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  1. Re: Are the Italian ratings finished? How is Mutu a 94 but Gilardino is still at 92? Surely Gilardino should have risen 1 this time around?
  2. Re: Turkish delight - **17 year old prospect** Has now gone up to 85.
  3. Re: Portuguese rating predictions (2008/09) Excellent thread, can you tell me anything about these three? GILBERTO, Manuel RB/RM 82 - Boavista ROMEU RIBEIRO, Oliveira DM 78 - Desportivo Aves (on loan from Benfica) PEDRO MOREIRA, Manuel AM/Wing 76 - Boavista Thanks.
  4. Re: German Changes What does Klose need to do to get back to 94?
  5. Re: Turkish Süper Lig - Ratings What do you think of Karabulut Aydin (Besiktas)?
  6. Re: SMFA blocking a deal that hasn't actually happened yet . . . Well I don't, and I have never had a transfer dealing with this manager before so I don't know why they would think that.
  7. I am trying to buy a player with a chairmans value of £17,730,000, and my chairmans value of £14,790,000. I am making an offer totalling just under £30,000,000, but every time I make the offer the SMFA cancel it before the other manager has even accepted the deal! Why would this happen?
  8. Re: Realx7madrid's La Liga Prediction What about David Prieto of Sevilla?
  9. Re: Ben's Denmark Rating (10 risers) Is Mathias Zanka JORGENSEN likely to see a rise anytime soon? Currently rated 80 and playing for FC København, he has played three times so far this season.
  10. Re: Sergio Sanchez Sergio Sanchez plays for Sporting Gijon.
  11. Re: Spanish Ratings How is Abidal looking, likely to stay at 94? 4 full games for Barca and one for France so far
  12. Re: Robinho - Will he Drop? I paid £70M a few weeks ago for him I think he will be down at 93 before too long.
  13. Re: Lyon ratings? Benzema, Ben Arfa etc? French Ligue. What about Coupet? Is he going to back up to 93?
  14. Re: Player Tables - Goal Scorers Fair enough, I'm sure it used to be shown the other way though
  15. Has anybody else noticed that the goals per game ratio for players is incorrect? Just needs a change in the formula, at the moment it is number of games divided by number of goals, rather then the opposite. EG: Top 25 Goal Scorers Nat Player Name Club Name Num Goals Num Apps Ratio Romanian MUTU, Adrian Manchester United 5 5 1.00 Brazilian RONALDO, Luis Bayern Munchen 5 5 1.00 Macedonian PANDEV, Goran Aston Villa 4 1 0.25 Spanish VILLA, David Werder Bremen 4 5 1.25 Serbian STANKOVIC, Dejan Internazionale 4 5 1.25 English AGBONLAHOR, Gabriel Aston Villa 4 3 0.75
  16. Re: Lil_kick_kid's U-21(age) U-79(rating) 2. Bundesliga risers/prospects I know he is rated 85, but what do you think will happen to Carlos Eduardo of 1899 Hoffenheim?
  17. Are there any right backs who's rating is likely to move into the high 80's or maybe even 90 in the near future? I have been looking and have not had much luck.
  18. Re: Leigh's Comprehensive English Player Ratings - Part 2 Should Jermaine Easter at Plymouth get a rise? Currently rated 77, played 7 games and 9 subsitute appearences, 2 goals. Can't find how many minutes that is just yet.
  19. Re: Bestpay's French rating change forecasts - 37 players Is Fred likely to stay at 92?
  20. Re: EPL Rating Changes Thread Ballack should stay. He dropped 2 last time because of his injury, and now he is back and is integral to the team at the moment.
  21. Re: EPL Rating Changes Thread Corluka definitely deserves to go up to 90/91.
  22. Re: Antonio Cassano.... If you havn't seen him play, how do you know his rating should go down?
  23. Re: inter milan Crespo is one of the best players in the world at what he does. 94 is really a minimum for him unless he suddently stops scoring for the new season.
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