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  1. Re: The hardest EC Challenge too date! You in? Ugh, I can't figure out how to do the screenshots and the link for the tables doesn't show up.
  2. Re: The hardest EC Challenge too date! You in? I'm in with my Danny Rsca account, in EC 3150. No players from outside England he. That sure makes it extra difficult.
  3. This game world has several good and experienced managers so gonna make a thread about it. 0-2 Hey why is my club symbol smaller than Fenerbahce's? The 2 early goals by Burak Yilmaz were decisive. Despite that it was a very close game. A bad start for Marseille but coach Eric Gerets is still optimistic... "I expect more from my players than what they brought yesterday but I still believe promotion is possible and that's what we're going for." Marseille's most important transfer so far was Turkish defender Servet Cetin from Galatasaray and today Steven Defour arrived... Most of our
  4. Re: Gold Championship 54 Match Reports/Transfer News 1-1 A close game so a drawn is the right result... Blackpool had more possession while Preston had more shots on goal. But again, the difference was small. Alexandre Licata already scored in the 4th minute but 13 minutes later Charlie Adam gave the Blackpool home crowd a reason to sheer for the first time this season. Our best defender (Tomovic) got slightly injured and will miss the games against Ipswich and Palace... this is not good. ps. Barely got any cash so I guess Blackpool will go in debt. Ugh... guess I began on a
  5. Re: Gold Championship 54 Match Reports/Transfer News 1-3 Can't say we expected to win but we knew it was possible... we can compete with every other team in the Championship when we play organized and fight for every ball. It didn't take Charlie Adam more than 2 minutes to score his first of the season, he's Blackpool's best man and he already showed it. Only 3 minutes later 19 year old Japanese Shinje Kagawa made the 0-2... What a debut, and what a start for Blackpool. Kevin Doyle brought Reading back after 9 minutes, and that was the end of a crazy start. Almost everyone expe
  6. Re: Gold Championship 50 - Match Report / Transfers Thread Dynamo Moskva sells Vladimir Granat (LB, 86 rating, 21 years old) for 6m !!! That's pretty cheap. Wouldn't sell him but need the money to buy a second goalie.
  7. Re: Gold Championship 54 Match Reports/Transfer News Blackpool news We only invest in the future and hope to survive in the Championship this season. We invested most in Nenad Tomovic, this 21 year old CB will be the big man behind Charlie Adam. It's only a matter of time before top teams will try to get him. 20 year old Jaime Corboba will be important in midfield, for on the right position we bought 21 year old Andrei Chukhlei and 19 year old AM Shinji Kagawa is also expected to become an important player for this team. We will have to fight for every point but I think we'll make it i
  8. Re: Gold Championship 54 Match Reports/Transfer News That's right... the mighty BLACKPOOL !! Don't like the rather small stadium, but at least they have a cool name. Needless to say loans are more than welcome..
  9. Re: Gold Championship Teams - Who I'm Going For & Who I Landed ! Can anyone confirm Standard and Anderlecht will be in it?
  10. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread Well, it wasn't a very mature rant, it was a being grumpy in the morning rant.
  11. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread Still gonna join though, just don't think I'll have the patience to refresh for hours. Would have gone for Espanyol, Standard or Anderlecht but a smaller team can be fun to manage too. Apologies for the rant, I guess.
