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  1. Re: Time for Shawcross to rise? as long as he's with stoke, its impossible for his performance.
  2. Re: Jorrit Hendrix Very interesting but nt much info abt his abilities. Keep up ur good work
  3. Re: Finances I think I have the same concern as others in this game. You developers have said this will cover the loopholes n preventing mega rich n powerful club but i think it will be an opposite. Like my case for example, i have a very rich club and a decent 2nd division club. after the changes, i just have sell some players for my big club to compensate the wages paid but in the other club, i struggle with finance as i sell player, the money will be soon used up in a few weeks (suspect there's bug with wages) and also the small rating changes in high rating player is highly profitable but they hardly can be bought by small-sized club with high risk. Its becoming very hard to bring a club up the division as there is less income. i urges developers so that they can help smaller club with high achievement with not only prize money but other long term support such as enlarging stadium capacity and others
  4. Re: Bertrand Traore he is added yesterday
  5. Re: lorenzo insigne/ joel campbell joel campbell is a talented striker that shines a while ago at real betis but now he's a sub n doesn't do very well. Only 2 goals 3 assists this season. snub him if u're in a competitive world.
  6. Re: Top 10 for Positions, with Stats, Predicted Ratings, and Rumours good job, but u forget rising cf mandzukic!
  7. Re: Sven Bender or De Bruyne? bender has lost his place to kehl, just like sahin. prefer de bruyne more
  8. Re: random risers good job done, mate!
  9. Re: Badstuber, Luiz or Vertonghen? Vertonghen! A very solid defender compared to the other two which are more skillful.
  10. Re: Adel Taarabt no he did rise
  11. Re: 90/91 DEFINITE risers? Impossible. Not even always in starting XI
  12. Re: defensive line sry forgotten ashley cole
  13. Who should i sell? All of them can be starting XI. playing 4-4-2 PUYOL, Carles D(RLC) 34 96 COLE, Ashley D(L) 32 93 BÜTTNER, Alexander D(L),AM(RL) 23 85 TERRY, John D© 32 93 IVANOVIĆ, Branislav D(RC) 28 92 BONUCCI, Leonardo D© 25 91
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