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  1. Re: World Champ 1 Just accepted a job offer from Valencia. Bottom of division 2, without a win, but a good squad. A big step up in terms of players from Auxerre. It looks like it may be too late to catch up to the promotion chasing pack, but relegation shouldn't be a worry with this squad.
  2. Re: Osman vs Pienaar Pienaar's the better player by quite a distance. Osman's not a bad player, but he drifts out of games too much, and lacks impact in the final third. Pienaar meanwhile has been one of Everton's best players this season, and since the injury to Arteta he really stepped up to being the creative force of the team.
  3. Re: World Championship 2 MKII Been absent from this thread for a while, but toward the end of last season I parted company with the River Plate team I'd took from the bottom of the 3rd division to achieving a 2nd place finish in division 1 the season before last. It was a wrench to leave a team I'd spent a good while building up, but when FC Porto came calling I decided I needed a new challenge and took the job. Toggs - having just seen your post above, it's clear you're the one to take over my old River Plate team. Just wanted to wish you good luck and hope you appreciate the good set of youngsters you've got there. Just don't go beating me!
  4. Re: World Championship 2 MKII Welcome to WC2 Sam. I have to say despite some of the comments above WC2 is a great setup/gameworld (can't say I'm ever gonna get used to that change of phrase). However this thread has been a little neglected as Tom_MFC noted. The past season I was posting match updates and the like fairly regularly, as were others, but I reckon we need to make a concerted effort to keep this thread alive and kicking. Having said that I feel I have to bring you news of my biggest ever win in WC2 at the unfortunate expense of Ruud_17's Ajax. Ajax 1 - 9 River Plate A second successive win for River Plate saw them thrash a dire Ajax 9-1 at the Amsterdam Arena. The win was River's second in a row following a previous 8 game run without a win. Ajax also went into the game with a poor record, having only won 1 of their last 19 games! River Plate's Marco Boriello managed to bag a hat-trick within the first 10 minutes, in a game that would see him score a total of 6 goals to bring him joint top of the goalscorers table with Fernando Torres of Juventus. River's new signing Stefan Defour (signed from Rangers for £20M & Eidur Gudjohnsen) also managed to get in the goals, along with Pereira Ilsinho and Marcus Berg. David Trezegeut gave Ajax their only goal, but by then they were well and truly beaten. River Plate, who managed an amazing 2nd place finish last season are currently 12th in the league and finding life tougher in their 2nd season in division 1.
  5. Re: Trade Zarate for Guiza? Thanks for the reply. I was kind of thinking that, but the temptation of having a 92 striker in my team (till he drops) was tempting.
  6. Need some help. I've been offered Daniel Guiza (28/92) + 2M in exchange for my Mauro Zarate (21/89). I've got Higuain and some other 88/89 young strikers, do you think it's worth getting rid of Zarate for Guiza?
  7. Re: Vedad Ibisevic - Bundesliga Goalscoring Machine!!
  8. Re: Vedad Ibisevic - Bundesliga Goalscoring Machine!! I think you mean "Mark my words". You're just asking for trouble with your wording, unless you want people to mock you. To chip in my 2 cents, I think he should rise to 89 this time for his scoring exploits, and his team's performance. If Dzagoev can go from 75 to 87, then surely Ibisevic deserves more than 88. Look at people's predictions for Carioca from Gremio, who's been predicted a rise from 80 to 87. If that can happen surely Ibisevic can go from 85 to 89. In the ratings after that I think he'd have to finish the season with 30+ goals to have a chance of a 91, but a 90 seems likely as long as he doesn't completely lose form.
  9. Re: Bola De Prata/Brazilian Team of the Year
  10. Re: Leo Franco or Abbiati I'm not sure about Leo Franco, as it depends whether he stays first choice ahead of Coupet or not. If he does, he may have a chance. As for Abbiati I was dissapointed he didn't increase last time round and is as close to a sure riser as you'll get for the next changes. Played every match for 2nd placed Milan this season, and barring a dramatic loss of form he looks odds on for a 91 at least.
  11. Re: Big Money Making in Europe Great post, some of these will be great signings for a couple of my lower league teams.
  12. Re: Been scouting and need advice... I think Berg stands a chance of getting a 90 if he keeps scoring, he's got 6 in 9 so far, and has a good record last season.
  13. Re: Big Risers from Argentina Great thread. Like the layout, makes it easy to read. I'm definitely gonna pick up a few of these players.
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