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  1. Re: hummels thanks for the replies, i play 3 at the back so it shouldn't be a problem
  2. should i give away sagna and cambiasso for hummels? i don't have any money, i have less than 1m heres my first squad: VALDÉS, Victor MARCELO, Vieira ALBA, Jordi BÜTTNER, Alexander CLICHY, Gaël SAGNA, Bacary VERMAELEN, Thomas PEPE, Ferreira CARVALHO, Ricardo RAMI, Adil KOSCIELNY, Laurent CAHILL, Gary ALONSO, Xabi CAMBIASSO, Esteban BENDER, Lars NAVAS, Jesús MARTÍNEZ, Javi PIRLO, Andrea MODRIĆ, Luka MARCHISIO, Claudio VAN DER VAART, Rafael VALENCIA, Antonio MATA, Juan CAZORLA, Santi DEMPSEY, Clint JONAS, Gonçalves ROBINHO, Souza SÁNCHEZ, Alexis VUCINIC, Mirko PODOLSKI, Lukas REUS, Marco FALCAO, Radamel TORRES, Fernando HUNTELAAR, Klaas-jan MATRI, Alessandro tell me if you want to know my youth squad as well
  3. Re: Silva or Ozil ozil for me
  4. Re: Alba, Alaba or Au? it's a risk to go for alba, so go for alaba
  5. Re: Gomez+Clichy+10 for Di Maria? Urgent, please help it's way too much since gomez and clichy can still rise in the future
  6. Re: Jack Butland overhyped at the moment, have to wait and see if he can handle the premier league if he moves
  7. Re: tevez i don't see fiorentina selling him so it will be very hard for him to rise
  8. Re: Van persie thanks everyone
  9. Re: Van persie thanks, anyone else?
  10. Re: Cambiasso list all the players you could probably get, 90+ players or decent youth players
  11. Re: tevez i wouldn't do that deal, try to get someone other than jovetic
  12. Re: essien or javi martinez? javi martinez
  13. i have van persie, should i swap him for david silva?
  14. Re: Withdrawing offers and rebidding? not cheating at all, a lot of people do this but run the risk of someone else getting the player at the last minute
  15. Re: squad unhappiness/rotation in that case, you should sell the ones you don't really need and look for cheap replacements
  16. Re: I.Muniain or J.Martinez? martinez for sure
  17. Re: free agents well if smaller clubs can bid more, i don't see any problem with that and it's probably got to do with your balance, the money you have then the higher the maximum bid can be
  18. Re: I'm new here hi hope you enjoy
  19. Re: Subotic for Dzeko i would do the deal and i think subotic has a good chance to get 92, probably not season if he doesn't get it in the next review
  20. Re: javier pastore, max potentiol, rating next review? not sure but i think his max potential probably 92 and rating next review, he will stay if this is what your asking?
  21. Re: squad unhappiness/rotation playing them from the start counts as a game played and subbed players count as having played half a game
  22. Re: Victor Valdez for joe hart? yeah do the deal
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