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  1. Re: Are the Italian ratings finished? How is Mutu a 94 but Gilardino is still at 92? Surely Gilardino should have risen 1 this time around?
  2. Re: Turkish delight - **17 year old prospect** Has now gone up to 85.
  3. Re: Portuguese rating predictions (2008/09) Excellent thread, can you tell me anything about these three? GILBERTO, Manuel RB/RM 82 - Boavista ROMEU RIBEIRO, Oliveira DM 78 - Desportivo Aves (on loan from Benfica) PEDRO MOREIRA, Manuel AM/Wing 76 - Boavista Thanks.
  4. Re: German Changes What does Klose need to do to get back to 94?
  5. Re: Turkish Süper Lig - Ratings What do you think of Karabulut Aydin (Besiktas)?
  6. Re: SMFA blocking a deal that hasn't actually happened yet . . . Well I don't, and I have never had a transfer dealing with this manager before so I don't know why they would think that.
  7. I am trying to buy a player with a chairmans value of £17,730,000, and my chairmans value of £14,790,000. I am making an offer totalling just under £30,000,000, but every time I make the offer the SMFA cancel it before the other manager has even accepted the deal! Why would this happen?
  8. Re: Realx7madrid's La Liga Prediction What about David Prieto of Sevilla?
  9. Re: Ben's Denmark Rating (10 risers) Is Mathias Zanka JORGENSEN likely to see a rise anytime soon? Currently rated 80 and playing for FC København, he has played three times so far this season.
  10. Re: Sergio Sanchez Sergio Sanchez plays for Sporting Gijon.
  11. Re: Spanish Ratings How is Abidal looking, likely to stay at 94? 4 full games for Barca and one for France so far
  12. Re: Robinho - Will he Drop? I paid £70M a few weeks ago for him I think he will be down at 93 before too long.
  13. Re: Lyon ratings? Benzema, Ben Arfa etc? French Ligue. What about Coupet? Is he going to back up to 93?
  14. Re: Player Tables - Goal Scorers Fair enough, I'm sure it used to be shown the other way though
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