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  1. Respuesta: Bundesliga Ratings 2012/2013 next reviews 84/85, if he continues played and scored at the end the season maybe 86/87 ( i think)
  2. Respuesta: Brazil Série A Rating Predictions what happen with sergio Manoel? not rise?????
  3. Respuesta: Di Maria or D.Silva? David Silva possible 96 in the future, di maria 94
  4. Respuesta: any young MC ? Thank you all for the recommendations! My first choice will be Asamoah, if not I will try to Tiote .. Greetings and good luck!
  5. I am looking for a young mc of 89-90, with power to rise .. any recommendations? I like Asamoah (Udinese) Witsel (benfica) or Defour (porto) but i accept recomendations. Thanks!!!
  6. who´s the best option to buy?
  7. Hello, im new here. someone can help me with these players? Rise, stay or drop?? diego contento 20/84 ruben perez 21/86 lars bender 21/86 jordan henderson 20/87 mubarak wakaso 20/84 kevin strootman 21/83 alexandre lacazette 19/78 Thanks
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