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  1. Re: Pacheco, Bruna and Bouzanis. Not in database I have to admit I am a little suprised Pacheco hasn't been added yet; maybe he needs to score a goal in these friendlies to become fully recognised? I realise he hasn't appeared in a competitive fixture yet but neither (to my knowledge) have such players as Mohammed Abubakari [a product of the Feyenoord academy who was tipped to do well but fell short, playing 0 games for the senior team and has now moved to the Greek Leagues] and all these Barcelona youth players that are added to the database [such as Valiente, Paco Montanes, Suarez, Pedrito
  2. Re: Gold Championship 1 News Valencia present new leader with big money In the late hours of last night Valencia CF decided to part ways with their previous manager and pass on the job to Felix Haigh. He was tempted to the job by the large funds they had to offer as well as the challenge he knew he would be facing with a star-stricken team in a tough league. The board are hoping that in Haigh they have found a solid and reliable manager who will stay with the club for many seasons to come. In his first interview inside the Mestalla, he had this to say about what he hopes to do with t
  3. Re: Chatroomer Of The Year 2008 - Qualifying Rounds Desc. Sheva is in it, fear not... although I am up against him so maybe i should be the one fearing him
  4. Re: National fairplay chatroomers league I had this problem too, Benfica selling to Hadjuk Split (and unavailable club) rather than myself despite my offer being first for Argentine midfielder Angel Di Maria Felix, Boca Juniors
  5. Re: Injury rules Babel out of Euros I was out in Spain for that match so only saw highlights... gutted i couldn't see it live. I was on a coach coming back from a football game (we were on tour) and all i had was my vodafone live - nothing compared to the real thing Im tipping Babel to make Prem team of the season next year - Ashley Young did it this year after settling in at Villa and i think Babel can do the same.
  6. Re: Injury rules Babel out of Euros I couldn't believe it when i read this on BBC Sport. As a Liverpool fan i had been looking forward to watching him play and see how he did on the big stage, and I'm absolutely gutted for him. Hopefully his morale won't be affected too much and he can recover quickly and begin his preparations for next season - where hopefully he will shine and improve and become a regular in the Liverpool side.
  7. Re: Uk's Tiny Terminators Matchreport/transfer rummers thread Haigh makes it Five Dozen as expectations increase at Abbey Stadium Cambridge was again the talk of the country this morning with yet more signings being announced. The South East team were delighted to welcome 8 more fresh faces to the squad after some hard work in the transfer market from new boss Felix Haigh. Haigh was unavailable for comments this morning, due to a sickness virus, however we were lucky enough to catch up with their latest signing, Dan Gosling: "I'm thrilled to be here, what more can I say. It was toug
  8. Re: BBC's Premiership goal of the season I have to admit i am a little suprised that Tuncay's made it to the final 10, excluding the likes of Larsson v Spurs, Elano v Newcastle and Matejovsky v Liverpool. However, it is still a list of 10 great goals and my favourite has to be Daryl Murphy's - it would be Luke Young's however i felt his was easier as he was simply running onto a rolling/bobbling ball, whereas Murphy did some work to evade a defender before unleashing. I have to say though, that Fabo Rochamback's free-kick was claaasssss ...hmm i'm beginning to change my mind now i've remem
  9. Re: New chatroomers setup Hmm well on that basis i'll go for number 17 please
  10. Re: what makes sense to you more? I have officially never heard the word 'Skeane' before... I think it's fair to declare 'Wuu2' as the winner as at least that stands for something slightly comprehensible
  11. Re: Uk's Tiny Terminators Matchreport/transfer rummers thread Haigh spends on as Chairman looks into Changing Room expansions.. Just two days into the transfer window and Cambridge manager Felix Haigh has already put the illusion of Bojan behind him with the addition of 15 new players to his squad. There is a clear message coming from the United camp as all 15 are extremely young and all have bright futures. "There is no doubt from me that it is in the kids that we need to invest. It is with them that the future of the game lies and to give them an opportunity to work under such a manger
  12. Re: New chatroomers setup Hey Munt, I'm definately up for this mate, see you later in chat
  13. Felix

    Hi All :)

    Re: Hi All ...had to go and put a downer on it didn't you Lee
  14. Re: Uk's Tiny Terminators Matchreport/transfer rummers thread New man at the helm as Cambridge Chairman plans for the future This morning, the back pages of newspapers up and down the country were plastered with the news that Cambrigde United have announced that Felix Haigh, ranked the 66th best manager in the world (...of SM ), will be in control for the next few years. Signing after a successfull spell at Chelsea in WC254, the new boss had this to say: "I realise that this may come as a shock to some, but I felt like I needed a new challenge. At Cambridge I have the players an
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