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  1. Re: Official Red Devils thread Lovely win by united, fantastic playing from giggs and fletcher
  2. Re: any 1 wanna be my Partner here are some of my squads http://www.soccermanager.com/profile.php?action=clubdetails&cid=30850&clubid=21056975&sid=29637
  3. Re: any 1 wanna be my Partner i dont mind taking on this challenge
  4. Re: The Division 1 Challenge ¦¦ United_51 - Sunderland /\ Armand_Mufc - Fulham The Black Cat News United_51's first game in charge was against a very strong and attackive Tottenham squad. With them only buying two players, United_51 thought he could have a chance of a win. With 3 top four sides facing Sunderland in their next 3 games, United_51 needed to win this game so that he could have an actual look at how good his side play on the day. Today's squad had an average rating of 87 and an average age of 21. Tottenham's side included debutants Gabriel Heinze and Seydou Keita. Tottenham had an average rating of 90 and an average age of 26. Sunderland's game plan was to keep a 0-0 score until the 70th, then they started attacking. Sunderland lined up with: Rui Patricio M.Motta--S.Bocchetti--B.Henrique--C.Azpilicueta G.Kacar M.Pjanic--S.Busquets--E.Hazard G.Hulk--C.Keirrison As the match kicked off Tottenham's strikers started strongly, Roman Pavlyuchenko chipped the goalie but only to be cleared by Bocchetti. Every single Tottenham fan thought that it was going in. About twenty minutes later debutant Seydou Keita, created a superb overhead kick only for the ball to scrape the top of the crossbar. Five minutes before the first half finished Carneiro Keirrison had a superb header but only hit the crossbar. After the whistle blew for the second half Sunderland immediatley started attacking with Miralem Pjanic hitting the crossbar from a superbly placed free-kick. On the 75th minute Carneiro Keirrison diverted a superb cross form Miralem Pjanic with a superb diving header into the bottom corner past Gomes. Three minutes before the game finished Robbie Keane created a fantastic chance but only managed to hit the side-netting. The game finished with a 1-0 win to United_51's very young squad. United_51 had this to say:
  5. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? Who should i buy: (i only need one of them) Mario Balotelli Luis Santo Diogo Meviut Erding Robert Aquafresca Martins Diego Tardelli
  6. Re: New European Set-Up Being Made At 4 !!! Forumers Join !!! missed man utd then every other team went
  7. Re: New European Set-Up Being Made At 4 !!! Forumers Join !!! ec 1379:D:D
  8. Re: New European Set-Up Being Made At 4 !!! Forumers Join !!! what teams i everyone goin for
  9. Re: New European Set-Up Being Made At 4 !!! Forumers Join !!! i will join aswell
  10. Re: Football matches links could i get a link that i dont need to download and watch the man city vs arsenal
  11. Re: Football matches links forund one for man city vs arsenal http://onlinewebuilder.info/mancity-arsenal/
  12. Re: Football matches links anybody have a link
  13. Re: Football matches links We could also use this thread to post links for other Premier League matches
  14. Does anybody have links for: Manchester City vs Arsenal Liverpool vs Burnley Chelsea vs Stoke City
  15. Re: The Division 1 Challenge ¦¦ United_51 - Sunderland /\ Armand_Mufc - Fulham The Black Cat News Sunderland have signed a further 4 people to United_51's younger and stronger side. These 4 players include Lyon midfielder Miralem Pjanic. He was excited with the thought of facing massive English clubs such as Manchester United and Chelsea. Another player signed is Hertha BSC Serbian midfielder Gojko Kacar. The other two players signed were FC Porto striker Givanildo Hulk and Borussia dortmund defender Neven Subotic. These 4 players cost Sunderland a massive £31.3 million, Bringing their total transfer market to an overall £86.8 million with a further 3 players left to sign. Our first game is against Tottenham, Second game is Arsenal, Third game is Chelsea and Fourth game is Manchester United. United_51 has said that his first four games are difficult but he will do everthing to try and get atlest a maximum 7 points in their first four games.
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