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  1. Re: Barcelona rating changes! Great video mrme17. It's just shows quality of Fabregas game. Incredible passer, better than xavi! Lol
  2. Re: Barcelona rating changes! Your problem is that you don't know that SM bases his player ratings on actual performances!! All of you looking at the past. It's not too important in SM. The most important is how they play now, not in the past. I just sold Edmilson and Gudjohnsen + 5m for Luka Modrić, great player. I can not bielieve it that you think Valdes rating should go up????!!
  3. Re: Barcelona rating changes! How can anyone say that Valdes is great goalkeeper?? For me, he is surely the worst goalkeeper in Spain national team!! Reina and Cassilas are much more better. Ronaldinho is in poor form and his rating should be not biger than 97! Messi an Y. Toure are great players and also very important for the Barca first team. Their rating should go up! Bojan Krkic and Dos Santos are young prospects for the future and also their rating should go up on 85-86 maybe. I have Barcelona and I sold Zambrotta, Valdes, Marquez, Henry, Thuram and Edmilson because I think their ratin
  4. Re: Barcelona rating changes! People here own Barca so no wonder they'll say don't descrease. IMO Ronaldinho, Puyol/Marquez and Xavi all need to go down 1 rating and Messi needs to go up 1 or 2. In real life I doubt that Barca are by far the best team in the world, they couldn't even win their league so to make them have by far the best players and biggest stadium is overexadurating. Totaly correct!!
  5. Re: Barcelona rating changes! Hahahahah. The funniest thing I have ever heard. What about Pepe Reina??? You think Valdes is better?! Hahahahaha. Ronaldinho the best player in the world??! Hahahahahaha Better than Kaka'??? Hahahahahahahahaha Xavi before Kaka'?????? Hahahahahah You are so funny!!
  6. Re: Barcelona rating changes! Who think that Xavi is bettar than C.Ronaldo, Messi, Fabregas, Lampard, Pirlo, Totti, Essien,... and same as Gerrard?!?!?!?!
  7. Re: Barcelona rating changes! Hahahahaha. You are surely Barca fan?! Have you watch Barca-Lyon?? Barca-Osasuna?? ...
  8. This is MY OPINION of Barca rating changes: Valdes (poor goalkeeper)) Marquez(was better) Thuram (too old,on the bench) Zambrotta (do you think that he is the best right/left back in the world?!) Puyol (injured, he was better) Abidal and Milito(new players, must show their quality) Edmilson(does he deserve 92??) Xavi (he not deserves 97) Ronaldinho (just look him against Lyon,Osasuna,...! That's not the same Ronaldinho from last year) Messi(great player,great potential) Iniesta(very good player) Yaya Toure(also important first team player for Barca) Deco(great passing style) Gudj
  9. Re: Help me with this ''great'' Barcelona! Thank you guys!
  10. I was playing two games and both I lost. From Lyon(2:3) and Milan(4:0)!! Here is my squad: VICTOR VALDES, Arribas ABIDAL, Eric ZAMBROTTA, Gianluca TERRY, John PUYOL, Carles THURAM, Lilian MILITO, Gabriel MALOUDA, Florent JOAQUIN, Sanchez XAVI, INIESTA, Andres TOURE, Yaya RIQUELME, Juan Roman RONALDINHO, VILLA, David MESSI, Lionel FARFAN, Jefferson ETO'O, Samuel So I need good tactics for this team. Please help! I prefer defence with 4 defenders!
  11. Re: The world's top 50 footballers by times this game si not very real because it can't be that xavi has 97?! he was always in shade of messi,ronaldinho,eto'o! I think essien is much more better than xavi because essien is hardworker who brings a lot to the team and gatusso also. Can you believe it that xavi is better than pirlo,lampard and riquelme??!! No way! that's my opinion. please reply!
  12. Re: The world's top 50 footballers by times you said that!
  13. Re: The world's top 50 footballers by times Do you really think that xavi deserves 97 hahahahahahahahahahahaha You are so funny!! Am I wright?! Xavi is better than... Essien,Lampard,Pirlo,Ronaldo,Riquelme,Messi!!!!????? hahahahaha
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