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    Im carlisle till i die
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    sells matchday programmes
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  1. Re: Gold Championship 22 Match Report / Transfers Thread Looking for a DM or AM rated 85+ for no more than 3mil pm me in game if you have anybody. Dan, PNE
  2. Position should be changed to DM
  3. Re: 2008 football league play-offs Have to say good luck to leeds fans for tonight, but taking a 2-1 lead back to Brunton park will make your chances of getting to wembley very slim
  4. Re: Aaaaaaaargh!!!! + if i have lost my teams in the GC's because my rep is 30. then why havent i lost a team i have in a Custom setup, where the entry level is 45??? Thanks to everyone who is helping.
  5. Re: Aaaaaaaargh!!!! In the ticket it said had been doing underhand deals. IF this is because of the school IP address will SM correct their mistake??
  6. Re: Aaaaaaaargh!!!! Will i be able to get an example of what i did?? Thanks.
  7. Re: Aaaaaaaargh!!!! I know SM don't ban people for no reason but what IS the reason for this punishment. and why can't they tell me what the reason is??? What do you mean by a IP address?? i am in a friends setup with all my mates. We sometimes go on at school when its raining. i have done a deal in this situation. Is that worthy of this? In regards to the support tickets i have asked for an example of what i have done, with no reply.
  8. Re: Aaaaaaaargh!!!! Not the greatest of inputs there
  9. Re: Aaaaaaaargh!!!! Can i be refunded on my Gold membership?
  10. Re: Aaaaaaaargh!!!! All i want is an explanation or an example of what i have done, its not like the info is confidential as it is me who apparently did wrong.
  11. Re: Aaaaaaaargh!!!! I am fuming:mad:
  12. Re: Aaaaaaaargh!!!! I have just tried going back in GC8 and 5 and it says i am banned from this setup. as Leigh said he can't see anything wrong with my transfer deals.
  13. Re: Aaaaaaaargh!!!! I am 100% sure i havent done anything wrong outside the GC's.
  14. Re: Aaaaaaaargh!!!! To mattjewi, No i didnt have more than 1 account m8.
  15. Re: Aaaaaaaargh!!!! But its the fact that (if i didnt do anything wrong) i have lost teams which have worked hard with and enjoyed managing. If SM can't correct wrong decisions, it is wrong and will cause people to leave the game.
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