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  1. baggiomalo

    Hi ^^

    Re: Hi ^^ Damian, i promise you will have a great time here at the forum. Nice to know ur from south america. I am from mexico here:o I remember beating you for the 3rd place in the Copa America Anyways, enjoy your stay
  2. Re: World Championship 2 MKII Manager Baggio Malo wins his first game after taking over Dinamo Zagreb! More to come.
  3. Re: Hey Welcome mate! You are now part of this great community!!! :D
  4. Cup and Shield. Up to what point do you get prize money in the cups and shields? Quarter Finals, Semi Finals, or all the way till the finals ?
  5. Re: Giovanni Dos Santos Gio will get a very good rating change because from here till spanish rating changes, **** get alot of games, considering him being a starter in la liga on 1 game already, and making his debut on champions, this guy will get better
  6. Re: SM Predict - Season 3 Week 6 Waterford United 1 Cork City 2 New York Red Bulls 1 New England Revolution 1 Red Star 2 Vojvodina 1 Shakhtar 2 Dnipro 1 Roma 2 Juventus 2 Hiberanian 0 Celtic 2 Barcelona 1 Sevilla 2 Sampdoria 1 Genoa 1 (ESP)
  7. Re: Micah Ricards has been stolen! Also, an advice for you would be not to join Custom setups unless its your setup or you know the person owning it, or you trust him. This stuff always happens and owners just want the best for them. SMFA Championships are the way to go, world, european, enligsh w/e. I consider them a tougher league and very fair, with no abuse of this kind
  8. Re: Forum Users good idea shelbourne
  9. Re: Forum Users yup. i agree on that
  10. Re: Javier Balboa nice information there m8 will keep an eye on him
  11. Re: Hi All ^^ Welcome!!! I guarantee you will enjoy the forum and its people
  12. Re: Champions League 2007-2008 Lazio might have a shot to second stage, but not much further than that. Their group isnt the strongest out there and they can get the job done past group stage i believe
  13. Re: Forum Users cant they browse and read without being registered i think they can, or cant they?
  14. Re: Forum Users agreed sparky the forum is meant for active users
  15. Re: Gold Championship 8 - Transfers, Rumors & Match Reports does the SMFA champs cup start on season 1, if so how do they decide which teams are playing :S?
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