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  1. Re: DM/CM Needed Leiva LUCAS (89)? had a great season for liverpool
  2. Should i trade Berbatov for Cavani or Rossi and if should do this deal which 1 of the two should i get?
  3. The title says it all straight up trade 1 for 1 I get Sahin. Good or bad deal?
  4. Re: Sami Khedira and Pepe but do u think khedira will rise in the changes?
  5. Im wondering if they are likely to rise in the next review I know Khediras future looks limited with the arrival of Sahin
  6. Re: Rossi, Cavani or Suarez TY everyone it seems like the consensus is suarez.
  7. Which one of these three should i get? They will probably all cost me the same amount. Right now im leaning away from suarez as hes not likely to rise in the next review and that he can only play one position. However, which one of these would you say has the best potential in the long term?
  8. Is Mertesacker looking for a drop at the end of season due to Werder Bremens poor standing in the Bundesliga and his poor form? I know he has been linked to Arsenal and Liverpool but is a drop for him at the end of this season likely and if it does happen, do you think he would be able to get a rise again soon once he joins an EPL side? I do have an offer of 30.5m from an external club which I could use to buy some risers but the gameworld is decently competative and all the good players are all taken so I would have to get longer term prospects.
  9. Re: Risers in Next Review Yea most of the real madrid players have already been taken. Would have loved to get Di Maria. I mainly watch La Liga and EPL so don't really get a chance to see many of these players but from forums Schmelzer seems to be a pretty popular pick for a defensive riser. I was thinking if he would be a better pick than Coentrao because in my current set up Coentrao would likely cost me twice as much but then Coentrao is already currently higher rated. (Cash is important in my game world not too competative a set up.)
  10. I've been wondering how player form was calculated. I have a tottenham squad which no longer resembles tottenham anymore but I've noticed that one of my players who consistently performs well is Roman Pavlyuchenko. He has the second highest average performance in my squad however, I have many higher rated players(Sneijder, Berbatov, Robben, Nasri, Van der Vaart). I was wondering if player form was completely random from game to game or is it influenced by how the player has been doing in previous games. Im also wondering if he has good form due to my tactics. I play a 3-5-2 with Berbatov as my target man so could Pavlyuchenko be feeding off of Berbatov and using that to score? Any help would be nice as I was thinking of selling Pavlyuchenko as hes not likely for a rise anytime soon but he has been one of my best performers this season.
  11. Hey im looking for some players who will most likely rise in their next review who are or will be around 90. Can anyone tell me which ones have the most potential in their next review and which ones would be the best longer term? Any other suggestions would also be nice! The ones I've been lookin at are: Schmelzer,Cavani, Coentrao, Belluschi, Hazard, Gotze, Otamendi, Lucas, Rossi, Soldado, Falcao, Abate I could use 1 or 2 more defenders to cycle around but would some of these Fwds and Midfielders be better buys?
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