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  1. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread Well, it wasn't a very mature rant, it was a being grumpy in the morning rant.
  2. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread Still gonna join though, just don't think I'll have the patience to refresh for hours. Would have gone for Espanyol, Standard or Anderlecht but a smaller team can be fun to manage too. Apologies for the rant, I guess.
  3. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread GC 54 at a random time between 16:00 - 19:00 Game Time. Ok, so what is this? I'm gonna try to explain it again to SM (whoever that is). Many people will now sit about 3 hours (in the worst case) before their pc, refreshing their pages. Fun? No, I can't imagine there's 1 person out there who enjoys that. There are better things to do than refreshing your page for hours like an idiot. I don't think I'll do it again, a site shouldn't have the power to waste 3 hours of your life. So again, what is this? Some kind of power-trip of knowing
  4. Re: Top 5 favourite Bands? 1. The Gathering 2. Paradise Lost 3. My Dying Bride 4. David Bowie 5. Björk / Tristania Not sure about 5. Björk seems to have had her best days and Tristania has stopped to exist after Vibeke left. Well not really but I'm not gonna buy their new albums since the new vocalist seems to be crappy. But both made some great albums.
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