  12. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread GC 54 at a random time between 16:00 - 19:00 Game Time. Ok, so what is this? I'm gonna try to explain it again to SM (whoever that is). Many people will now sit about 3 hours (in the worst case) before their pc, refreshing their pages. Fun? No, I can't imagine there's 1 person out there who enjoys that. There are better things to do than refreshing your page for hours like an idiot. I don't think I'll do it again, a site shouldn't have the power to waste 3 hours of your life. So again, what is this? Some kind of power-trip of knowing
  13. Re: Forum Premier League '92 - Match/Transfer Reports 1-3Obviously Norwich has the better team but since we played at home we didn't want to play defensive. Not that the difference was that big but it would have been wiser if we had played more defensive. So at least we learned a lesson here. 0-0 Back to the very defensive tactics, in a 4-5-1 defensive formation this time... we defended pretty well again but couldn't be dangerous ourselves, not much at least. 45% possession isn't bad and the fact they had double as much shots on goal is just normal. Next game's against Sheffield Un
  14. Re: Forum Premier League '92 - Match/Transfer Reports 0-1 Yep, we did it again... taking 3 points against a giant. Liverpool isn't doing that well but they still have world class players. Our players are amateurs compared to them. So should we be ashamed of our very defensive football at Anfield? Personally, I think not. We still had 19 shots on goal, 12 on target while Pool had 13 shots on goal, only 4 on target. Plus we had 57% possession. Our defensive midfielder, Velice Sumulikovski scored the goal in the 34th minute and Pool didn't really brought us into problems after that
  15. Re: Forum Premier League '92 - Match/Transfer Reports 1-3 Both teams played well till Robert Schorgenhofer (the ref) destroyed the game. Sure, the first red card was acceptable, Ivan Campo made a pretty harsh tackle and he already had a yellow card... But there is no excuse for sending off Kavlak in the 40th minute. That was a disgrace. With 9 against 11 and still 50 minutes to go we had no chance. Or should I say 9 against 12? After the game some Ipswich fans got their hands on ref Schorgenhofer. He lays in the hospital now with 2 black eyes, a broken nose and a broken cheekbon
  16. Re: Forum Premier League '92 - Match/Transfer Reports 1-5 Instead of doing a normal match report... some statistics and thoughts about tactics. Shots on goal: 29-9 Possession 39%-61% 29-9 is a pretty big difference, but the match commentary doesn't mention many big chances for City. So although they had 29 shots on goal, it looks like most of those shots weren't that dangerous. Maybe 20 of them were easy balls for the goalie or balls that went out of the stadium. The reason why Ipswich had more possession has something to do with our Very Defensive, Slow Tempo, Short Passing
  17. Re: Forum Premier League '92 - Match/Transfer Reports 2-0 Chelsea couldn't get back in the game after 2 goals by Edu in the first half. When asked about the very defensive play of his team, the manager answered: "Just look at their players... what do you expect? That we should attack and give all those world class players a free pass to score? Do you think our fans would prefer to see us commit suicide? Of course not, they're exited about this win and they should be proud of the guys. Lets take a look at the statistics... 64% possession and we had the same amount of shots
  18. Re: Forum Premier League '92 - Match/Transfer Reports 1-2 Nice win at Villa... they had more shots on goal but we controlled most of the game (65% possession). Cuellar opened the score for Villa in the 15th minute but 18 minutes later Edu scored the equalizer for the Tractor Boys. In the second half it was Tarasov who scored with a powerful header. Our next game is against Chelsea. Looking forward to that one. 3-2 Good performance of our second team in the Shield. We dominated most the game and had more shots on goal. (25-17) 2 times Stead and 1 by Lisbie brought us
  19. Re: German Championship 34 4-2 Not a bad result against the Giants from Munich. We even had 55% ball possession and they only had 9 shots on goal. Zenden already scored after 2 minutes but 2 minutes later Ze Roberto scored the 1-1... Followed by 2 goals of Ribery and Klose. The Bayern fans were already thinking of a walk-over but then Rost brought Cottbus back to 3-2. After Van Bommel scored the dream of causing an upset was over though. Still... Cottbus proved they have their place in first division.
  20. Re: Forum Premier League '92 - Match/Transfer Reports Ipswich Town vs Southampton 2-3 Instead of doing a match report I'm just gonna say this: Man, I don't like playing against unmanaged teams... I have the impression the SM match engine favors unmanaged teams. This could be to encourage people to take over the unmanaged team. Next game is at Aston Villa. Well, that won't be a walk in the park.
  21. Re: Gold Championship 22 Match Report / Transfers Thread What? The SMFA Cup is worth much more than a domnestic title duuuuude. If I'd have your players I'd go for the big Cup.
  22. Re: Gold Championship 22 Match Report / Transfers Thread Sunderland vs Manchester City 1-3 And so City ends up being runners-up. Not a bad result but next season we're going for the title!! That's right... our team isn't strong enough to win the SMFA Cup, not yet.. so the plan is to play with a second team in the SMFA games so we can start with our best 11 in the league games. I assume Liverpool, Chelsea and Man United will go for the SMFA Cup and will lose points in the league because of this.
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