Bayern - 21m United - 30m Real - 25m City - 12m Juventus - 33m Arsenal - 27m Dortmund - 26m. And with these numbers, we have PSG who is given 11m base budget? So basically, for a few points less (even the second place was only 4 points away) PSG gets twice or three times weaker budget than the rest of the division, thus being the team with lowest budget in D1 and probably among lowest five in GW. City was four points behind PSG and they got a million more. Real was four points ahead and gets 14m more. United was promoted and will have 30+ millions more when all bonuses are included? PSG's base budget is so big that I can't even buy Smalling for example. I'd accept that if we dropped out of league or if PSG was maybe point-two over relegation zone, but I wouldn't say that French team had poor season at all, and especially not that poor to be given the weakest budget in D1. And not weakest in form of few millions (18m base + 7m Suarez would be just fine with me, for example) but weakest in form of tens of millions - for a team which "depends" on big money in reality and a team who did it's task (surviving D1) in a nice manner, this seems like a punishment. Again, do not think that this is some attack on you - I'm just stating the obvious in the matter of inner logic of GW and try to understand why so drastically weaker budget for this season. I'll play anyway it goes (this budget, weaker one, bigger one, PSG or Barca), just pointing out that somebody else would give you much harder time with this kind of difference
  4. Re: The Official Financial Fair Play Gameworld Thread Oh, and if there's nobody willing to dive in Barcelona horror season, I'm prepared to return them on the paths of glory
  5. Re: The Official Financial Fair Play Gameworld Thread Wow, that's real demolition of a budget - I mean, it is PSG we're talking about
  6. Re: The Official Financial Fair Play Gameworld Thread PSG Budget: 18 + sales, or 18+7m (Suarez) + sales?
  7. Re: The Official Financial Fair Play Gameworld Thread Rule 1: Fair enough Rule 2: We'll see if he can remain in the zone Rule 3: What will happen if he's not a miracle maker? Rule 4: Evra signed for PSG two weeks ago, he can't leave till end of April, so there isn't anything I could do about that one Rule 5: In Koke we trust Question on transfer budget - is it 18m + Sales? Or is it 18m + 7m (Suarez goals) + sale?
  8. Re: The Official Financial Fair Play Gameworld Thread Rule 1: We are happy with Koke and friends Rule 2: Benzema was fine, but Hulk proved he's the best player in the league Rule 3: It was Zouma or Laporte or both. We got Zouma. Rule 4: Four assists and no goals, therefore no bonus and no cake for Yaya. Yes, the cake was a lie... Rule 5: It seems like Suarez and Hulk were the only one scoring. Anyway, Luis counted to 9, so that's nice 7m income out of the blue Oh, and we still have 12m in budget but PSG will not be involved in late season spending - need to have some space in wage budget when some interesting players decide they're too good for D2
  9. Re: The Official Financial Fair Play Gameworld Thread Fair enough, if you don't get any other offer, I'll send you 12m as soon as I sell Candreva So, anyone want Candreva for 12m before he goes to external?
  10. Re: The Official Financial Fair Play Gameworld Thread How nice, another insane game and again with a painful loss - congrats to Gozzy and his flying dutchman. Apparently, having two best scorers in D1 will not be enough to avoid relegation
  11. Re: The Official Financial Fair Play Gameworld Thread The thing is that I was in position to send an offer to Zouma days before selling Varane and it didn't happen cause of my lack of activity here due to circumstances and other obligations - so I guess this could all be avoided if I did that first, but I won't go further into this "what if..." situation. On the note of building up French talents, as I said to one manager here, plan was to attract two more frenchies from GW and get one from external on the count of Varane's sale and other two players (Martins Indi + anyone expensive) - problem is that now I can't get anyone since even max offers are not enough to make managers sell them. And that's ok, I respect their decision but in the future, my transfer activity will be adjusted to this and none of my players (bar those that will be mentioned in rules) will leave PSG before I get definite confirmation for their replacement. On the promotion/relegation rule, I think it's more than fine - why shouldn't Everton for instance be rewarded for their great success? At the same time, if I get relegated, I'm quite aware that I might lose Toure or Suarez or get some other heavy rule - what's the problem with that? Nothing is set in stone, heavy transfer activity should keep this GW interesting and fact that most of your players can go is what keeps it competitive. As soon as we go into "I won't sell anyone" or "I can't find good replacement" philosophy - we're done. And unfortunately, this domino effect is already taking place...
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