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  1. Re: The European Championship Understandable Looking forward to facing your number 1 squad in the next division game then if possible:)
  2. Re: IEFA European Masters Championship Discussion Thread In shock but happy shock that my Crvena Zvezda team beat Inter 1-0. The fact that it was an away game was all the more of a surprise. Ideye big goal in the 70th minute coming of the bench....
  3. Re: The European Championship Big win for my Napoli side against Real Madrid...Won 3-1 with goals from Novakovic, Simao, and Okazaki. Hopefully this will springboard into a better run of form.
  4. Re: The Veneratio League - *Challenges Available* North Queensland Fury beats Rotherdam United 3 - 0. Goals from Joselu, Robinho, and Alferez. Nam was the creative maestro. Now at an 8 game win streak with first place on the line in next game against Crewe Alexandre. Have momentarily taken over 1st place I believe with this win.
  5. Re: W a s t e l a n d - When hell froze over... First win Viborg FF 2-1 Keflavik IF
  6. Re: The Red Star Championship Tough 3-2 win...Barely holdling MarioFoc off for first place, he's been putting up some impressive results.
  7. Re: IEFA European Masters Championship Discussion Thread Crazy Game against Anderlecht. Crvena Zvezda wins 6-3. Up 4-0 at halftime. Goalscorers: Ganso, Binic and both Binic and Lazovic adding a brace. Couldn't believe it myself when I saw how the game went:eek:
  8. Re: The Veneratio League - *Challenges Available* Northampton Town 0-1 North Queensland Fury Farias scored the goal in 74, tough win...Continuing good run of form. 1 point off of Crewe Alexandra for that number 1 spot. Hope to give it a good go
  9. Re: W a s t e l a n d - When hell froze over... Was given a proper welcome courtesy of a 4-1 thrashing from FH...
  10. Re: W a s t e l a n d - When hell froze over... Thanks, excited to be in this league. Definitely looking forward to the challenge:p
  11. Re: The European Championship Lol i know what you're talking about I was thinking same thing...
  12. Re: W.A.S.T.E.L.A.N.D. - Positions Available/Shortlist I'm interested if team is still available?
  13. Re: The Veneratio League - *Challenges Available* Yeah good game Racky...Team's finally starting to hit a good run of form, 4 wins in a row in division play. I'd like to thank the previous manager of North Queensland Fury, left me with a solid squad capable of making some noise:D
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