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  1. Re: next generation of mexican stars! LOL, of course, erick torres. I forgot him xD And i have him in my Team to. Of course Erick Torres is a huge talent
  2. Re: emre can next michael ballack!!! Oh yeah... EMRE CAN S2 Lovely player' date=' and he's training with Bayern Munchen's first team Dont, forget: EMRE CAN!! [b']Edit:[/b] And don't forget to, YESIL and Vlachodimos (next Neuer)
  3. Re: Lionel Andrés Messi Chris Hargreaves OMG.....HE'S BACK xD AHAHAHAHAH was the best topic in SM
  4. Re: Respuesta: Re: Looking for a talented young Centre back.
  5. Re: Looking for a talented young Centre back. Thanks mate, i know that in a near future is not a 90+ player, but in a long term is he a 90+ player ? I'm interested for a long term
  6. Re: Looking for a talented young Centre back. Sorry for double post but can anyone tell me something?
  7. Re: Can Messi get to 100? The answer is simple: No, messi only deserves a 99, because no one player, is PERFECT. 100 is a perfection, and no human (yes, messi is human) is perfect or will be perfect! So, messi only will have a (=)99 rating.
  8. Re: Looking for a talented young Centre back. Hi guys Can anyone tell me if jordi amat is a good buy?? Good buy, i mean, in a long term will be a 90+ player?
  9. I love play SM, but now i'm a little uncomfortable because i'm in a two portuguese leagues in second division in two different game worlds. One of them i can buy players like ranocchia, wilshere, bonucci, gotze, kagawa, hernandez and the other one i can't because they don't wanna go for my team. And i ask: Why is this option available? Its realistic, but if are difficult to win with players like 77 rating now whit this option, more difficult is! And we can't play with teams in other divisions because the players don't come! Its unfair. Thanks!
  10. Re: risers within 3 changes Very high chances. And is not impossible in portuguese league! Lucho was in Porto with 93 rating and lisandro with 92! IMO, i think falcao is much better than lisandro. He'll have 92 in the next rate change. Swap him!
  11. Re: European U17 Germany has a good player in a middle center, is can or something like that.
  12. Re: 90+ defender Ranocchia Bonucci Badstuber Raphael Varane (only rated 80, but he deserves a future 90+)
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